Day 3 as it happened: India take control despite batting collapse

At stumps: Australia are 74/2 after 32 overs, with Cowan on 26 and Watson on 9. They trail India by 192 runs.

Aakash Chopra puts out a mea culpa on Bhuvneshwar.

Ishant Sharma has yet to bowl in this innings, which tells you how much Dhoni values his bowling. Pity India will probably persist with him for the third Test. After all, his luck has to change sometime.

Cowan has taken 100 balls to make 26. Painstaking batting from him but that is just what Australia needed. They will need more of the same tomorrow if they are to have any chance of saving this game.

4:22 pm

Australia are 72/2 after 30 overs, with Cowan on 25 and Watson on 30. They trail India by 194 runs

Harbhajan has figures of 7-5-7-0. Meanwhile Watson isn’t going to hang about. He gives Ashwin the charge and hits the straightest six you will ever see. That’s one way to get off the mark.

Ravindra Jadeja gets the ball. Goes round the wicket to Watson. Huge appeal for lbw from Jadeja – arms outstretched beseeching the umpire - but the ball doesn’t appear to have turned enough to hit leg stump.

Ashwin switches to the end from which Harbhajan was bowling. Bowls a low full toss to Cowan, who sweeps him fine for four. That was not a good delivery. Next delivery explodes from the pitch and breaks past Cowan’s bat. That will give the batsmen something to think about.

4:04 pm

Australia 56/2 after 25 overs, with Cowan on 19 and Watson on 0.

Ashwin has gone back to bowling over the wicket to Phillip Hughes, who has not looked capable of sticking it out against spin so far this series.

Hughes was unable to score from the 24 deliveries he faced from Ashwin in the first innings. He carefully defends the first over he faces from Ashwin this time around.

Harbhajan has two slips and a short letwhen bowling to Cowan. There is also a short mid-off. One keeps low from Harbhajan and Cowan does well to keep it out. That scooted after pitching.

Hughes also forced to jab down on a scooter from Ashwin.

OUT!Then is bowled round his legs in the same fashion as Warner. Only he managed to get a glove on it but not enough to keep it from hitting the stumps. Ashwin had gone round the wicket again. Another duck for Hughes.

Australia are 56/1 after 20 overs with Cowan on 19 and Hughes on 0.

Warner gives it away. Goes for the sweep against Ashwin but fails to cover legstump. The ball pitches on leg and hits leg as Warner simply misses it. Ashwin had switched to round the wicket against the left-hander and the change of angle works.

Warner goes for 26, having faced 56 balls and hitting three fours and a six.

3:33 pm

Australia are 53/0 after 17 overs, with Warner on 26 and Cowan on 17. They trail India by 213 runs.

Harbhajan getting turn and bounce but he is still too short. At the other end, Warner smacks Ashwin for a straight six to bring up Australia’s 50.

India’s offspinners operating in tandem against the two Australian left-handers. The pitch still looks good for batting. Seems to be a question of getting set. Once a batsman does that, everthing eases up.

Harbhajan bowls a rare maiden and that is drinks. Warner and Cowan looking a lot more comfortable now.

3:22 pm

Australia are 46/0 after 14 overs, with Warner on 19 and Cowan on 17. They trail India by 220

Cowan cracks Bhuvneshwar through the offside for his first boundary. Then repeats the shot against Ashwin. Could those drops ultimately prove costly?

India replace Bhuvneshwar with Harbhajan. He was taken off after a spell of 6-4-7-0. There should be a 2 at the end of that as well.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar could have add both openers. PTI

Bhuvneshwar Kumar could have dismissed both openers. PTI

Harbhajan plays the good host first up and offers Cowan a short ball. The batsman helps himself to four runs. You can understand why the Aussies bowl too short on Indian pitches. They aren’t used to them. What is Bhajji’s excuse?

3:07 pm

Australia are 30/0 after 10 overs, with Warner on 18 and Cowan on 2. They still trail by 236.

Turn and bounce for Ashwin with the new ball. Two slips and a silly point staring Cowan in the face.

Ashwin bowls a maiden. He has settled down after Warner attacked him in his first over.

