Highlights IPL 2017 KXIP vs RCB at Indore result, cricket scores and updates: Amla, Maxwell guide KXIP to 8-wicket win

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Highlights IPL 2017 KXIP vs RCB at Indore result, cricket scores and updates: Amla, Maxwell  guide KXIP to 8-wicket win
  • 23:55 (IST)

    That's it from us on our coverage of the eighth match of the ongoing IPL, with KXIP registering an easier win this time. We hope you enjoyed our coverage. As always, feedback on the comments section is always welcome. 

    Do join us on our coverage of Tuesday's clash between Delhi Daredevils and Rising Pune Supergiants at the latter's turf. Till then, goodnight!

  • 23:44 (IST)

    Read the full report of Match 8 of IPL 2017 between Kings XI Punjab and Royal Challengers Bangalore in Indore in the link shared below. 

  • 23:41 (IST)

    IPL 2017: AB de Villiers' blazing 89 on comeback goes in vain as KXIP thrash RCB}

    KXIP dished out a superb all-round performance to thrash RCB by 8 wickets, despite a scintillating knock by comeback man AB de Villiers, in the ongoing Indian Premier League (IPL).


  • 23:11 (IST)

    Axar Patel is the Man of the Match for his outstanding spell of 1/12 from four overs. 

  • Most runs from career's first two matches as a captain in IPL:
    82 - Aaron Finch 
    80 - Yuvraj Singh 

  • Highest scores in losing cause for RCB in IPL:
    100* - Virat Kohli v GL at Rajkot in 2016
    89* - AB de Villiers v KXIP at Indore in 2017*
    86 - Chris Gayle v KKR at Kolkata in 2012

  • This is the second time Kings XI Punjab have won first two matches of a season. They did it in 2014 and reached the final. 
    Largest wins for KXIP in IPL: (By balls remaining):
    46 v PW at Pune in 2013 
    37 v DD at Mohali in 2014
    33 v RCB at Indore in 2017*
    26 v RCB at Mohali in 2008

  • Amla has shown his class tonight. He has never looked flustered, and despite being dropped he has continued on in typical stylish fashion. Amla knows there is competition for his spot from the likes of Martin Guptill and Eoin Morgan but as long as he keeps batting like this and providing Kings XI with solid starts that position at the top of the order will be his. 

    The solid base Amla, and Vohra provided has allowed Maxwell to come in and be a finisher - showing off his range of shots and immense ball striking ability. 

  • 22:58 (IST)

    After 15 overs,Kings XI Punjab 150/2 ( Hashim Amla 58 , Glenn Maxwell (C) 43)

    SIX! Maxwell wins it for KXIP, another emphatic win for last year's wooden-spooners, with yet another big hit, the 20th of this match with the number of sixes far outnumbering fours. This match got over the quickest, with KXIP needing an over less than what SRH needed in their nine-wicket thrashing of Gujarat Lions. 

  • 22:56 (IST)

    After 14 overs,Kings XI Punjab 143/2 ( Hashim Amla 57 , Glenn Maxwell (C) 37)

    SIX! Maxwell in a real hurry now, upper-cutting the first ball over Stanlake's final over towards the third-man boundary. Singles exchanged between the two over the next four deliveries, with the skipper slashing the last ball over the backward point boundary for another big one, reducing the equation down to a run an over. 

    KXIP need 6 off 36 balls.

  • Watson seems to have lost his mojo. With bat and ball. RCB simply can't afford to have him in the playing eleven at this stage. He's not contributing and that is telling in a team missing most of its peformers. RCB are not only losing this game -- they are being overwhelmed. They are goofing up not just team selection but the toss too. What a waste of a toss today.

  • 22:52 (IST)

    After 13 overs,Kings XI Punjab 127/2 ( Hashim Amla 55 , Glenn Maxwell (C) 23)

    Pawan Negi introduced, with the game now virtually out of RCB's hands. FOUR! Thundered away by Maxwell towards the cow-corner boundary! The skipper tries the same shot in the following delivery, looking to end things in a hurry, but only gets a single. Eight off the over, with KXIP now staring at an easy win. 

    KXIP need 22 off 42 balls.

  • 22:49 (IST)

    After 12 overs,Kings XI Punjab 119/2 ( Hashim Amla 53 , Glenn Maxwell (C) 18)

    DROPPED! Maxwell plays the full delivery outside off straight into Abdulla's hands at backward point, and the ball just pops out of his hands! Further rubs salt on RCB's wounds. Amla brings up his fifty with a boundary off a pull towards fine-leg, before Maxwell ends the over with an inside-out shot towards deep extra-cover! 

