As it happened: India beat Zimbabwe by 58 runs in second ODI

2037 hrs IST
Zim 236/9 after 50 overs. Utseya 52, Vitori

Unadkat took four wickets and India came out easy winners. The 58-run win will make Kohli pretty happy. India's batsmen had a tough time with the bat but Dhawan and Karthik helped the team out of a tight spot. Zimbabwe, though, will be wondering what could've been if they had taken their chances.

2028 hrs IST
Zim 233/7 after 49 overs. Utseya 50. Jarvis 1

Utseya gets his 50 off 60 balls with 5 fours. A personal milestone -- nothing more, nothing less.

2021 hrs IST
Zim 221/7 after 48.1 overs. Utseya 39.

Chigumbura won't get his well deserved 50. Shami Ahmed beat him outside the off-stump, got the edge and Karthik took the catch easily. The partnership was worth 88 runs in 17.5 overs.

E Chigumbura c Karthik b Mohammed Shami 46 (58b, 4x4, 1x6)

2015 hrs IST
Zim 213/6 after 47 overs. Chigumbura 42, Utseya 35.

Not much happening for Zimbabwe even now -- no urgency being shown by them. Everyone knows India have won, but the hosts should at least be looking to have some fun and throw the bats around.

2012 hrs IST
Zim 205/6 after 46 overs. Chigumbura 42, Utseya 28.

12 runs off the last over and the 72-run partnership for the sixth wicket has come off 96 balls. Vinay Kumar got his line wrong and the batsmen took full advantage of it.

2010 hrs IST
Zim 194/6 after 45 overs. Chigumbura 36, Utseya 22.

Slow and steady. This is meandering into nowhere really. What's the use of just trying to play out the overs?

2006 hrs IST
Zim 190/6 after 44 overs. Chigumbura 33, Utseya 21.

Just one run off Jadeja's last over, he finishes with figures of 10-1-30-1. Zimbabwe need 105 off the last 6 overs. Go for it! Now!

2004 hrs IST
Zim 189/6 after 43 overs. Chigumbura 34, Utseya 21.

This must be frustrating for Chigumbura. He can hit the big shots but he just isn't getting enough of the strike.

2002 hrs IST
Zim 185/6 after 42 overs. Chigumbura 32, Utseya 19.

Another good over for India. Just one run -- Zimbabwe's tactics are strange. Are they trying to bat out the overs?

1958 hrs IST
Zim 184/6 after 41 overs. Chigumbura 31, Utseya 19.

Chigumbura has to go now. He has to go for the big shots -- he doesn't have an option now.

1955 hrs IST
Zim 177/6 after 40 overs. Chigumbura 29, Utseya 16.

Utseya, however, isn't having a very easy time. He is trying to get a simple but has been finding the fielders. Vinay Kumar bowls a maiden over.

1952 hrs IST
Zim 177/6 after 39 overs. Chigumbura 29, Utseya 16.

Once again Chigumbura shows that he is good enough to take advantage of the loose balls. Right up to the last ball, Mishra had conceded just one run in the over but then he dropped it short and the right-hander helped it through the off-side.

1946 hrs IST
Zim 172/6 after 38 overs. Chigumbura 25, Utseya 15.

Zimbabwe need 123 from 72 balls to win but they have lost six wickets. Chigumbura has shown that he can hit the big shots -- but can someone stay with him till the end? Can he stay there till the end?

1942 hrs IST
Zim 166/6 after 37 overs. Chigumbura 20, Utseya 14.

Chigumbura keeps fighting. Has to deal with a nasty bouncer from Shami that reared at his face but remained unruffled, flicking Unadkat to the square leg boundary in the next over.

1932 hrs IST
Zim 155/6 after 35 overs. Chigumbura 12, Utseya 11.

Unadkat tries to bounce Chigumbura. It was a mistake. Chigumbura rocks back and smacks the ball from outside off over long-off for SIX! Stunning shot. That aside, the game is just drifting now.

1925 hrs IST
Zim 142/6 after 33 overs. Chigumbura 4, Utseya 6.

