#BoycottCosta: Why just Costa Coffee? Arsenal fans should boycott all these companies too

It is safe to say Arsenal fans do not like Diego Costa. In fact they hate the Chelsea striker, and they're not the only ones. The brutish Brazilian (now Spaniard) dug deep and brought out his muddy best against Arsenal on Saturday. He shoved, flailed and fouled his way through Arsenal and centre-back Gabriel Paulista bore the brunt and the match ended 2-0 in Chelsea's favour.

 #BoycottCosta: Why just Costa Coffee? Arsenal fans should boycott all these companies too

Diego Costa and Gabriel Paulista during Chelsea's 2-0 win over Arsenal. AFP

Arsenal fans are taking the matter quite seriously, as they must, by boycotting Costa Coffee.

According to a report in the Telegraph UK, 'Gooners' are boycotting Costa Coffee, the British multinational coffeehouse company, in order to avenge Gabriel's sending off.

However, why just Costa Coffee? Arsenal fans have a reason to dislike a lot of other players who hurt the club's chances or their players.

Like for example, no Arsenal fan should buy a house from Giggs & Company - and estate and letting agent in St Neots. A Welsh winger by the same name, Ryan Giggs, tormented Arsenal quite a bit in his long career with Manchester United. His most incredible United moment came against Arsenal in the 1998-99 FA Cup semifinal replay when he basically went past their whole defence (and midfield) to score a stunning goal and knock them out.

Fans of Arsenal in Australia should never eat at Shawcross Pizza -- after all, Shawcross was the one whose tackle broke Aaron Ramsey's leg. Same for Arsenal fans in China -- they should never deal with McNair Technology after defender Paddy McNair cause Jack Wilshere's foot injury last season.

There's more: if you're an American and an Arsenal fan, steer clear of buying knives from Taylor Brands, because it may mean endorsing Martin Taylor -- the man who broke former striker Eduardo's leg. Oh and Gooners in Bosnia, please reject all your offer letters from Emmanuel College, and we won't be explaining that one.

Many fans have called on their fellow 'Gooners' to buy from Starbucks, at least till Gabriel returns.



Even Costa Coffee had a word or two to say about the whole incident.







Chelsea fans had a very different interpretation of the incident involving Costa and Koscielny.



Some say Gabriel is looking for Costa to exact revenge.



...And Arsene Wenger is right behind him.


#BoycottCosta might actually become a big thing. And if it doesn't bring Diego down, it might just bring more profits for Starbucks.

At the end of the day....


Updated Date: Sep 22, 2015 15:46:21 IST