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Highlights, Commonwealth Games 2018 Gold Coast Day 4: India women's team wins table tennis gold; Men beat Wales 4-3 in hockey

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Highlights, Commonwealth Games 2018 Gold Coast Day 4: India women's team wins table tennis gold; Men beat Wales 4-3 in hockey
  • 19:30 (IST)

    That's it from us. We will be back tomorrow with our live coverage of Day 5 of the CWG 2018 as Indian badminton team aim to clinch gold. Thank you for sticking around. Hope you have enjoyed our live coverage. Take care! 

  • 19:28 (IST)

    A great day for India comes to an end. 

    The Day 4 of the Commonwealth Games saw Manu Bhaker, Heena Sidhu, Vikas Thakur, Punam Yadav and not to forget the women's table tennis team win gold medals. Apart from that, the Indian badminton team too sealed a place in the final of the mixed team event beating Singapore 3-1. Meanwhile, Mary Kom assured India of a medal with an impressive win. 

    Take a look at the medal tally: 

  • 19:21 (IST)


    The Indian men’s basketball team go down fighting 81-96 against Scotland. 

    The Scots always had the upper hand since the time they had a 37-35. Indian basketball teams, men and women, haven't had the best of times as they have lost all their games till now. 

    It's a pity how a disastrous third quarter just lost the plot. India gave a tough competition to one of the strongest teams in the lot. 

  • 18:15 (IST)

    What a day for the Indian women! 

  • 17:34 (IST)

    Table tennis: India beat Singapore 3-1

    And Manika Batra seals the deal for India! She beats Zhou in straight games 11-7, 11-4, 11-7 in the fourth match of the tie. 

    The Indian women's team has beaten the top seeds and runaway favourites Singapore. What a win over 2002, 2006, 2010 and 2014 winners. Clinical show! 

  • 17:29 (IST)


    First ever GOLD medal for Indian's women's team!  

  • 17:17 (IST)

    Table tennis: Singles

    Batra played some extraordinary shots to take her opponent out. An 11-4 win for the Indian paddler there. She is one game away from winning gold for her country. 

    The Singaporean Zhou looks out of touch. 

    The third game has begun! 

  • 17:13 (IST)


    Singles match

    Batra takes a 7-0 lead over Zhou in the second game. Her attacking shots are proving to be a handful for the Singaporean paddler. 

  • 17:09 (IST)

    Table tennis: Singles

    ​Batra 1-0 Zhou

    That's more like it! 

    The Indian paddler avoided a defensive approach to shut out Zhou in the opening game. She takes the first game 11-8.

    Batra had already registered a thumping win over the World No 4 in her first match. Can she win gold for India? 

  • 17:01 (IST)

    Table tennis: India 2-1 Singapore

    Manika Batra and Mouma Das wrap up the fourth game 11-7 to win the doubles tie against Yihan Zhou and Mengyu Yu. 

    That's an incredible win over heavyweights Singapore. 

    Next up will be women's singles, where Batra takes on Zhou. If she wins this, India take gold! 

  • 16:51 (IST)

    Table tennis: Doubles

    India drop third game: 8-11

    Zhou and Yu manage to get the better of the Indian duo after losing the first two matches. India lose third game 8-11. India still lead the match 2-1 though. Fourth game coming up!


    Finally, it’s over 

    India clinch three points. Score – 4-3. Player of the match should be SV Sunil. He assists and scores, what else needs to be done. First win for India at the Gold Coast. This was close. Could have been an upset at 3-3. But India kept their head, was patient and got the goals. If they had lost their head in the last 3 minutes, it could easily have been a draw. But 3 points are important. India is alive for a semi-final spot. They have England and Malaysia ahead.


    GOAL! Sunil. He does it. Pushes the PC. Picks the rebound and scores. It’s 4-3. India lead. Wales has taken off the GK.

  • 16:42 (IST)

    Table tennis: Doubles

    India's Mouma Das & Madhurika Patkar bag the second game 11-6 and are a win in the third game away from taking a 2-1 lead in the final. What an aggressive duo! The Singaporeans are finding it difficult to return the shots

  • 16:41 (IST)


    India lead again! It's 4-3 now. 

    SV Sunil slots it in from second rebound. 



    Wales get their 3rd. It’s 3-3. India in deep trouble. They need a win. Three points are crucial.

  • 16:33 (IST)

    Table tennis: Doubles 

    Das and Madhurika take the opening game 11-6 

    So much energy and pace in their game. The girls have combined well to outsmart Zhou & Yu, who were too defensive in their approach. 
    The second game gets underway! 



    Harmanpreet Singh gets the flick right. It’s 3-2. Can they hold it now?

  • 16:30 (IST)


    Das and Madhurika are moving beautifully at the moment. The duo has taken a five-point lead at 9-5 and look set to clinch the first game. 

  • 16:23 (IST)


    India 1-1 Singapore

    Next up is women's doubles!

    India's Mouma Das and Madhurika Patkar take on Yihan Zhou & Mengyu Yu in the third match of the tie. 


