As it happened: Pujara, Jadeja star as India wins by 6 wickets

1617 IST

Time for the presentation ceremony.

Shane Watson: 'It was a hard fought Test match. We gave it everything we had. Unfortunately, things didn't go exactly to plan with the ball in this second innings. We thought 150-200 on this wicket would have been a tough go of it. Didn't bowl exactly how I wanted it consistently. Pujara batted very nicely to take it away from us.

"It has been a great learning curve for all of us. I know everyone has got a great deal out of this."

Ravindra Jadeja is Man of the Match.

Jadeja: I was bowling well. Unfortunately, I didn't score much runs with the bat but I bowled very well. I used to play on a wicket like this in Rajkot. Just tried to bowl in the right areas. I played my own shots yesterday - all cricketing shots.

R Ashwin is the Man of the Series.

Ashwin: Few changes I had to work on. Disappointing the way the England had gone. My delivery stride was too long and it started going haywire. Quite luck to have a coach who identified it quickly and all credit has to go to him, and also to Duncan Fletcher and Joe Dawes. I needed a kick up my backside and they gave me one.

As much it was a guessing game it was the batsmen, it was the same for the bowlers. Had to increase your pace to take advantage of it. Thought Pujara was very good. Fantastic second spell from Jadeja.

Dhoni: I think it was an important series for us, there were a few changes in the side. It was up to the individuals to do well ... Almost all the pitches were turning, and all the wickets we batted second, we had to face the bowlers in the fourth innings, we all know how difficult that is.

I thought yesterday it was most difficult to bat against the spinners. Today the odd ball was turning but consistently it was not turning. Which meant if we got a few runs with the new ball, it became slightly easy to chase 150 runs.

Credit goes to each and everyone. Last one and a half two years has not been great for us in Tests. It is not always about results. You need to battle it out. I am very happy about the performances."

That is it from us. A week's break and then it is time for the IPL.

1547 IST

India beat Australia by six wickets!

Pujara wants to finish this off now. Hits Lyon for three consecutive boundaries: the first a full toss driven wide of mid-on, the next a backfoot cut and the third similar to the first. India need just one run now

And that's the match and the series and only Australia's second-ever 4-0 series loss. Fittingly, it is Dhoni who strikes the winning blow, heaving Lyon over midwicket, but it was Pujara who played another match-winning hand on a pitch that nobody else seemed to conquer. Pressure doesn't seem to bother this guy, whose unbeaten 82 came from just 92 balls.

The chase had a couple of tricky moments but Pujara made sure that there was only going to be one winner.

1541 IST

India are 142/4 after 30 overs with Pujara on 70 and Dhoni on 8.

Amid all the carnage, Pujara has stayed calm, like a zen garden. He moves serenely on to 70 with a single off Lyon. India need just 13 to win now.

1532 IST

India are 131/4 after 28 overs with Pujara on 66 and Dhoni on 1.

DROPPED! Dhoni gets a nick off Lyon and Wade can't hold on. Suddenly all kinds of things are happening. Twenty minutes ago India were cruising to victory. Now the fox is among the chickens.

India still need 24 to win with six wickets in hand.

1527 IST

India are 128/4 after 26.4 overs with Pujara on 64.

WICKET. Crazy. Completely crazy. Rahane throws his wicket away. There are two days left in the match and Pujara is cruising at the other end. But Rahane decided that he wanted a piece of the glory. He went for the big shot, found the fielder in the deep. It was a nothing shot. Not ready for the big stage. Madness.

1520 IST

India are 127/3 after 25.3 overs with Pujara on 64.

WICKET. And is that Tendulkar last innings in India? At least for a while. Lyon is pitching the ball further up and Tendulkar tired to play across the line. The ball turned sharply and thudded into the pads. The umpire took his time but the master is walking back.

S Tendulkar lbw b Lyon 1 (5b)

1511 IST

India are 123/2 after 24 overs with Pujara on 61.

Kohli cuts a short and wide delivery from Maxwell to the point boundary. This has become academic now.

DROPPED! Kohli chips a return catch straight to Maxwell, who clangs it. That was a regulation chance but Maxwell didn't react fast enough. Hit him on the heel of the hand.

Pujara takes a single off Lyon to bring up the 100 partnership from just 119 balls. Pressure? What pressure? Pujara has contributed 54, Kohli 37.

Appeal for bat-pad against Kohli makes him mad and he creams Lyon through the midwicket region.

WICKET! Kohli has to go. Played across the line and this hit him in front of middle stump. Enter Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. Can he stick around until India score the winning runs?

