As it happened: Yuvraj stars as India cruise to victory


Yuvraj Singh is expectedly named the Man-of-the-Match at the post match press conference. Morgan is downcast about England's performance while Dhoni is obviously a happy man.

Eoin Morgan: Alex Hales played well but in the middle period we failed to kick-on. "We never seemed to get going again. We continually lost wickets. The start we had, we were on for a good score. We didn't get the early wickets. It was just a bit costly. We lacked a bit of discipline in our bowlings. Will have to pick ourselves up in two days."

MS Dhoni: The pressure was on the bowlers. It was important from the 8th over, we tried to being ourselves back in the game. After the 8th or 9th over, the ball gets older. Yuvraj was brilliant. Bowled at the right stage. Fielding I think was brilliant.

"I was a bit worried becaue they got off to a flying start. Ashwin bowled well in the first three overs, and when they came back, they bowled well. Overall, very happy with the performance. I think the start was important. We got off to a very good start. Jinks [Ajinkya Rahane] batted really well. After that partnership, it was important Yuvraj scored runs. Overall, a very good performance.


India 158-5 after 17.5 overs (Dhoni 26): India have won the match by five wickets and with 13 balls to spare. Dhoni smashes Meaker for two boundaries, one on each side of the wicket, and ends proceedings with a wild swing that somehow sends the ball over cover and they scamper two.


India 148-5 after 17.1 overs (Dhoni 26): With no need to take any risks, Raina is run-out. They set off for a quick single before Dhoni changed his mind but Morgan hits from a difficult angle.

SK Raina run out 26 (19b


India 148-4 after 17 overs (Raina 26, Dhoni 14): Bresnan is back and Raina pulls him for six third ball. India are cruising. They need just 9 to win now with three overs remaining.


India 137-4 after 16 overs (Raina 17, Dhoni 12): Shah Rukh Khan is in the crowd. India progressing without incident.


India 132-4 after 15 overs (Raina 15, Dhoni 10): India appear to be cruising now. Aside from Meaker, England's bowlers have not looked threatening at all.


India 126-4 after 14 overs (Raina 13, Dhoni 6): India only need 32 from 36 now. No need for the big shots. Singles will get them home.


India 115-4 after 13 overs (Raina 6, Dhoni 2): The captain is out in the middle now. Dhoni should have been run-out as he was stranded half-way down the pitch but the fielder missed the stumps and there was no one backing up.


India 110-4 after 12.1 overs (Raina 5): Kohli falls against the run of play. Gets a bottom edge and the ball crashes into offstump. Meaker celebrates with a fist pump.

V Kohli b Meaker 21 (17b)


India 109-3 after 12 overs (Kohli 21, Raina 5): Wright continues. Kohli strides down the wicket and carves him over cover. India just need to keep their cool here as the required run-rate is only 6.12.


India 100-3 after 11 overs (Kohli 11, Raina ): The century comes up for India as Raina and Kohli knock Tredwell around for ones and twos.


India 93-3 after 10 overs (Yuvraj 29, Kohli 11): Yuvraj takes on the bowlers one too many times. After getting a top edge for six off Luke Wright, he tries to clear the boundary on the onside again but doesn't get the distance.

Yuvraj Singh c Meaker b Wright 38 (21b)


India 83-2 after 9 overs (Yuvraj 29, Kohli 10): Kohli gets into the act, making room by falling away to leg and slashing Tredwell through point for four


India 83-2 after 9 overs (Yuvraj 29, Kohli 10): Kohli gets into the act, making room by falling away to leg and slashing Tredwell through point for four.


India 75-2 after 8 overs (Yuvraj 27, Kohli 4): Spin at both ends now with Danny Briggs. Yuvraj goes down on one knee and smites him over long-on for the biggest six of the night so far - 91m. Follows that up with a flick for four to deep midwicket and then another six. Eighteen off that over.


India 57-2 after 7 overs (Yuvraj 9, Kohli 3): Spin introduced by England in the form of Tredwell. Yuvraj and Kohli play out the over watchfully. Just five from it.