    KXIP need 30 off 48 balls.

  • 22:46 (IST)

    FIFTY for Hashim Amla, and the South African batsman gets to the milestone with a four off a pull towards fine-leg in his 32nd ball, having hit four boundaries and three sixes so far! 

  • Axar has now been promoted twice in two games and hasn't come off. Got to question the thinking behind it when there are more capable batsmen in the sheds who could do with the time to build their innings. It seems he is rated highly for his ability against the spinners and also KXIP might want to go with a left hand/right hand combination to upset the rhythm of the spinners. In the first two games the experiment hasn't worked as Axar is too limited in his strokeplay, I wonder if they will continue to promote him throughout the tournament. 

  • 22:44 (IST)

    After 11 overs,Kings XI Punjab 107/2 ( Hashim Amla 47 , Glenn Maxwell (C) 13)

    Chahal into his third over, and he has been decent so far. 100 comes up for KXIP in just the 11th over, at a shade under 10 an over, after three singles. Maxwell comes down the track in the fifth ball, looking to smash it, but getting an inside-edge towards wide long-on after failing to read the googly. SIX to end the over, Amla this time depositing it into the third tier at the Holkar Stadium! Punjab have batted beautifully so far, and look set to canter home (unless Maxwell chooses to blaze his way).

    KXIP need 42 off 54 balls.

  • 22:39 (IST)

    After 10 overs,Kings XI Punjab 97/2 ( Hashim Amla 39 , Glenn Maxwell (C) 11)

    Mills into his second over, and bowls the slower one in the second ball. FOUR! The 'Big Show' stamps his presence with that shot, bludgeoning it over the bowler's head. And it wasn't even middled! Good slower ball in the fourth, with Maxie looking to pull and swinging his bat quite early. SIX! Maxwell has settled at the crease earlier than expected and is now taking on the opposition. Steps away in the full delivery outside off, but manages to loft it over sweeper cover nevertheless. 

    KXIP need 52 to win from 60 balls. 

  • 22:35 (IST)

    After 9 overs,Kings XI Punjab 85/2 ( Hashim Amla 38 , Glenn Maxwell (C) 1)

    Chahal into his second over, and foxes Axar first ball to castle him! Maxwell walks out alongside Amla, and gets off the mark with a single first ball. Amla hammers the third ball down the ground for a six to release some of the pressure. Still KXIP's game to lose, with less than a run-a-ball needed right now with 8 wickets in hand, and Amla and Maxwell at the crease. 

    KXIP need 64 to win from 66 balls. 

  • 22:33 (IST)

    OUT! Just when Axar was looking to join the big hitting in order to get KXIP home as quickly as possible, is deceived by a wrong 'un from Chahal, missing the line in his swing and getting his off-stump knocked over! KXIP 79/2 after 8.1 overs

    Axar Patel b Chahal 9(6); 

  • 22:31 (IST)

    After 8 overs,Kings XI Punjab 78/1 ( Hashim Amla 32 , Axar Patel 9)

    Abdulla into his second over, and he tries the chinaman in the second ball of the over, which Axar manages to pick. SIX! Flat and short from Abdulla, and Axar rocks this one over the midwicket boundary! 

    KXIP need 71 to win from 72 balls. 

  • 22:26 (IST)

    After 7 overs,Kings XI Punjab 67/1 ( Hashim Amla 30 , Axar Patel 1)

    Yuzi Chahal, one of the more consistent wicket-takers in the RCB camp, introduced after the end of powerplay. Amla guides the first ball down the ground for a couple of runs. Picks the gap in the fourth ball, only to get a single after a stop by ABD at extra-cover. Axar, who is promoted to No 3 today, gets off the mark in the very first ball that he faces. Five runs off Chahal's first over. 

    KXIP need 82 to win from 78 balls. 

  • 22:23 (IST)

    After 6 overs,Kings XI Punjab 62/1 ( Hashim Amla 26 , )

    Time for some raw pace, with Tymal Mills getting introduced into the attack in the final over of powerplay. SIX! First six of the innings comes off a dropped chance, after Stanlake palms it over the fine-leg boundary! Amla guided this one from the middle, and the ball was travelling like a rocket, bursting through his the tall Aussie pacer's palms. FOUR! Perfect on-drive by Vohra, guiding it down the ground beating mid-on! Held his posture for the photographers. Would've been an unlucky over for Mills after the dropped chance, except he get the deserved wicket at end of the over by trapping Vohra lbw. Game still strongly in favour of KXIP at the moment. Time for the first timeout of the innings. 