Chigumbura and Utseya battling gamely against the spinners but the match is over as a contest. Just a question of how long the hosts can hold out. Slip and silly point for Mishra now. He has 2 for 29 from 6 overs. Jadeja has 1 for 21 from 7.

1915 hrs IST
Zim 133/6 after 30.2 overs. Chigumbura 2

OUT! Waller plays the sweep but misses. The ball hits him on the bag leg in front of middle and Mishra picks up his second wicket. That was the googly and would have hit legstump. Zimbabwe were 109/1 after 20 overs. They have lost 5 wickets for 24 runs in 10.2 overs. Prosper Utseya is the new batsman.

MN Waller lbw b Mishra 2 (13b 0x4 0x6)

1905 hrs IST
Zim 130/5 after 28.1 overs. Waller 1

OUT! Mishra gets a wicket. Maskadaza top edges a sweep to short fine leg. Soft dismissal. It was a regulation legbreak from Mishra and Maskadaza just made a meal of it. Zimbabwe steadily coming apart now.

H Masakadza c Mohammed Shami b Mishra 34 (47b 0x4 1x6)

1855 hrs IST
Zim 127/4 after 26.1 overs. Masakadza 32

Jadeja breaks Unadkat's monopoly on wickets. Has Sean Williams lbw for 5 playing the reverse-sweep. The umpire took a lot of time to give the decision and Williams had set off for a single that his partner did not respond to, so he would have been run-out if the umpire had not raised his finger.

The ball pitched on off and hit Williams on the knee-roll in front of middle.

SC Williams lbw b Jadeja 5 (11b 0x4 0x6) SR: 45.45

1853 hrs IST
Zim 127/3 after 26 overs. Masakadza 32, Williams 5.

Jadeja replaces Unadkat. His first ball turns sharply and bounces. First time we have seen that today. So Kohli gives Raina the ball. He bowls one three feet outside legstump. Not quite what Kohli would have been hoping for.

1844 hrs IST
Zim 120/3 after 24 overs. Masakadza 29, Williams 3.

Raina almost takes a blinder at first slip. Shami gets the edge and Raina goes low to his left but the ball doesn't stick. A life for Masakadza.

1835 hrs IST
Zim 110/3 after 22 overs. Masakadza 22, Williams 0.

Unadkat had Sibanda caught at mid-on for 55, then charges in to run-out Brendan Taylor for a duck in the same over. The ball dropped at Taylor's feet and he took off for a single that wasn't there. He tried to stop, turn and dive back in but Unadkat was quicker, swooping in to gather the ball and his underarm throw beat Taylor.

1810 hrs IST
Zim 85-1 after 17 overs. Sibanda 46, Masakadza 10

Sibanda starts to cut loose. Plonks his front foot down and tonks Vinay Kumar backward of square for six, then plays an elegant straight drive past mid-off for four. Finishes the over with a cross-batted swipe to the square boundary. Jadeja does much better. Just three off his over.

1800 hrs IST
Zim 66-1 after 15 overs. Sibanda 30, Masakadza 7

Sibanda starting to show some urgency. Have to say the teeth has gone out of the bowling but Zimbabwe still have a hard task ahead to make a contest out of this game.

1754 hrs IST
Zim 56-1 after 13 overs. Sibanda 23, Masakadza 4

Hamilton Masakadza is the new man and he brings up Zim's 50 with a single through cover. Sibanda hooks Unadkar powerfully for four. Required run-rate well over 6 now though.

1745 hrs IST
Zim 45-1 after 10.4 overs. Sibanda 16

OUT! Raza goes for pull but can't keep it down. Dhawan runs in from deep midwicket and takes a good catch diving forward. Unadkat punches the air in delight.

Sikandar Raza c Dhawan b Unadkat 20 (35b 3x4 0x6)

1741 hrs IST
Zim 44-0 after 10 overs. Sibanda 16, Raza 20

Raza stands tall and punches Unadkat through the offside. He looks like a keeper does Raza. Jadeja comes to bowl the 10th over. Not much turn for him. Pitch has looked pretty benign so far.

1733 hrs IST
Zim 36-0 after 8 overs. Sibanda 15, Raza 14

Jaydev Unadkat replaces Vinay Kumar. Starts off my hitting Raza in the midsection. Finishes off the over with a good bouncer that has Raza ducking. Maiden to start with and he tested the batsman. Shami gives away six runs from his over.