Two slips and a gully for Bhuvneshwar bowling to Cowan. Dropped! Cowan gets a life this time. Bhuvneshwar gets one to jag back and take the inside edge but Dhoni was moving the other way and can’t grab it one-handed.

Bhuvneshwar getting the ball to come back in against the left-handers. But causing trouble for Dhoni as well. Poor fielding from India following a poor stretch of batting. Still, they are creating chances.


Australia are 19/0 after five overs, with Warner on 13 and Cowan on 0.

You can read Ashish Magotra’s recap of the second session here: Tendulkar’s DRS-like dismissal in focus as India collapse.

Ashwin opens the bowling alongside Bhuvneshwar and Australia take a shine to him, with Warner hitting him for three fours, two on the offside either side of point before pulling him through midwicket.

He gets one to turn past Warner’s outside edge to end the over though.

At the other end, another loud shout for lbw from Bhuvi and more leg-byes for Australia. This one did not come back enough to hit off. Cowan in a bit of a tangle here though.

Warner dropped. Hit straight at Kohli and he spills it. Warner hit that hard but at this level those catches should be taken. Bhuvneshwar was the bowler.

2:15 pm

At tea: India all out for 503.

Bhuvneshwar is stumped this time. Gives Doherty the charge but gets nowhere near the ball and Wade does the rest. India lost their last 9 wickets for 116 runs. Seven wickets went down in the second session, with Australia spinners taking all of them. Maxwell ends up with 4/127 while Doherty has 3/131.

Those are career best figures for Doherty, by the way.

India end up with a lead of 266. At one stage it looked like it would be over 300 at least.

2:11 pm

India are 503/9 after 154 overs with Bhuvneshwar on 10 and Ishant on 2.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar advances down track and hits Doherty to the long-on boundary to take India past 500. When the home side were 400/2, they seemed set for a score in excess of 600. Instead, they have struggled to get to 500 after losing 7 wickets for 99 runs, starting with Tendulkar's dismissal.

Maxwell almost had Bhuvneshwar in his previous over. An inside edge saved him. Took the ball away from Wade and it ran away for four. Otherwise would have been stumped by miles.

2:04 pm

India are 493/9 after 151 overs with Bhuvneshwar on 1 and Ishant on 1.

Maxwell has four but this one should be credited to Ed Cowan at leg slip. Kohli came down the track and turned it round the corner, where Cowan, showing great anticipation, dived to his left and snatched it one-handed. India have come unstuck here. Kohli out for 34. India's last wicket pair out on the field now.

Having struggled all day yesterday, Australia’s spinners have taken six wickets today. India have been guilty of some poor shot-making as well. Jadeja and Harbhajan in particular seemed in an awful hurry.

India are 489/8 after 148.2 overs with Kohli on 32 and Bhuvneshwar on 0.

Doherty gets another as Harbhajan shows he has forgotten how to occupy the crease. Gives the spinner the charge but only succeeds in hitting him into mid-offs midriff. Out for a duck is Bhajji, having faced just six deliveries.

1:48 pm

India are 485/7 after 147 overs with Kohli on 28 and Harbhajan on 0.

Ashwin doesn't long. Doherty gets turn and bounce and can only fend the ball to gully. India have lost 6 for 98 after not losing any wickets for 370 runs. The pitch appears to have come to life too as Doherty gets two consecutive balls to go past Harbhajan's bat.

1:42 pm

India are 485/6 after 146 overs with Kohli on 28 and Ashwin on 1.

Short-leg drops Ashwin first ball. Maxwell has every right to feel aggrieved. Poor technique from Ed Cowan. He was rising before the batsmen played his short, then couldn’t recover in time. Ball bounced off his left hand.

1:40 pm

Jadeja shows he can hit the long ball too. Down the wicket to Maxwell and hits him straight back over his head for six, but Maxwell has the last laugh by taking a sharp return catch on the second attempt. He knocked the ball up and grabbed him with both hands on its way down while diving full length.

Jadeja out for 10.

Earlier, Henriques get his first bowl of the day and is back attacking off stump. But he just doesn’t look like he can produce that wicket-taking delivery like Bhuvneshwar does.

Kohli punishes Maxwell when he drops it short, then crashes Henrqiues past mid-on. Just rolls his wrist on it to take it between bowler and the fielder. Kohli taking on the mantle of scoring quickly after Dhoni departed.