    KXIP need 87 to win from 84 balls. 

  • In powerplay today:
    RCB: 23/3 (RR-3.83)
    KXIP: 62/1 (RR-10.33)

  • RCB have gone with 3 spinners. With so much dew in the outfield the choice does not seem to be good one. Fielding and catching in particular will be tough. RCB have made too many errors of judgment. Including opting to bowl second despite the threat of dew. Only a miracle will suffice. Question is who will deliver? Mills has effected a breakthrough. Can the pendulum swing yet again?

  • 22:19 (IST)

    OUT! After suffering a dropped catch earlier in the over, Mills hits back with a slower ball, trapping Vohra plumb lbw! Ends Vohra's quickfire innings, as KXIP lose their first wicket with 62 on board!

    Manan Vohra lbw Mills 34(21)

  • Perfect start for Kings XI. Providing great impetus for the innings and exactly the start that was required during this middling chase. 

    Now these two need to carry on and build the innings. Vohra is known to throw it away so the challenge for him will be to go big and make it count. 
    Ball seems to be coming on with the new ball but scoring will get more difficult, although it appears that due is a factor which will definitely favour Kings XI. 

  • 22:14 (IST)

    After 5 overs,Kings XI Punjab 50/0 ( Manan Vohra 29 , Hashim Amla 20)

    FOUR! Glorious drive on the off-side by Amla, getting his third boundary in the process. Couple of singles in the last two balls of the over, and the duo bring up the 50-partnership in just the fifth over. The chase suddenly looks like a cakewalk! 

    KXIP need 99 to win from 90 balls. 

  • 22:10 (IST)

    After 4 overs,Kings XI Punjab 43/0 ( Manan Vohra 27 , Hashim Amla 15)

    Captain Watson into the attack now, and Vohra belts him for back-to-back boundaries in the first two balls! Fine stop by Chahal, racing against the ball to the boundary rope back of square, saves a run. Third boundary of the over for Vohra after he guides a full delivery down fine-leg. 17 off this over, and the Amla-Vohra stand is seven short of the 50 mark at the end of the fourth over. Punjab starting to look settled in their chase now. 

    KXIP need 106 to win from 96 balls. 

  • 22:05 (IST)

    After 3 overs,Kings XI Punjab 26/0 ( Manan Vohra 11 , Hashim Amla 14)

    Stanlake into the third over. SIX! That was a mere outside edge off Vohra's bat that carried all the way over the third-man boundary! Talk about modern-day bats and their thick edges. Five singles and a wide in the remainder of the over, with 12 coming off it. 

  • Amla and Vohra need to provide a solid foundation for KXIP but they cannot afford to let the asking rate climb. Too often do relatively straightforward run chases become difficult ones due to a lack of aggression at the top. 

    These two need to set the game up for Maxwell and Miller and not leave them too much to do. Amla has to show his class. 
    Be interested to see what number Maxwell bats, wouldn't think he would send in Axar again at four but with someone like Maxwell it's unpredictability that makes him so entertaining! 

  • 22:00 (IST)

    After 2 overs,Kings XI Punjab 14/0 ( Manan Vohra 2 , Hashim Amla 12)

    Iqbal Abdulla into the attack in the second over. Fine stop by a diving Binny at deep midwicket, saving two runs for the visitors. Amla hoicks the next ball towards the extra-cover boundary for his second boundary! Sending out early warning signs. Eight off the second over. 

  • 21:56 (IST)

    After 1 overs,Kings XI Punjab 6/0 ( Manan Vohra 1 , Hashim Amla 5)

    Vohra runs off for a single in the second ball of the innings to get the team off the mark. First boundary of the innings comes off Amla's bat, with the South African guiding it towards the square-leg boundary. Six off the first over of the KXIP innings. 

  • Lowest totals defended by RCB in IPL:
    126 v CSK at Chepauk in 2008
    133 v RR at Cape Town in 2009
    145 v KXIP at Kingsmead in 2009 

  • 21:53 (IST)

    Right! Back for the chase. Amla and Vohra are the openers. Stanlake will start off. 

