Formula 1: Record 22 races scheduled for 2020 season; Netherlands, Vietnam new entrants

  • The 2020 F1 season will begin on 15 March in Melbourne and end on 29 November in Abu Dhabi

  • Vietna and Netherlands are the new races to be introduced on the calendar

  • Historic German Grand Prix has been dropped from the current calendar

Formula 1 season in 2020 will witness a record 22-races, one more than current calendar. The calendar was revealed on Thursday as the sport gets ready to resume proceedings on the weekend in Belgium. Netherlands and Vietnam have been included in the 2020 calendar. Meanwhile, the only race to have been dropped is the one in Germany.

 Formula 1: Record 22 races scheduled for 2020 season; Netherlands, Vietnam new entrants

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Vietnam will become the 34th country to stage a round of the Championship, with a race in Hanoi on 5 April.

A former race in Netherlands also returns to the calendar. Zandvoort circuit will be the venue for the Dutch Grand Prix on 3 May.

The season, as always, is scheduled to begin in Australia on 15 March and culminates in Abu Dhabi on 29 November. With one more race to be included in the already packed calendar, the season will see seven straight races – where the Grand Prix is held on consecutive weekends.

Second race of the season will be in Bahrain (after Australia), and the other events a week apart are the Netherlands and Spain on the first two weekends in May; Azerbaijan and Canada in early June; France and Austria; Belgium and Italy; Singapore and Russia; and the USA and Mexico follow.

Australia, Great Britain and Spain renewed their contracts to continue hosting races as has the more recent inclusion in Azerbaijan. Mexico City will continue to host a race for the next three years under the new title of Mexico City Grand Prix.

There have been discussions and statements in the past by F1's bosses to potentially extend the calendar to as many as 24 races in the future, principally to drive revenue. But teams have expressed reservations about that, both in terms of the demands on their staff and as a potential risk to the exclusivity of the sport.

Teams were required to give permission to extend 2020 beyond 21 races, as that is defined as a maximum in the sport's rules.

With the sport undergoing changes on an annual basis, there have been talks between the sport's governing body and the teams over a budget cap of $175m a year - with several exclusions, including the salaries of drivers and the three top executives - has been agreed.

Teams and F1 have until end of October to finalise the new rules, with the initial deadline of end of June being extended already.

The calendar will come up for approval during the FIA World Motor Sport Council meeting on 4 October.

F1 Calendar for 2020: Australia (15 March), Bahrain (22 March), Vietnam (5 April), China (9 April), Netherlands (3 May), Spain (10 May), Monaco (24 May), Azerbaijan (7 June), Canada (14 June), France (28 June), Austria (5 July), Great Britain (19 July), Hungary (2 August), Belgium (30 August), Italy (6 September), Singapore (20 September), Russia (27 September), Japan (11 October), US (25 October) Mexico (1 November), Brazil (15 November), Abu Dhabi (29 November)

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