1720 hrs IST
Zim 30-0 after 6 overs. Sibanda 14, Raza 13

Jadeja knocks down the stumps with his throw but the batsman is well in. What he does do is break legstump into two - then flexes his bicep. Sir Ravindra Jadeja strikes again. Shami appeals for lbw again, but the umpire shakes his head.

Been a mixed bag from the Zim openers so far. The ball has beaten the bat a few times but also been spanked to the boundary. Overall, Zim should be happy with this start.

1712 hrs IST
Zim 21-0 after 4 overs. Sibanda 12, Raza 7

Loud shout from Shami for lbw but big inside edge from Raza. The batsman gives him the charge the next ball and carves him over the top for four. Sibanda gets in the act by heaving Shami over midwicket.

1708 hrs IST
Zim 12-0 after 3 overs. Sibanda 8, Raza 2

Vinay Kumar finds some seam movement in his second over. Beats Sibanda a couple of times. That was much better.

1700 hrs IST
Zim 11-0 after 2 overs. Sibanda 8, Raza 1

Good steady over by Shami. He is quicker than Vijay and got more bounce out of the track too.

1653 hrs IST
Zim 8-0 after 1 over. Sibanda 8, Raza 0

Eight runs off the first over. Sibanda looking to take the attack to the Indian bowlers early on.

1638 hrs IST
Zim 0-0 after 0 overs.

Zimbabwe openers out in the middle. Their tactics will/should be very different from the first ODI.

1607 hrs IST
Ind 294-8 after 50 overs. Vinay 27, Shami 6

Shami hits a six off the last ball! What a last over for India - W-6-4-6-1-6. The 23-run last over almost takes the match beyond Zimbabwe. Great stuff by Vinay Kumar too.

1607 hrs IST
Ind 256-7 after 47 overs. Jadeja 7, Vinay 2

Zimbabwe have fought back in the last 20 minutes to give themselves a real chance in this match. They still need to get through Sir Jadeja but good effort.

1607 hrs IST
Ind 252-7 after 45.5 overs. Jadeja 5

Mishra didn't want the third run and Jadeja did. And that's how Mishra got run out. He walked off shaking his head.

A Mishra run out 10 (7b, 1x4)

1601 hrs IST
Ind 249-6 after 45 overs. Jadeja 4, Mishra 8.

Mishra has joined Jadeja in the middle and 300 might be difficult now. But even 270-280 will be very competitive. But still when you consider the trouble India was in early on, this is a great recovery.

1558 hrs IST
Ind 232-6 after 43.3 overs. Jadeja 1

BOWLED! Dhawan played on. He got himself out -- that was just about the only way he could get out today! Off the pad, the glove, the bat and then on to the stumps. He made 116 off 127 balls.

S Dhawan b Utseya 116 (127b, 11x4, 2x6)

1554 hrs IST
Ind 232-5 after 42.2 overs. Dhawan 113

Run out! Karthik walking back after making a brilliant 69. Sir Jadeja is in next. The partnership was 167 runs in 25.4 overs, a RR of 6.50.

KD Karthik run out 69 (74b 6x4 0x6) SR: 93.24

1548 hrs IST
Ind 229-4 after 42 overs. Dhawan 113, Karthik 66

What a shot off the second ball by Dhawan. He moved inside the line and hammered the ball over fine leg. Stunning shot. And then again off the last ball, Dhawan pulled one through the leg-side. Stunning shot again.

1542 hrs IST
Ind 216-4 after 41 overs. Dhawan 102, Karthik 64

And that's the hundred for Dhawan -- dropped thrice but he rode his luck and made it count. 100 off 115 balls. His third ODI century this year -- two in the Champions Trophy and now this. Also the 150-run partnership between the duo off just 150 balls.

1539 hrs IST
Ind 211-4 after 40 overs. Dhawan 98, Karthik 63

Karthik is turning it on now -- he is picking the gaps with ease and Dhawan isn't one to hold back either. Three fours in the last over -- two for Karthik and one for Dhawan.