Virat Kohli lbw b Lyon 41 (60b 4x4 0x6)

1505 IST

India are 110/1 after 22 overs with Pujara on 60 and Kohli on 29.

Four more byes. Wade was moving down leg but a Maxwell delivery doesn't turn and India benefit. Wade has been poor this game.

1455 IST

India are 100/1 after 19 overs with Pujara on 56 and Kohli on 25.

FIFTY for Pujara. He has responded to the responsibility of opening the innings with two impressive half-centuries on a difficult pitch. Works Lyon past short leg for a single. It has come from just 54 balls and includes seven fours. Not for the first time he has calmed Indian nerves in a chase against Australia.

Pujara sweeps Maxwell for four. Kohli then brings up India's 100 with a couple. Just 55 needed now.

1447 IST

India are 90/1 after 17 overs with Pujara on 49 and Kohli on 22.

Things have slowed down just a tad. Pattinson keeping things tight, bowling on or around offstump. The target is now 65.

1436 IST

India are 86/1 after 14 overs with Pujara on 47 and Kohli on 20.

Pattinson starts Austraila off after tea and immediately goes past Pujara's outside edge at 141 kph.

Australia give away four overthrows. Warner shies needlessly at the stumps at the keeper's end and the ball ricochets past Wade. Australia seem like they can't wait for the match and the tour to end.

Pujara jabs at one from Lyon that doesn't get off the ground. Misses offstump and they get a bye. If that had been on the stumps, Pujara would have been out. The target is down to 69 now.

1410 IST

India are 72/1 after 12 overs with Pujara on 40 and Kohli on 16.

Lyon continues to bowl wide of legstump. Four more byes to India. Ragged from Australia. The target is now under three digits.

Johnson tries the bouncer and Pujara reaches up at the last moment and just touches the ball over the keeper for another four. Hesmiles at Kohli after that shot.

Johnson is short and wide with his next ball and Pujara bisects both men on the ropes with a square cut. This is similar to what he did to Australia on debut, when he made 72 in a larger chase than this one. Johnson overcompensates by bowling full and Pujara just caresses him through the covers. Languid flow of the bat. Twelve from that over and it is time for tea.

India need 83 more to win with 25 overs to be bowled today. If Pujara and Kohli keep this up, that is well within reach. Join us again after the break.

1359 IST

India are 55/1 after 10 overs with Pujara on 27 and Kohli on 16.

Lyon is short and down legside. Kohli helps himself to four runs. That also brings up India's 50 in the ninth over.

Mitchell Johnson has been given the ball. Not sure why he is the first quick to operate. He focuses on bowling down legside. It is all a bit lacklustre from Australia at the moment. The spinners didn't get their lines right to start with and now Johnson is showing why he was dropped by Australia.

India need exactly a 100 to win now.

1351 IST

India are 46/1 after 8 overs with Pujara on 24 and Kohli on 10.

Pujara noticed there is no man in the deep square on the onside and swept Lyon over the infield for another boundary. Lyon appeals for leg-before but the ball pitched outside leg and was turning. Would have missed a fourth and possibly fifth stump as well.

Pujara flays Lyon through the cover. Uses his feet and meets the ball under his eyes before carving it through the offside.

This is the fast start India would have wanted. Quick runs will ease pressure. There are plenty of gaps in the field as Watson is looking for more early wickets. The target is down to 109 now.

1344 IST

India are 33/1 after 6 overs with Pujara on 11 and Kohli on 10.

Pujara happy to work the ball around for ones and twos. Rotating the strike is one way to keep the bowlers from settling into a rhythm.

India pick up two overthrows when Wade knocks the ball away for no reason. Kohli gets in a tangle defending and Wade decides to shy at the stumps but only sends the ball to square leg. Senseless cricket.

Kohli rubs it in by straight driving Maxwell for four.

1336 IST

India are 20/1 after 4 overs with Pujara on 7 and Kohli on 1.

WICKET! Vijay gives it away. Tries to reverse sweep a ball on middle stump, misses and is bowled off his behind. No reason to play that shot. Loses his head and loses his wicket.

Murali Vijay b Maxwell 11 (12b, 2x4, 0x6)

1330 IST

India are 15/0 after 2 overs with Pujara on 6 and Vijay on 8

Vijay and Pujara are out to bat again for India. Lyon has the new ball, on a hat-trick. It is a poor delivery though. Pujara charges and Lyon bowls it down the legside. The ball bounces over Wade's gloves and evades legslip too. India get a single.

Lyon's line is too straight - he started from around the wicket - and Vijay sweeps him for consecutive fours.

Pujara plays that inside-out cover drive for four of Maxwell. Not sure why both offspinners are bowling around the wicket from the start - to bring lbw into play more perhaps?

