BCCI need to start caring about Indian cricket, their hubris will only harm the nation's most popular sport

Who gave the BCCI the right to hold Indian cricket at gunpoint?

It is absolute shame that having missed the 25 April deadline for announcing the Indian cricket team for the Champion’s Trophy that the Supreme Court has to step in to order it. The matter is not one of sport. It is an economic and political issue and underscores the arrogance, hubris and greed of this governing body for India’s most popular game.

A policeman walks past a logo of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). Reuters

A policeman walks past a logo of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). Reuters

Fact is that being snubbed by every other member of the ICC over the sharing of the international pie the sulky BCCI is getting even without realising that fighting the ICC on profits is mutually exclusive from sending a team to the tournament.

How dare it play footsie with the careers and aspirations of players?

Fact also is that this fat and sleek custodian of Indian cricket is only so in a de facto manner. The BCCI has been allowed to keep everyone else at bay over the years and give the impression that running or representing Indian cricket is its prerogative and no one else can get a look in. As a private, tax-paying entity it neither has the patent nor is it singular in this context except by default.

Technically speaking, the BCCI does not represent Indian cricket, it represents the BCCI XI which masquerades as the Indian XI. Anyone of us can start another BCCI or 10 of them and posture as the guardians of the game. All we need is XI players and an invitation to the ICC to join them in case there is a vacancy.

It is not India which is the bully in the schoolyard, it is the BCCI. High time we created a little administrative competition. Let’s have bids under the sports ministry to see if another body can take over.

Where is it written that only the BCCI has this right? Replace them. They are unloved, unpleasant and even their role in promoting the game has been suspect seeing as how we all accept that it is motivated by greed. That and this conceit that without the BCCI cricket as a world sport will collapse.

Seriously, dump them. They truly do not care about cricketers only about the bottom line.

Just because no one has called their bluff doesn’t mean it cannot happen. And happen very soon. After all Indian was outvoted 13 to 1 at the ICC meeting and this comeuppance has been on the cards these past two years since the BCCI dirty linen started being washed in public. Their revenue share was cut from $570 million to $293 million and so the whining.

Whine away but not at the expense of the game. These guys are like those spoilt brats who play in the sand lot and are never run out or lbw because it is their ball and they will take it away if so judged.

Look who these members are harming by their refusal to stick to the deadline for this prestigious trophy. The cricketers because they do not know who will be selected and after the fragmented plays of the IPL will not have enough time to train into a cohesive team. Also, the last minute delayed selection will be done under legal duress and be casual instead of honest and in the best interests of the game.

The fan is also let down because India goes into the tournament without an edge, unrested and uncertain whether it is playing for the glory of the nation or the coffers of the BCCI because it is being held at ransom.

Advertisers are already getting skittish and Star Sports on Thursday began to make mewling sounds about business being negatively impacted if India pulls out. This nervousness over damming the revenue streams feeds the BCCI arrogance and makes it believe that it can arm-twist the cricketing world.

Seeing as how the BCCI is hardly unstained following the Lodha report on corruption within and the multiple fallout excluding ministers and bureaucrats from swilling at the trough, its current stubbornness is a folly.

For one, Indian cricket does not need the BCCI. Just see the manner in which it has treated our bid in the Champions Trophy. With 25 days to go and overdue by 10 days, it doesn't have a team...so much for caring.

For another, the other nations will lose a great deal if India is out but they will survive. We, on the other hand, thanks to these mandarins, will not. Our cricket will shrivel on the vine and we will be ostracised. Why should players and fans be cheated for this selfish body?

Get off your high horse, gentlemen, do your job and wake up to the fact you are totally expendable.

Updated Date: May 07, 2017 13:38 PM

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