One for the training modules: Virat Kohli on the art of mastering the cover drive

Virat Kohli is probably the world's best batsman right now. And he has often talked about his batting and the process behind it. Kohli himself confessed earlier this year that he can't hit big sixes, so he has designed his game around finding gaps in the field and hitting those crunching fours. His game is based predominantly on clever placement and finding gaps.

And years of practice have helped him master his shots, most of all the Kohli-cover drive, which he has exhibited consistently. If a bowler bowls full and even a bit outside off, the batting genius doesn't waste any time to crunch it through the covers, dissecting the fielders in the area, and into the fence.

Driving with the best; Virat Kohli. BCCI

Driving with the best; Virat Kohli. BCCI

So, when the man himself gives a lesson on the art of driving, it's a crime to miss out on this masterclass. Kohli, in a video, gave insights into his favourite shots: The cover drive, the flick and the on-drive.

In the video, titled 'Batting masterclass with Virat Kohli', India's Test captain stressed on the importance of head position while playing the shot. "The most important thing is to have a good balance when you're driving the ball," he said.

"Your head position is very important and it should always be where your toe is," Kohli said, demonstrating how the batsman's head should not be leaning away or forward from the front toe position. "You make contact with the ball close to your body and close to your head, that's how you stay in control."

Kohli then goes on to explain the different ways of playing a drive, depending on the length of the ball. He demonstrates, using a bat, how to ensure that a a half volley can be driven along the ground. But while driving a fuller length delivery, he follows a different technique. "If the ball is much fuller, the sensible thing to do, which I do most often, is to collapse the back foot rather than bending the front foot, and connect the ball closer to the back leg, while still keeping the head where I need to make contact with the ball." he said.

Kohli then goes on to explain about driving a length ball on the rise. "Driving is all about hitting the ball as close to your body as possible. So when you're driving on the up, you need to make sure that you are connecting with the ball in a way that you can see the ball bounce in front of you before heading out in the outfield. The ball should ideally  bounce around two feet in front of you. That's when you know that you have actually connected very well and you're in control of the drive. If it goes up in the air, then more often than not, it's just a risky shot that came off."

The Royal Challengers Bangalore captain, who is enjoying imperious form at the moment, also explains his inside-out shots, the flick and the on-drive. To learn more such batting secrets from the chase-master himself, watch the full video here.

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Updated Date: Apr 21, 2016 11:00:12 IST

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