Huge shout for leg-before against Pujara. Hit him on the back leg. Not sure what was wrong with that. Replays and snicko show Pujara got a thin edge. Excellent decision by the umpire.

1314 IST

Australia all out for 164

Siddle brings up a superb fifty by pulling an Ashwin carrom ball to fine leg for a couple. It has come from just 44 balls and could be a match-winning knock.

WICKET! Ashwin sees Siddle coming and bowls it very wide outside offstump. Siddle can't reach it and Dhoni does some sharp work behind the stumps before Siddle can get back.

Peter Siddle st †Dhoni b Ashwin 50 (45b, 7x4, 0x6)

That means India need 155 to win. They were in a bit of trouble chasing 133 in Mohali and that surface was far superior for batting than this one. Low scores have a way of tripping up a team in fourth innings too and Australia will have two spinners at their disposal this time.

1310 IST

Australia are 162/9 after 46 overs with Siddle on 48 and Lyon on 5.

Ojha traps Lyon playing back but that turned enough to miss offstump. The bowler strays down leg and Lyon sweeps him for four to take the lead past 150. Will be interesting to see how India come out to bat. Plenty of time left, of course, but defending on this pitch is not an optimum strategy.

1303 IST

Australia are 157/9 after 44.3 overs with Siddle on 48.

Ashwin bowls a maiden to Pattinson.

Siddle charges Ishant too. Hoicks him over midwicket for four more. This is a stunning assault from a no 9 and takes Australia past 150. It has been intelligent risk-taking and not your typical tailender slogging. Pattinson slashes Ishant past point.

WICKET! Ishant has the last laugh though. He switches to around the wicket and the brings the ball in with the angle. Pattinson is cramped for room and the ball goes through the gate to hit middle stump.

James Pattinson b Sharma 11 (28b 1x4 0x6).

The pair 35 from 8.5 overs and the lead is 147. That will give India something to think about on this pitch.

1257 IST

Australia are 148/8 after 43 overs with Siddle on 43 and Pattinson on 7..

Siddle carves Ashwin through point for three. This is a batting masterclass from him. He is upstaging more illustrious batsmen on both sides here.

Dhoni brings on Ishant to change things up. These two have already added 22 from just 6.1 overs. The lead is up to 137 now. Siddle has 43 from 39 balls.

1244 IST

Australia are 135/8 after 40 overs with Siddle on 34 and Pattinson on 4..

Siddle is playing a different game. Jadeja sees him coming and bowls it wider and shorter but Siddle goes though with the cover drive anyway and gets four.

1244 IST

Australia are 135/8 after 40 overs with Siddle on 34 and Pattinson on 4..

Siddle and Pattinson added 54 in the first innings. If they manage anything similar in this innings, it could be a match-winning partnership. Siddle is also on course to top score in both innings, which will be the first time in Test history that a no 9 has done that.

Meanwhile Siddle sweeps Jadeja fine for three.

Ashwin replaces Ojha. Dhoni giving Jadeja a long spell, for obvious reasons. Jadeja now has 24 wickets in this series, at a better strike-rate and average than Ashwin.

Siddle charges the offspinner but is beaten by the turn. Luckily for him, the inside edge takes it away from Dhoni and he gets a couple. The lead is now 125.

1230 IST

Australia are 122/8 after 36 overs with Siddle on 25 and Pattinson on 0..

Siddle almost pushes one back to Ojha but it just eludes him and Siddle gets a single.

WICKET! Ojha beats Wade and Dhoni does a great job with the catch. Wade comes down the track but the ball explodes off the pitch and turns sharply to take the inside edge. The ball clipped the pad as well and Dhoni takes an excellent one-handed catch, then breaks the stumps for good measure.

Matthew Wade c †Dhoni b Ojha 19 (38b 2x4 0x6)

1225 IST

Australia are 120/7 after 35 overs with Wade on 16 and Siddle on 24..

Siddle creams an Ashwin full toss through covers than smacks another full toss down the ground. He turned that second one into a full toss by coming down the wicket.

Siddle is not in a defensive mood. Gives Jadeja the charge and though he doesn't get to the pitch of the ball, goes through with the shot and lofts him over mid-off for four. He is looking like Mark Waugh here. Jadeja goes round the wicket but Siddle comes down the wicket and strokes him wide of the man at long-off. He has steamed out to 24 from 12 balls.

1218 IST

Australia are 100/7 after 33 overs with Wade on 16 and Siddle on 6..

We are back after tea and Ashwin starts with four byes. Ball spins sharply down the legside. Important to bowl at the stumps with the ball turning so much.