Jadeja opens his account against Maxwell. Two steps down the track and drives the offspinner past mid-on. Doherty replaces Henriques and Australia has spin operating at both ends now.

1:20 pm

India 460/5 after 140 overs with Kohli on 14 and Jadeja on 0

Dhoni tries to clear mid-off but doesn't get the elevation. Maxwell showing up Doherty in the wickets department at least. Dhoni didn't quite get to the pitch of that one, caught it low on the bat and Doherty clutched it at the second attempt.

India's lead is 223 now.

1:12 pm

India are 456/4 after 138 overs with Dhoni on 43 and Kohli on 11

Star Cricket shows a map of where the Indian batsmen make contact with the ball. Dhoni tends to meet the ball ahead of where the rest of the batsmen do. Shows how much he likes to come forward, even to the fast bowlers.

If you are interested, you can read part 4 of Shane Warne’s manifesto on Australian Cricket: The Way Forward – Spin bowling.

Meanwhile Maxwell continues bowling from around the wicket. Gets it very wide outside the offstump and Dhoni almost stumbles to reach it. Throws the bat at it, one hand comes off the handle, but gets enough on it to get four through point.

Then sits back on one and cuts it delicately to fine third man. That also brings up the 50-partnership between these two. It has taken 13.2 overs and Dhoni’s contribution is 43. And that is also drinks.

There is plenty of chatter on Twitter about the way Tendulkar was given out. It is an effective way to have a quasi-decision review system in place. Harder to pull off when there is no room for doubt about a catch behind the stumps though.

1:00 pm

India are 447/4 after 136 overs with Dhoni on 35 and Kohli on 10.

Dhoni, in that inimitable unorthodox way of his, chops down late on one from Siddle and it goes to the vacant third man boundary. Clarke responds by putting a man there. That also pushes India’s lead to 200.

Dhoni pulls the next delivery for four, before picking up three through square leg. 12 runs come off that Siddle over. Dhoni, as usual, not wanting to wait around with the bat in his hand. Pity he lets things drift from time to time in the field.

12:46 pm

India are 431/4 after 133 overs with Dhoni on 22 and Kohli on 7.

India's lead is 194 now. If these two can stick around and add another 100 or so, it is hard to imagine Australia fighting back in their second inning.

Siddle has replaced Pattinson, who took two wickets but both really can be put down to mistakes from the batsmen. Pujara didn't need to play the hook shot while Tendulkar will be kicking himself that he fell to a delivery down the legside. Shastri does give Pattinson full marks for effort though.

Doherty is into his 40th over and has yet to take a wicket. But his economy rate is better than Lyon's. Guess that's why they picked him. Dhoni gets four more when one from Doherty keeps low, takes the bottom edge of the bat and goes between Clarke's legs at slip.

Meanwhile Test Match Sofa wonders whether Tendulkar should have walked

12:30 pm

India are 423/4 after 128 overs with Dhoni on 15 and Kohli on 6

MS Dhoni shows he is not going to stick around. Smacks Doherty over the top with the spin. Then cuts him off the back foot when he drops short. He isn’t going to let Australia get back any momentum.

He rubs salt in the wound with a thick edge that runs away to the third man boundary to make it three in a row.

Doherty gets one to turn sharply past Dhoni's forward defense in his next over, which will be of interest to India's spinners.

Tendulkar will be very disappointed with the way he got out. That was a poor delivery, in contrast to the way Nathan Lyon bowled him in Chennai. He probably won’t get another chance to bat in this Test either.

12:20 pm

Doherty starts after lunch. Pattinson at the other end. Tendulkar seems to be reaching for the ball more than he did in Chennai. Just pushing out at it a touch rather than letting the ball come to him.

He does wait on a wide from Pattinson though, and is able to open the face of the bat and guide wide of point for four.

Pattinson appeals for a caught behind off Tendulkar. Ball slips down legside and it looks like a thin edge. The umpires go upstairs to check if the catch was clean.

After what seems like an eternity, the umpire raises his finger and Tendulkar has to go. India now 404/3.

After that mammoth partnership between Vijay and Pujara, India will not be happy with a lead under 300.