India 52–2 after 6 overs (Yuvraj 6, Kohli 2): Meaker troubled Yuvraj with his pace. An edge flew to third man for four.


India 44-2 (Kohli 1) after 5 overs: Double-strike from Bresnan. Rahane tried to go over the infield but only succeeded in holing out to mid-on. Yuvraj out to join Kohli now.

AM Rahane c Patel b Bresnan 19 (13b)


India 42-1 after 4.3 overs (Rahane 18): Bresnan makes the breakthrough. Gambhir advances and pulls the short ball right out of the middle of the bat but straight to deep square leg on the boundary, who takes it with two hands above his head.

G Gambhir c Hales b Bresnan 16 (16b)

20:55 pm

India 41-0 after 4 overs (Gambhir 16, Rahane 17): Stuart Meaker replaces Bresnan and bowls a tidy first over. Just four runs from it.

20:53 pm

India 37-0 after 3 overs (Gambhir 14, Rahane 15): Dernbach still struggling to get his line and length right. Rahane and Gambhir made him pay. 16 runs came off that over, including a clean hit down the ground for six by Rahane.

20:48 pm

India 21-0 after 2 overs (Gambhir 9, Rahane 8): Tim Bresnan is all over the place as India plunder 12 runs. Rahane smashed a six over long on and Gambhir square cut beautifully for four.

20:43 pm

India 9-0 after 1 over (Gambhir 5, Rahane 1): Bit of a wayward first over from Jade Dernbach with three wides. Gambhir also tucked a loose delivery down legside for four.

20:34 pm

And the openers are in -- Gambhir and Rahane it is.

20:19 pm

England 157-6 after 20 overs (Buttler 33, Tredwell 1): 17 runs off the last over of the innings from Awana and England have a fighting chance but if India get a decent start, they should win this. Not too much spin.

20:12 pm

England 139-6 after 18.4 overs (Buttler 15): Excellent catch by Virat Kohli and he had the celebration to match. England losing wickets at regular intervals.

T Bresnan c Kohli b Dinda 0 (1b)

20:10 pm

England 138-5 after 18.1 overs (Buttler 15): Another wicket, Patel was going for it. Caught in the deep -- Rahane the man again.

S Patel c Rahane b Dinda 24 (22b, 1x4, 1x6)

20:09 pm

England 130-4 after 18 overs (Buttler 15, Patel 24): Bad short 'leg-spinner' from Ashwin early in the over -- why does he even bother -- it got smashed for six. And then another off-spinner right in the slot was smashed for another six.

20:01 pm

England 117-4 after 16 overs (Buttler 4, Patel 13): Slow and not so steady. England need a few big overs now.

19:58 pm

England 113-4 after 15 overs (Buttler 2, Patel 11): Yuvraj finished his spell of 4-0-19-3. Great bowling by the left-arm orthodox bowler. Great stuff. It's given India a very good chance. He kept varying his pace and it got him just reward.

19:54 pm

England 106-4 after 14 overs (Buttler 2, Patel 5): Chawla back into the attack but Yuvraj has brought India right back into the match. Quick wickets and no runs. Now, England aren't quite sure what kind of total they should aim for.

19:50 pm

England 100-4 after 12.4 overs (Patel 1): Morgan sliced that and once again Rahane caught that well in the deep. Yuvraj, the man with the golden arm, strikes again -- he now has 3 for 11.

E Morgan c Rahane b Yuvraj Singh 5 (9b)

Yuvraj already has 3 wickets. AP

Yuvraj already has 3 wickets. AP

19:48 pm

England 99-3 after 12.2 overs (Morgan 5): Hales was going very well but Wright robbed him off the strike and momentum as well. He never quite recovered. He was dropped by Dhoni earlier in the over but it didn't come back to haunt India.

A Hales b Yuvraj Singh 56 (35b, 7x4, 2x6)

19:44 pm

England 93-2 after 11 overs (Hales 54, Morgan 2): Great over for India, just 4 runs and a wicket too. This is around when the game might turn.