WICKET! Smith doesn't play a shot but the ball doesn't turn as much as he expected and clips the outside of offstump. That went on with the arm and Smith was fooled.

Steve Smith b Jadeja 18 (53b 1x4 0x6)

WICKET! Johnson bowled first ball. Jadeja on a hat-trick and that is his first five-for in Tests. Pitched up and Johnson went for the drive. The ball jagged off the pitch and through the gate

Mitchell Johnson b Jadeja 0 (1b 0x4 0x6)

Siddle sees off the hat-trick ball comfortably though. Pushes the ball into the offside and takes a couple. Jadeja gets the edge the next ball but it flies off the outside edge and away for four to bring up Australia's 100.

1130 IST

At lunch, Australia are 89/5 after 31 overs with Smith on 17 and Wade 16.

Smith dances down the track and flicks Ojha through midwicket. A hint of Michael Clarke in that shot.

A delivery from Ojha turns so much it goes past Wade's bat and his body and over middle stump. There was no way to play that.

Jadeja replaces Ashwin and Dhoni misses another tough chance behind the stumps. Wade gets some bat on it but it splits Dhoni and legslip and goes for four. Came off the glove as he tried to turn it round the corner.

Wade and Smith have added 36 together from 12.1 overs, by far the largest partnership of the innings. Australia lead by 79. If they can double that, it will make life very interesting for the home team.

Jadeja has been the best bowler on show with 3 for 28 from 11 overs. Join us again after the lunch interval to see how long Smith and Wade can hold out.

1119 IST

Australia are 77/5 after 28 overs with Smith on 9 and Wade 12.

Ojha gets one to rip past Smith's bat. Just have to ignore those as a batsman and keep on keeping on.

Ashwin is already into his 10th over. Wade leaves his crease but can't beat the man at mid-on. All they get is a single. One keeps low, another jumps over Smith's attempted cut shot.

While the bowlers are certainly enjoying themselves, Bishan Bedi is not a fan of the shenanigans at the Feroz Shah Kotla.

1113 IST

Australia are 74/5 after 26 overs with Smith on 9 and Wade 9.

Smith and Wade combating the spin better than their top-order counterparts. Smith's use of the feet is something all the Australian batsmen should have been emulating. It isn't about dominating on pitches like this. It is about making the most of your opportunities.

Smith comes down the track and maneuvers Ashwin to long-on.

DROPPED! Ashwin gets one to turn enough to take Wade's edge but Dhoni was already straightening and the ball passed under his gloves.

1102 IST

Australia are 64/5 after 25 overs with Smith on 5 and Wade 3.

Shastri and Laxman called this pitch a three-day wicket before the first ball was bowled and they are looking very prescient at the moment. The scary thing for India is they have to bat last and Australia will have both offspinners to call on. The advantage is that the visitor's don't have the variation in bowling to match India.

A delivery from Ojha turns and bounces viciously and beats everyone to go for four byes.

1052 IST

Australia are 53/5 after 18.4 overs with Smith on 2.

WICKET! Cowan goes. Another batsman plays back and another batsman trapped leg-before. This one turned sharply from Jadeja and hit Cowan in front of middle stump. The umpire took his time but eventually raised his finger.

Ed Cowan lbw b Jadeja 24 (44b 5x4 0x6).

Australia in shambles here. This match might finish today at this rate.

1048 IST

Australia are 51/3 after 17.3 overs with Cowan on 24

WICKET! Australia don't learn from their mistakes. Watson tries to pull Ojha. The ball wasn't that short, kept a bit low, takes the inside edge and goes on to hit the stumps.

Shane Watson b Ojha 5 (11b 1x4 0x6).

Steve Smith, Australia's best batsman in the last two Tests, is out in the middle now. Australia lead by 41 at this point and need another 100 or so to make this is a contest. The good news is their tail has batted better than the top order.

1036 IST

Australia are 50/3 after 15 overs with Cowan on 23 and Watson on.

Cowan continues to deal in boundaries. Cuts Ashwin again past point. Twenty of his 23 have come in boundaries.

Jadeja overpitches and Watson clips him to deep midwicket for four more. That was almost a full toss and brings up the 50 for Australia. The bowler then rips one across Watson's bat, reminding him that you are never far from a wicket-taking ball on this pitch.

1033 IST

Australia are 41/3 after 13.4 overs with Cowan on 19.

WICKET! Hughes has to go but he does not look happy about it at all. The ball pitched on legstump on a length and turned a huge amount to beat the bat and catch Hughes on the back pad in front of offstump. But that might have been turning enough to miss offstump too. Very close decision and it has gone in favour of the bowler.