You can read Ashish Magotra's recap of the first session here: Pujara, Vijay smash records and Aussies.

11:30 am

India 400/3 at lunch with Tendulkar on 3* and Kohli on 4*

Kohli gets off the mark, goes past 1,000 career runs and brings up India's 400 by driving Maxwell through the covers for four. Should be interesting to see how much time these two need to get set. Will they follow the Pujara-Vijay blueprint? Tendulkar does not like to be tied down though.

Tendulkar chops down on a Pattinson yorker then pushes out at one that is a a bit wide. He is looking a bit anxious, unlike in the Chennai Test. Maybe all the waiting has got to him.

There are 19,738 in attendance at the Rajiv Gandhi international stadium. That’s a fair number on a Monday. Then again, a few more might show up given that Tendulkar is batting now.

India made 89 runs in that first session, losing both overnight batsmen, but not before they broke a few records and reached a few milestones. Vijay's 167 is his highest Test score while Pujara went past 1,000 career runs in the course of making 204, his second career double-hundred.


Pujara perishes playing the hook. Pattinson bowls a good bouncer that gets above shoulder height, making it hard for Pujara to keep it down. Doherty takes a good diving catch at long-leg. It was a brilliant innings but you sense Pujara will be unhappy with how he got out.

Pattinson comes over and shakes Pujara's hand as the batsman walks off. His 204 came from 341 balls and included 30 fours and a six. Two new batsmen at the crease now, though one of them is Tendulkar.


The partnership between Vijay and Pujara is India’s fourth-highest for any wicket. They added 370, just six runs fewer that the record for any wicket against Australia: the 376 VVS Laxman and Rahul Dravid added in that Test in Kolkata in 2001.

Pujara brings up his double-hundred in some style – charges Maxwell and drives him through midwicket for four. His ability to use his feet against the spinners might be as good as Clarke's.


India are 387/2 after 118 overs with Pujara on 198 and Tendulkar on 0.

Maxwell gets one to bounce a little more than Vijay expected and he can only fend it to leg-slip. That breaks a superb partnership that has given India a vice-like grip of the series. The pair added 370 runs from 109.4 overs at a run-rate of 3.37. Hard to believe after they added just 49 from 27 overs yesterday morning.

Maxwell had gone round the wicket with three men in the deep on the leg side and that has paid off for Clarke. It is also Maxwell's first Test wicket.

Tendulkar comes to the crease and the crowd cheers like crazy.

Meanwhile Pujara already has four hundreds compared to one fifty. That is a conversion rate of 80%. He is also batting on 198.

Vijay’s 167 came from 341 balls and contained 23 fours and two sixes. It is an innings that just might have made him India’s first choice opener.

10:45 am

India are 376/1 after 113 overs with Pujara on 189 and Vijay on 167.

Pujara goes past 1,000 runs in his 11th Test. He is the second fastest in terms of innings to get to that milestone. Kambli took 14 innings. Pujara has taken 18. Sunny took 21.

Runs flowing freely now. Pujara started after the break by cutting a shortish Doherty delivery to point. All a little too easy for India now.

A flick for a single from Pujara off Siddle takes the pair past Gavaskar-Vengsarkar’s record of 344 for a second-wicket partnership by an India pair. Tendulkar must be itching to get in on this pitch now.

Maxwell, who had a torrid time yesterday, replaces Doherty. Clarke has to feel he is changing bowlers for the sake of changing bowlers. He cannot be expecting Maxwell to give him the breakthrough Australia need desperately,

Vijay decides to sweep him from offstump and gets a couple. No turn from Maxwell and Vijay plays it again, the second time for four to fine leg. Then he gives him the charge and dispatches him through extra-cover for four more. Ten from that Maxwell over. You have to feel for Clarke.

10:30 am

India are 356/1 after 109 overs with Pujara on 180 and Vijay on 156.

Doherty drops it short and Pujara cuts him through the vacant point region to bring up India's 350.

Siddle induces another edge from Vijay but there are no slips in place and that races away for four. Siddle is disgusted and who can blame him. There have been few chances against these two. And that's drinks. The pair have added 339 runs now. They need another six to set a new record for India.