  • AB de Villiers today:

    First 28 balls: 31 runs
    Next 18 balls: 58 runs 
    Total 46 balls: 89 runs*

    Most 80-plus scores in IPL:

    14 - Chris Gayle 
    8 - Virat Kohli, David Warner 
    6 - B McCullum, M Hussey, S Raina, V Sehwag 

  • Mohit has bowled a super last over under the circumstances. But look at ABD. It looked like he had never been away from the game. His sensational hits have given RCB a fighting chance. 149 won't be easy to chase. Interesting 2nd session in offing. 

  • 21:38 (IST)

    After 20 overs,Royal Challengers Bangalore 148/4 ( AB de Villiers 89 , Stuart Binny 18)

    Final over bowled by Mohit. ABD gets only a single in the first ball, rather hesitantly, after getting an inside-edge off a back-of-hand slower ball. Bouncer in the second delivery — more importantly a dot. Single in the third, after Binny guides the ball down to the long-on fielder. Superb fourth delivery, bowling a fullish slower ball that AB gets an under-edge to. SIX! Well look at that! Mohit goes wide this time, and AB stumbles in his approach down the track, and still reaches out and deposits it over the wide long-off boundary! SIX MORE! What a way to end the innings, that too with the biggest hit of the match (and of the tournament so far) Once again on one knee, and sends it high over the square-leg boundary onto the roof!  

    14 off the last over, and AB spoils what would have been a terrific last over by Mohit with two huge sixes towards the end. As far as the total is concerned, RCB still might be under-par for this track, and their bowlers have a lot of work to do. AB's innings though has instilled some fight into the contest. 

  • KXIP seamers have missed a trick here in the latter overs. On a surface like this bowling back of a length and into the wicket is more difficult to get a hold of due to the two paced nature of the pitch. Banging it into the pitch and mixing up the pace is what the bowlers should be doing. Have gone too full to De Villiers at the death, got the length wrong, and he's too good not to punish them. 

    If RCB learn from how KXIP bowled early on in the innings they could make this chase quite difficult for Kings XI. Be interesting to see what role, if any, dew plays in the second innings. Watson may regret batting first. 

  • ABD on song. But has he left it for too late? RCB have really come on very strong these last 2 overseas. Not just ABD but Binny too. What a shot that massive six over long on was.   really great finishing kick from RCB. But is it enough? Punjab look stunned. Will this demoralise their batsmen?

  • 21:33 (IST)

    After 19 overs,Royal Challengers Bangalore 134/4 ( AB de Villiers 76 , Stuart Binny 17)

    Sandeep back into the attack. Binny outside edges the first ball towards third man, where the fielder saves three runs with a diving stop. FOUR! Full and outside off, AB steers this one over gully! SIX! QUINTESSENTIAL ABD RIGHT THERE! Shuffles to his right, gets down on one knee and hammers the slower full toss into the roof past the square-leg boundary! WHAT.A.SHOT! SIX MORE! Absolute carnage by AB now! Another full-toss, and same treatment! Wide off the fifth ball, which is then followed by a swing-and-miss, with AB missing a length ball just outside off. 19 off this over, with 54 coming off the last three overs!

  • De Villiers is just a class above. No other batsman from RCB has looked even remotely comfortable yet the South African has been out injured for weeks but looks in tremendous form. 

    The pitch appears to be a little two paced which is making it difficult to play the big shots for everyone except De Villiers. If Bunny and De Villiers can get RCB up to 140 it could be a tricky chase. 

  • 21:27 (IST)

    After 18 overs,Royal Challengers Bangalore 115/4 ( AB de Villiers 59 , Stuart Binny 16)

    SIX! Binny now into the act, and he smashes Mohit over the wide long-on boundary, after getting it in the arc. One-bounce four next ball! This time Mohit fires it wide and full, and Binny lofts it over extra-cover! Full toss in the third ball, which he hammers towards cow-corner, where fine work by Miller saves three runs. Two runs in the fourth ball after ABD doesn't quite connect in his pull, sending it towards the fielders at deep midwicket. SIX! As flat as it gets, and he hammers this one towards long-on! Slower one in the last ball, a swing-and-miss for AB. What an over both for RCB — getting them right back into the game — as well as ABD, with 19 runs coming off it. 

  • Most fifty-plus scores batting at No.3 in IPL:
    29 - Suresh Raina 
    14 - AB de Villiers*
    13 - Virat Kohli 
    10 - Shaun Marsh 
    8 - Ambati Rayudu 

  • 21:21 (IST)

    After 17 overs,Royal Challengers Bangalore 96/4 ( AB de Villiers 51 , Stuart Binny 5)

    SIX! Now ABD the chants seems to have spurred him on, and he now smashes Stoinis over the midwicket boundary! That looked like a slower ball from the Aussie all-rounder. Wide called in the final ball of the over, with ABD depositing the last ball of the over towards the square-leg boundary to get to his FIFTY! What an innings this has been for him, and he now has a crucial role in hand if he is to steer RCB to a competitive total. 