Phillip Hughes lbw b Ashwin 6 (23b, 0x4, 0x6).

Shane Watson walks out to bat.

1020 IST

Australia are 33/2 after 9 overs with Cowan on 14 and Hughes on 3.

Cowan chips down the track and clips Jadeja through midwicket for four. That was all timing. He also forced Jadeja to drop the next delivery a little shorter, and Cowan rocked back and pulled him to square leg for another boundary.

You have to play forward on this pitch to smother the spin unless the ball is very short.

1010 IST

Australia are 20/2 after 6.1 overs with Cowan on 4.

Jadeja posing problems for Cowan. The first one turns and bounces; the second goes on with the arm and past the outside edge. Dhoni has three men catching on the leg side plus a slip for Jadeja. We are in for an interesting session.

Cowan has a better time against Ashwin, cutting him to the point boundary when the offspinner drops short. Dhoni has three men in catching position on the offside for Ashwin.

WICKET! Jadeja the destroyer is in the house. Warner tries to play across the line with the spin but the ball beats him and raps Warner on the pad in front of middle stump. Easy decision for the umpire. Another batsman playing back and falling leg-before. Nobody seems to learn on this wicket, not that it is easy, mind you.

David Warner lbw b Jadeja 8 (15b, 1x4, 0x6).

Jadeja enjoyed that after yesterday's spat with Warner.

1003 IST

Australia are 15/1 after 4.3 overs with Warner on 7.

Maxwell slices Bhuvneshwar fine enough to beat third man and takes Australia into the lead.

Jadeja replaces Bhuvneshwar. Good move by Dhoni. Jadeja will get the new ball to skid and he strikes immediately!

WICKET! Maxwell is bowled. A length ball pitches on middle and leg and turns to hit the offstump. Maxwell played a nothing shot and just missed it.

Glenn Maxwell b Jadeja 8 (14b, 1x4, 0x6)

0952 IST

Australia are 5/0 after two overs with Warner on 5 and Maxwell on 1.

Ashwin has been given the new ball instead of Ishant. Will Australia target him while the ball is new? Maxwell gets off the mark with a single to long-on.

0944 IST

Australia have sprung a surprise by opening with Glenn Maxwell. They are clearly want to score quick runs while the ball is new. Dhoni has a deep point and a third man saving runs already. The man is unstoppable when it comes to being defensive.

Kumar is wayward to start and Warner picks him fine off legstump for four. If these two get off to a quick start, India will feel the pressure.

WICKETS! Lyon bowls Ishant through the gate and then traps Ojha in front of legstump.

Ishant Sharma b Lyon 0 (6b, 0x4, 0x6)

Pragyan Ojha lbw b Lyon 0 (1b, 0x4, 0x6)

It was tossed up to Ishant who played around one that sneaked between bat and pad to hit legstump. Ojha got one that kept low and was caught playing back when he should have been forward. That has been a frequent sight on this pitch. He will be on a hat-trick in the second innings.

Lyon has 7 for 94, which are career best figures for him. He has shown Australia the folly of leaving him out of the second Test. These are better figures than Shane Warne ever had in India.

India lead by just 10 and will have to bat last on this pitch. If they have to chase a total of around 150, it will be anybody's game.

0935 IST

India are 272/8 after 70 overs, with Bhuvneshwar 14 on and Ishant on 0.

Phillip Hughes dropped Ishant off Lyon in the first over of the day. Ishant's defensive prod goes straight to him at silly point but the ball was travelling too quickly. He knocked it up and juggled it but the ball spilled out his hands as he hit the ground.

Bhuvneshwar slams Maxwell for four through the covers. Wide and full and he jumped on it.

0925 IST

Hello and welcome to our coverage of the third day of the fourth and final Test in Delhi. The game is nicely poised after Nathan Lyon picked up five wickets yesterday to restrict India to 266/8 after the openers had put on 108 together. A cameo from Ravindra Jadeja allowed India to take the lead, but it will be a narrow one on a pitch that is becoming harder and harder to bat on.

The pitch did not look like it had many demons when Murali Vijay and Cheteshwar Pujara were batting but Pujara's wicket changed the tempo of the match.

Nathan Lyon picked up five wickets. Getty

Nathan Lyon picked up five wickets. Getty

Lyon was the star of the day, showing he should not have been left out of the Australian side for the second Test. He bowled a line on or around offstump and troubled all the batsmen, especially Sachin Tendulkar, whom he dismissed twice. The first time the umpired did not give Tendulkar out for lbw, the second time there was no respite.

Updated Date: Mar 24, 2013 16:24 PM

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