    Is India leaving it too late?

    They are building well but that sharpness and the uncanny ability to find a forward is not there. Yet they have to go with patience. If they give space, Wales can break through. India had a PC but wasted. It’s still 2-2. Surprising no attacks from the left.

  • 16:18 (IST)

    Table tennis: Singapore equalise 1-1

    India's Madhurika Patkar could not match up to Mengyu Yu's pace in all the three games. The Singaporean's attack was just outstanding. With that 13-11, 11-2, 11-6 win, Singapore have levelled the scores in this women's team final tie 



    That’s why goals are needed to make the issue safe. Wales has found an equaliser of their 3rd PC. The flick hitting Rohidas and going high into the net. At 2-2, India will hunt for a match-winner. It’s been a game that has a lot of rigour. India halted by an efficient Wales side. At 2-2, anything can happen now.

  • 16:08 (IST)

    Table tennis: Yu 2-0 Patkar

    A flurry of errors flowing from the Indian's paddle as an aggressive Yu makes the most of it. She dominates the second game 11-2 and now she just needs one more game to seal this match. 

    The crucial third game gets underway. India need to reply now! 


    India needs a goal here. They need to breathe easy. Mandeep almost got it off an assist from Sunil but the deflection went past the post. Wales still playing well, moving up and defending. Wales are also ensuring that Indian players fall back and defend. Very tight formations. Will take a special goal now from India to increase their lead.

  • 16:04 (IST)

    Table tennis: Yu 1-0 Patkar

    A neck-and-neck first game but Patkar couldn't convert her attacking forehand shots into game points. Yu saved two match points to claim a 13-11 win over Patkar. 


    Wales holding out. But India leads 2-1. Two consecutive PC’s defended by Wales. Both teams playing tough, trying to forge and create moves. Wales has a solid defensive wall. They are not defending inside the circle but coming out and tackling the Indian forwards.

  • 16:00 (IST)

    Table tennis: India vs Singapore

    Madhurika Patkar in action against Mengyu Yu in the second game of women's team final. 

  • 15:59 (IST)


    Oh well, Seema’s campaign ends with a combined total of 189 kg. She misses out on a medal at Gold Coast. 

    She was well below her best in her Clean and Jerk attempts. Three lifters have already overtaken her and there are still two more lifters to come

  • 15:56 (IST)


    Oh well, Seema’s campaign ends with a combined total of 189 kg. She misses out on a medal at Gold Coast. 

    She was well below her best in her Clean and Jerk attempts. Three lifters have already overtaken her and there are still two more lifters to come

  • 15:52 (IST)

    Table tennis: India 1-0 Singapore


    Manika Batra beats Tianwei Feng 11-8, 8-11, 7-11, 11-9, 11-7 to give India 1-0 lead in women's team final against Singapore.

    She stuns the World No 4 in the women's singles match. 


    SV Sunil, the difference 

    That’s the end of the 2nd Q. India leads 2-1. It’s been a gritty match. Wales, stubborn as hell not allowing India any space outside their striking circle. They played man to man and were careful in not giving away easy balls to India. Finally, it’s SV Sunil who gave both the assists, the first to Dilpreet and the 2nd created the PC. India, playing structured and working their feet off. It’s tough going. But India have it under control.

  • 15:45 (IST)

    Weightlifting: Women

    Almost there! 

    Seema fails in her final 108 kg lift. She doesn't look happy with her effort. Well, well, well. She now faces a nervous wait to know her fate in women's 75 kg category

  • 15:43 (IST)

    Weightlifting: Women

    Seema makes another successful lift, this time of 105 kg to stay in contention for a podium finish in women's 75 kg category. 

    Can she lift 108kg in her next attempt?



    GOAL! India get their 2nd PC. Rupinder Pal Singh flicks straight to GK. Manpreet smashes in which the GK saves and then Mandeep picks it up from below the pads and swipes it inside. India leads 2-1. Crucial lead here going towards the end of Q2.

  • 15:40 (IST)

    Table tennis: Batra 2-2 Feng 

    That's some comeback by the Indian paddler. Batra takes the fourth game to enforce a decider! 

    Yet again, Feng's errors cost her the fourth game. 


    India going all out but unable to breach the Welsh defence. Technical skills of Wales really good. They don’t miss interceptions and move up fast when they have the ball in the midfield. At this moment, Wales has a better possession. They are using short passes. India unable to break through.

  • 15:31 (IST)


    Time for women's weightlifting

    Seema goes for her first attempt at the Clean & Jerk and she lifts it comfortably. She leads the table for now. 


    Wales gets the equaliser. It’s 1-1; perfect PC conversion. It was Wales 2nd PC and a low flick went past Sreejesh. Wales won’t crumble. They are opening up their play and making some pacy runs into the Indian striking circle.

  • 15:29 (IST)

    Table tennis: Feng 2-1 Batra

    ​Feng's resolute defence helps her take the advantage in this women's singles match. 

    Batra gave points cheaply towards the end. 

  • 15:28 (IST)


    Wales pull one back thanks to a penalty-corner conversion by Gareth Furlong. 