1533 hrs IST
Ind 198-4 after 39 overs. Dhawan 92, Karthik 48

Decent over by Masakadza -- just four runs off it.

1533 hrs IST
Ind 194-4 after 38 overs. Dhawan 92, Karthik 48

India are in charge now. Karthik gets his fifty with a four. He's got 52 off 64 balls -- his first fifty in 9 matches. With 12 overs to go, Zimbabwe will wonder where this got away from them and well the answer is pretty obvious -- the dropped catches and the extras.

1528 hrs IST
Ind 183-4 after 37 overs. Dhawan 87, Karthik 45

This is becoming a flood now. A flood of dropped catches and big shots. The ball isn't moving as much and the partnership is now 118 -- Karthik contribution being 45, Dhawan 64)

1518 hrs IST
Ind 170-4 after 36 overs. Dhawan 80, Karthik 40

Chatara returns. India keep taking singles. No boundaries in the first three overs of the PowerPlay. Dhawan puts paid to that trend by sweeping Utseya over square-leg for four. DROPPED! There was a fielder there but he seemed to misread the flight of the ball and it burst through his hands. Another let off for Dhawan. A reverse-sweep for four off the next ball brings up the 100 partnership.

1518 hrs IST
Ind 154-4 after 34 overs. Dhawan 67, Karthik 38

India took the batting PowerPlay after 32 overs. Zimbabwe brought back Jarvis as they hunt that fifth wicket. He gives away six singles in his over. India's 150 comes up with the last of them. Four runs come off Utseya's over that follows. Simple cricket from India here.

1508 hrs IST
Ind 144-4 after 32 overs. Dhawan 62, Karthik 34

The pitch has flattened out now. If these two can stick around, India can still make a healthy total.

1501 hrs IST
Ind 135-4 after 30 overs. Dhawan 58, Karthik 31

Singles coming easily now thanks to the handful of boundaries these two have struck in the last few overs. Field has been spread out. These two have added 70 from 13.2 overs now.

1455 hrs IST
Ind 127-4 after 28 overs. Dhawan 55, Karthik 26

This time Karthik makes contact with the reverse-sweep and picks up four runs. Runs flowing freely now. 32 runs have come from the last five overs.

1450 hrs IST
Ind 120-4 after 27 overs. Dhawan 54, Karthik 20

Karthik tries to reverse-sweep Utseya but misses completely and gets hit on the side of the helmet. He needs to concentrate on building this partnership, not taking risks. Dhawan brings up his 50 by tucking Chatara off his hip for four. Chatara proving to be expensive and loosening the pressure on India.

1440 hrs IST
Ind 106-4 after 25 overs. Dhawan 46, Karthik 16

Karthik trying to break the shackles by coming down the wicket but good bowling from Utseya keeps him to singles. Dhawan brings up India's 100 with a single to square-leg. Chatara being a bit expensive at the moment. Karthik drives a full toss through the covers.

1430 hrs IST
Ind 95-4 after 23 overs. Dhawan 45, Karthik 5

India playing sensible cricket, looking to consolidate for the moment. Dhawan is going to be the key. He has been lucky today but now he needs to make the luck count.

1423 hrs IST
Ind 77-4 after 21 overs. Dhawan 30, Karthik 4

Steady stuff from the Zimbabwe bowlers. They are not trying to do too much. If anything, the Indian batsmen will have to take the risks.

1419 hrs IST
Ind 74-4 after 20 overs. Dhawan 28, Karthik 3

The star for Zimbabwe so far has been Vitori - 7-0-14-2 were the figures after his opening spell. The rest have't given it away. India will have to fight every inch of the way.

1414 hrs IST
Ind 71-4 after 19 overs. Dhawan 27, Karthik 1

This is actually quite fascinating. Pujara and Rahane are on the outside, waiting for a chance. Raina is not in his best form. Time to give them a chance? Even Karthik has to get his act together.

1404 hrs IST
Ind 65-4 after 16.4 overs. Dhawan 24

But Raina fails the test. Edges one down the leg-side, keeper takes it easily. Not the way you want to get out! That's 10 innings in a row he hasn't scored a 50. Time to put him on notice? We have Pujara and Rahane waiting in the wings. Give them a chance... now!