45 runs have come from 16 overs in the first hour today.

10:20 am

India 345/1 after 107 overs with Pujara on 175 and Vijay on 150.

A quick single off Siddle brings up a Vijay's 150. First time he has done that in Tests.

Siddle replaced Pattinson an over earlier and Vijay creamed a length delivery to the cover boundary for four before driving him straight down the ground for two more. This looks a completely different surface to bat on now. It will take a mistake from one of the batsmen or something special from Australia to get a wicket.

Doherty bowled with three men around the bat - slip, silly point and a short leg and there was a loud shout for lbw against Pujara as he misses a sweep against Doherty. Playing across the line on this pitch is still dicey. Dharmasena turns it down but it looked a close thing on replays. The ball had quite a ways to travel after hitting the front pad.

India's lead past 100 and there is some sloppy fielding from Australia, with Vijay picking up a second run on an overthrow. Meanwhile the record for the highest second-wicket partnership by an Indian pair is 344. Gavaskar and Vengsarkar added that many against the West Indies in 1978.

10:03 am

India are 332/1 after 103 overs with Pujara on 172 and Vijay on 140.

The Hyderabad pitch appears very good for batting now. Pujara picks up four runs when Pattinson gets a yorker wrong and he helps it on its way to fine Pujara's career average is now over 70. It has been a superb start to his career.

Pattinson does get a slower one to go past Vijay's outside edge before Vijay edges one through the vacant slip area for another boundary. More frustration for Michael Clarke and the Aussies. This is now Vijay's highest Test score. It has been a very good knock under pressure.

Doherty and Pattinson slip in a couple of maidens but Pujara and Vijay look like they want to deny the crowd a chance to watch Tendulkar bat.


9:44 am

India 321/1 after 98 overs. Pujara on 166 and Vijay on 135.

Pujara and Vijay brought up their 300-run partnership in the fifth over of the day. Both batsmen were watchful first up. Happy to take singles but ready to punish anything short, as Vijay showed when he rocked back to cut Xavier Doherty to the point boundary

Doherty began proceedings on the third morning while James Pattinson started from the other end. Australia's bowlers will have to lift themselves significantly after the carnage of yesterday evening.

Doherty concentrating on bowling full. Pujara is still running gingerly. Luckily for India, there is a bit of a break between the second and third Tests.

9:25 am

At stumps on Day 2: India 311 for 1 (Pujara 162*, Vijay 129*). Australia 237 for 9 dec (Clarke 91, Wade 62)

Welcome to our coverage of day three of the second Test.

When India scored just 49 runs in the first session yesterday, losing Virender Sehwag in the process, it seemed like Australia might take wickets by drying up the runs and increasing the pressure on the batsmen. After Cheteshwar Pujara and Murali Vijay scored 151 runs in the third session, pushing their partnership to 294, that strategy was well and truly in tatters.

The Hyderabad pitch is one where batting gets easier the longer you stay at the wicket and Vijay and Pujara made sure they stayed at the wicket. The first session was all about sticking it out and once they repelled Australia's initial surge, both men began to feast on some poor bowling.

Cheteshwar Pujara celebrates his hundred. PTI

Cheteshwar Pujara celebrates his hundred. PTI

Pujara, despite feeling discomfort in his knee, began to assert himself in the session between lunch and tea before racing away in the third. He needed just 42 deliveries to go from 100 to 150, reaching the milestone by hooking Siddle nonchalantly for six. It was a shot Sehwag would have been proud of.'

At the other end, Vijay was battling for this pace in the side and he knew it. In the post match press conference, he said he was prepared to battle it out for as long as possible and that is what he did. There were no extravagant drives, no fancy flourishes. Just old fashioned determined batting, with a few lusty blows struck against the spinners.

The pair showed that Australia's attack is woefully inadequate for Indian conditions. Neither Xavier Doherty nor Glenn Maxwell were any threat, though Doherty did get a few to turn sharply past the bat. And James Pattinson and Peter Siddle were unable to replicate the kind of movement Bhuvneshwar Kumar got when Australia batted.

The big questions for day three then are how many runs will India make before declaring and how much of Sachin Tendulkar will we get to see.

Updated Date: Mar 04, 2013 16:56 PM

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