    GOAL! Dilpreet Singh gets his 2nd goal of the tournament. Picking up a pass from Sunil, he bangs it in.


    India would be disappointed after the end of the 1st Q. It’s still goalless. Wales quite stubborn in their defence and closing down the play in the midfield. India need to increase pace and break down the Welsh on the flanks if going through the middle is tough. Sunil, Dilpreet and Akashdeep can break it down

  • 15:18 (IST)

    Table tennis:

    ​Feng fights back to make it 1-1

    The Singaporean didn't allow Batra to get into the rhythm in the second game. She looks in great touch. Batra needs to mix her shots the way she did in the first stanza. 


    After the initial attacks, both teams have slowed the pace. India and Wales slightly wary of opening up and going into attack. India a bit careful but building up to creating a move. Wales extremely careful. They are trying to close the gaps down.

  • 15:13 (IST)


    Feng has brought so much variation in her game and with that, she has levelled the scores at 8-8!


    Majority of the early attacks by India. They gained an early PC but the Harmanpreet flick was wide. India gaining control of the midfield and one saw Manpreet enter the Wales striking circle. India keeping possession of the ball and trying to forge a combination upfront. India need to get early goals and put pressure on the Wales defence


    Indian men's hockey team takes on Wales!

    After their shock 2-2 draw with Pakistan, India taking on Wales. Must win match for India to bring back the campaign on track and give morale a much needed boost. India has played Wales six times, won five and drawn one. They are yet to lose to Wales.

  • 15:11 (IST)


    India vs Singapore

    Batra is using her attack to halt the Singaporean. She takes a healthy four-point lead at 7-3. 

    Can she continue her imperious form?

  • 15:08 (IST)


    India vs Singapore:

    That's a really strong start from Batra. 

    Feng's forehand errors have gifted her opponent a few points at the end of the first game. The Indian claims the opening game 11-8

Venkat Rahul Ragala and veteran Sathish Kumar Sivalingam extended India's gold medal-hunting run in the weightlifting competitions, while the table tennis teams and the badminton mixed team advanced to the semi-finals of the at the Commonwealth Games here on Saturday.

A gold each from Venkat Rahul (85kg) and defending champion Sathish (77kg) lifted India to the fourth spot in the points table with a total of six medals (four gold, one silver and one bronze) -- all of them coming from the weightlifters in the first three days of the CWG in Gold Coast.

 Highlights, Commonwealth Games 2018 Gold Coast Day 4: India womens team wins table tennis gold; Men beat Wales 4-3 in hockey

Gold medallist Manu Bhaker and silver medallist Heena Sidhu pose. Reuters

Following is India's schedule on Day 4 of competitions at the 21st Commonwealth Games on Sunday.


Men's 20 km walk: Irfan Thodi, Manish Singh Rawat (02.30 IST)

Women's 20 km walk: Khusbir Kaur, Soumya Baby (04.45 IST)

Men's 400m (Heat 1): Muhammed Anas Time (11.15 IST)

Men's Shot Put Qualifying Round Group A: Tejinder Singh (12.05 IST)


Women's 69kg: Punam Yadav (05.00 IST)

Men's 94kg: Vikas Thakur (09.30 IST)

Women's 75kg: Seema (02.00 IST)


Women's Pool A

India vs England

(05.00 IST)

Table Tennis:

Women's Team semifinal

India vs England

(06:00 IST)


Mixed Team semifinal

India vs Singapore

(06.30 IST)


Men's 100m butterfly heat 1 Sajan Prakash

(07.08 IST)

Men's 50m backstroke: Srihari Nataraj (05.00 IST)


Women's 45-48kg Quarterfinal 2: MC Mary Kom vs Megan Gordon (Scotland) (07.45 IST)

Women's 69kg Quarterfinal 3: Lovlina Borgohain vs Sandy Ryan (England) (02.30 IST)

Men's 75kg Round of 16: Vikas Krishan vs Campbell Somerville (Australia) (09.30 IST)


Men's 10m air rifle final: Ravi Kumar and Deepak Kumar (09.00 IST)

Women's 10m air pistol final: Manu Bhaker and Heena Sidhu (07.30 IST)

Women's Skeet final: Saniya Sheikh, Maheshwari Chauhan (11.15 IST)

Men's Skeet: Smit Singh, Sheeraj Sheikh qualification day 1 (05.00 IST)


India vs New Zealand: Women's Preliminary Round Pool B (13.00 IST)

India vs Scotland: Men's Preliminary Round Pool B (16.30 IST)


Women's Vault Final: Pranati Nayak (10.57 IST)

Men's Ring Final: Rakesh Patra (12.16 IST)


Women scratch race final: Amritha Reghunath, Sonali Chang, Manorama Devi (04.15 IST)

Women's Kerin final: Deborah Herold, Aleena Reji (04.35 IST)

Men's 40km points race final: Manjeet Singh (04.50 IST)

1000m time trial: Ranjit Singh, Sahil Kumar (02.37 IST).


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