S Raina c Taylor b Chatara 4 (11b)

1358 hrs IST
Ind 59-3 after 15 overs. Dhawan 22, Raina 2

The Indian batsmen are itching to play the big shots but for now, they need to remain calm. Once the spinners come on, they will be able to attack more. Also a big opportunity for Raina to get a big ton -- it's important for him to do it every once in a while.

1351 hrs IST
Ind 55-3 after 13.2 overs. Dhawan 21

WICKET! Rayudu gave that away. He was stuck -- 5 runs off 25 balls and itching to play the big shots. Kohli wasn't around to rein him in. No feet movement and he found Prosper Utseya, who took an easy catch at cover.

A Rayudu c Utseya b Vitori 5 (25b)

1338 hrs IST
Ind 51-2 after 12 overs. Dhawan 20, Rayudu 4

And it goes on. Slow and steady but that's the only way to be. They don't have Dhoni in this squad either. A change in the bowling now -- Chatara replace Jarvis (6-0-39-1).

1331 hrs IST
Ind 48-2 after 11 overs. Dhawan 19, Rayudu 3

There's still a fair bit happening off the wicket. Good bounce and movement but India have somehow countered it. They have been lucky too with the dropped chances et all. But the tough period might now be over. Rayudu has been pretty circumspect as well.

1327 hrs IST
Ind 44-2 after 10 overs. Dhawan 15, Rayudu 3

Now, Rayudu (3) dropped by Vitori! It was hit back at the bowler and just eluded him. Tough chance. Dhawan's got two chances and Rayudu one. Too many chances for a top batting side like India. While attempting the catch Vitori was injured, the nail on his little finger came off. But he got it taped up and he's back.

1318 hrs IST
Ind 43-2 after 9 overs. Dhawan 15, Rayudu 3

It's Dhawan's lucky day. Dhawan, on 14, gets another life! Keeper puts his down, regulation catch. Earlier, he was saved by a no-ball.

1312 hrs IST
Ind 38-2 after 8 overs. Dhawan 14, Rayudu 0

Things have slowed down a bit after Kohli's wicket but that much is expected. Zimbabwe's bowlers haven't been consistent -- there has been the odd good ball but also plenty of loose deliveries for the batsmen to take advantage of.

1306 hrs IST
Ind 35-2 after 7 overs. Dhawan 13, Rayudu 0

Rayudu didn't come out and try anything rash. He played out five balls calmly. India's run-rate hasn't been bad but they need to ensure they don't lose too many wickets.

1305 hrs IST
Ind 35-2 after 6.2 overs. Dhawan 13

Waller took a good catch, diving forward to send back the Indian skipper but Kohli wasn't too sure. The on-field umpire went up to the third umpire and he also ruled it out. But Kohli continued to stand his ground -- he couldn't believe he was out. He will probably get fined.

V Kohli c Waller b Jarvis 14 (18b 2x4)

1257 hrs IST
Ind 31-1 after 6 overs. Dhawan 13, Kohli 10

Bit of luck for Kohli on the last ball. Leading edge and it looped up but fell in no man's land. Lucky for the India skipper

1248 hrs IST
Ind 29-1 after 5 overs. Dhawan 12, Kohli 9

And now Dhawan, on 3, was gone too. Outside edge, taken by the keeper, Jarvis the bowler. Ooops but it was a no-ball! This is a problem that has plagued Jarvis in the past too. And then he followed it up with another 4 no-ball. A full toss off the next ball was smashed for four through the covers. Then he beat Dhawan again. And then another cover drive for four. Crazy up and down over.

1244 hrs IST
Ind 14-1 after 4 overs. Dhawan 3, Kohli 9

Zimbabwe's bowlers haven't found the right line, there has been the odd loose ball every over and India's batsmen have taken advantage of that.

1240 hrs IST
Ind 11-1 after 3 overs. Dhawan 0, Kohli 9

Two fours in the over -- one exquisite cover drive and one in the fine leg region. But there was also an edge that fell just short of slips.

1236 hrs IST
Ind 3-1 after 2 overs. Dhawan 0, Kohli 1

Vitori getting some really nice movement and he has managed to find a good length too.