  • All of Kings XI bowlers have been good so far but Axar has been the standout. While he's not a big turner of the ball his accuracy and bounce have made him hard to get away. He's bowled very round arm to spear the ball in towards leg stump and not allowed the batsmen to free his arms. Terrific bowling.

  • Stuart Binny for RCB in IPL before this match:
    Batting: 1, 16, 0*, 16*, 21, 9, 11, 16
    Bowling: Only 2 wickets (from 18 overs)
    Does he deserve these many chances?

  • It's been a really good bowling and fielding effort from Kings XI so far. They haven't allowed RCB to get any fluency or momentum in their innings. Good rotation from Maxwell and being backed up by his bowlers. KXIP will be aiming to keep RCB under 130 now but as always De Villiers will be the key. 

  • 21:13 (IST)

    After 16 overs,Royal Challengers Bangalore 80/4 ( AB de Villiers 38 , Stuart Binny 3)

    Chants of "AB!AB!" returns in the 16th over, and it seems to spur him into getting his second six of the innings, going inside-out towards long-off. That was perfectly put in ABD's hitting arc by Aaron, who finishes with figures of 2/22 after four overs — another excellent display — after giving away 9 off his last over. Time for the second time-out of the innings. 

  • Wheels have fallen off RCB innings. But ABD still around and finding his feet. Just needs to break free and bring cheer to sagging morale. If anybody can turn it around, he can. Hope rides on him.

  • 21:09 (IST)

    After 15 overs,Royal Challengers Bangalore 71/4 ( AB de Villiers 31 , Stuart Binny 2)

    Binny looks to go big against Axar in each of the first four deliveries, but some clever variations keeps him guessing on each occasion. ABD blocks out the last ball, as Axar finishes with outstanding figures of 1/12 after four overs. What a tournament this has been for spinners so far! RCB, in the meantime, have reached just 71 with another five overs to go in their innings. Such an un-RCB like innings. 

Preview: After getting off to a successful start in their opening game of Indian Premier League (IPL) 2017 against Rising Pune Supergiant (RPS), Kings XI Punjab (KXIP) take on a Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) side depleted of some of their key stars in their second successive match at their adopted base of the Holkar Stadium in Indore on Monday.

RCB began their campaign without skipper and star batsman Virat Kohli as well as another key player AB de Villiers due to injuries and lost their opening match against defending champions Sunrisers Hyderabad.

Glenn Maxwell and Shane Watson, captain of Kings XI Punjab and Royal Challengers Bangalore respectively. Sportzpics

Glenn Maxwell and Shane Watson, captain of Kings XI Punjab and Royal Challengers Bangalore respectively. Sportzpics

RCB have also lost India batsman KL Rahul for the entire tournament owing to an injury and the talented Sarfaraz Khan will most likely be unavailable for the season after hurting himself on the field during a practice match.

Kohli is almost certain to miss Monday's match as there has not been any word on his status since the BCCI's advisory on 2 April which said that his fitness will be assessed in the second week of this month.

Explosive South African batsman de Villiers is once again a doubtful starter for and in his absence Shane Watson would continue to lead the side as an interim captain.


Royal Challengers Bangalore: Shane Watson (capt), Chris Gayle, Mandeep Singh, Kedar Jadhav (wk), Travis Head, Sachin Baby, Stuart Binny, Tymal Mills, Sreenath Aravind, Aniket Choudhary, Yuzvendra Chahal, Pawan Negi, Harshal Patel, Adam Milne, Iqbal Abdulla, Samuel Badree, Avesh Khan, Tabraiz Shamsi, Praveen Dubey, Billy Stanlake.

Kings XI Punjab: Glenn Maxwell (capt), David Miller, Manan Vohra, Hashim Amla, Shaun Marsh, Armaan Jaffer, Martin Guptill, Eoin Morgan, Rinku Singh, Sandeep Sharma, Arman Jaffer, Anureet Singh, Mohit Sharma, KC Cariappa, Pradeep Sahu, Swapnil Singh, T Natarajan, Matt Henry, Varun Aaron, Axar Patel, Marcus Stoinis, Gurkeerat Mann, Rahul Tewatia, Darren Sammy, Wriddhiman Saha, Nikhil Naik, Ishant Sharma.

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