19:41 pm

England 89-2 after 10.1 overs (Hales 52): Wright mistimed it and is gone. Caught by Rahane in the deep, Yuvi is smiling again.

L Wright c Rahane b Yuvraj Singh 34 (21b, 3x4, 1x6)

19:35 pm

England 89-1 after 10 overs (Hales 52, Wright 34): Wright is not really striking the ball very well but he has still managed to strike the odd four and six. England go into the last ten with lots of wickets in hand.

19:29 pm

England 81-1 after 9 overs (Hales 51, Wright 27): Superb innings by Alex Hales -- 50 off 26 balls including 7 fours, 2 sixes. Only 5 singles in the last over from Yuvraj as India manage to pull things back a bit.

19:29 pm

England 76-1 after 8 overs (Hales 48, Wright 25) Kohli into the attack now. It's pretty crazy but this is how Dhoni does it. So far, we have had Dinda, Ashwin, Awana, Jadeja, Chawla and Kohli bowl. Yuvraj will get a bowl too soon.

50 partnership for the second wicket took just 28 balls. Good going.

19:24 pm

England 66-1 after 7 overs (Hales 46, Wright 17) Piyush Chawla into the attack but there isn't much turn. Just a little. However, the bounce seems to be pretty good as well. The Indian batsmen shouldn't have too much trouble either. 15 runs off the over -- England are rocking this at the moment.

19:22 pm

England 51-1 after 6 overs (Hales 42, Wright 6) Now, Hales is a big guy -- 6'5" -- and he is using his strength and size to good advantage. Ashwin ended the over with a leg-spinner but before that he was tonked for a six and four.

19:19 pm

England 39-1 after 5 overs (Hales 30, Wright 5) Hales is off to a flyer -- 5 fours and a six. And he punished Jadeja for 12 runs in the last over. Good batting for him. The run-rate has almost jumped to 8 RPO.

19:15 pm

England 27-1 after 4 overs (Hales 19, Wright 5) Wright has got some runs and India just might move into spin mode now. England certainly struggling against spin more.

19:11 pm

England 21-1 after 3.1 overs (Hales 19) Lumb went for the sweep, he missed and Ashwin was dead straight. Lumb was trapped plumb. So bad but I had to say it.

M Lumb lbw b Ashwin 1 (10b_

19:08 pm

England 21-0 after 3 overs (Lumb 0, Hales 19) Awana has gone for two fours, the same as Dinda. Maybe India should stick to spin. It worked the last time round.

19:05 pm

England 9-0 after 2 overs (Lumb 0, Hales 8) Ashiwn is opening the attack once again. T20 tactics and Ashwin knows how to play this game. 6 dot balls and we have the first maiden of this game.

19:01 pm

England 9-0 after 1 over (Lumb 0, Hales 8) Dinda started off well but then got smashed for two fours off the last two balls. No good, I say. Not in T20.

18:59 pm
And we are a go. Dinda bowling the first over. Shastri and Ganguly singing his praises.

The last time India played England in a T20 -- Dhoni's side won with embarrassing ease. But times have changed. Eoin Morgan is now skipper and he sure will want to continue the good run of the Test series.

MS Dhoni was not sure about the impact the dew will have and so he elected to bowl first. And in India that is usually the way to go.

File picture of India's cricket captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Reuters

File picture of India's cricket captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Reuters

Eoin Morgan says he would have bowled, too. However, he doesn't believe that the dew will have a big impact over three hours.

A lot of the guys have been here training so will be used to conditions," he says.


Alex Hales, Michael Lumb, Luke Wright, Eoin Morgan (capt), Samit Patel, Jos Buttler (wk), Tim Bresnan, James Tredwell, Stuart Meaker, Danny Briggs, Jade Dernbach

Gautam Gambhir, Ajinkya Rahane, Virat Kohli, Yuvraj Singh, Suresh Raina, MS Dhoni (capt), R Ashwin, Ravindra Jadeja, Piyush Chawla, Ashok Dinda, Parwinder Awana

Updated Date: Dec 20, 2012 22:28 PM

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