1232 hrs IST
Ind 2-1 after 1.1 over. Dhawan 0

WICKET! Sharma's 100th ODI doesn't go well. He is walking back after making 1 -- edged it to second slip, who took a good low catch. Vitori's natural left-armers angle did the trick.

RG Sharma c Sibanda b Vitori 1 (7b)

1230 hrs IST
Ind 2-0 after 1 over. Dhawan 0, Rohit 0

Zimbabwe would have loved to have Heath Streak to open the bowling but he is in the commentary box even as Jarvis gets going. He is a right-arm medium pacer and got good outswing, even beating Rohit once. Still early days but enough movement to ensure that India's openers won't take it easy.

Virat the captain

In first ODI, Rayudu to Virat: Bahut mann kar raha hai isko dene ka. Virat's answer: Nahi, ek ek le le, baad main time aayega.

It showcased Virat's thought process and how he has matured. No unnecessary risks. India needed to cruise to victory and that's why Kohli reined Rayudu in.

Rohit playing 100th ODI today

Rohit Sharma will be playing his 100th ODI today. And of course, his roles have changed a lot -- from top-order batsman to opener.

Rohit: I have realised that opening the batting you just can't go out and play your shots. At the same time, you have to be a little careful

Taylor and Zimbabwe win the toss. They will bowl first. This should be a challenge for India's batsmen and will even things out a great deal. It will also bet interesting to see how the openers cope with the swing.

Kohli: The ball will do a bit initially but we batted well in England and South Africa so we can counter it.

Only one change in the Zimbabwe XI: Brian Vitori comes in for Mutombodzi.
No changes in the Indian XI. Pujara, Rahane, Rasool, Mohit Sharma all miss out.


IND XI: S Dhawan, RG Sharma, V Kohli, D Karthik, S Raina, A Rayudu, R Jadeja, A Mishra, S Ahmed, V Kumar, J Unadkat.

ZIM XI: H Masakadza, V Sibanda, S Raza, B Taylor, S Williams, M Waller, E Chigumbura, B Vitori, P Utseya, K Jarvis, T Chatara.

Pitch report
Alistair Campbell says on TV: Even cover of grass, cracker of a pitch. The side winning the toss will definitely want to bowl first.

On Wednesday, Indian skipper Virat Kohli became the quickest to 15 ODI hundreds; it took him only 109 innings as against previous record holder Saeed Anwar, who needed 143 innings. The chances of him getting another ton to follow that up in the second ODI remain very high.

"When the wicket's flat it seems nearly impossible [to get Kohli out]. He's a class player and he's done it against the best teams in the world," said Zimbabwe skipper Brendan Taylor.

 As it happened: India beat Zimbabwe by 58 runs in second ODI

Kohli will be keen to guide India to another win. AP

Zimbabwe have a good, steady bowling attack but it isn't one that is going to drive fear into the hearts of the Indian batsmen. Certainly not if India are going to bowl first and that is why the toss is going to be very important.

In the first ODI, India's bowlers moved the ball prodigiously and it made batting pretty difficult early on. By the time, Zimbabwe's batsmen found their feet, it was too late. After the match, Taylor had said that they would have liked to have at least 270 on board.

India, on the other hand, will hope that their opening bowlers will not only keep the Zimbabwe batsmen quiet but also take a few wickets. India's spinners led by Amit Mishra did the damage but Zimbabwe's batsmen would have smartened up a bit.

Ambati Rayudu was brilliant for India as well and it will be interesting to see whether Cheteshwar Pujara continues to sit on the bench.

The match begins at 1230 hrs IST.

Teams (from)

India: Virat Kohli (capt.), Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Dinesh Karthik, Cheteshwar Pujara, Suresh Raina, Ambati Rayudu, Ajinkya Rahane, Ravindra Jadeja, Amit Mishra, Parveez Rasool, Shami Ahmed, R Vinay Kumar, Jaydev Unadkat, Mohit Sharma.

Zimbabwe: Brendan Taylor (capt & wk), Sikandar Raza, Tendai Chatara, Michael Chinouya, Elton Chigumbura, Graeme Cremer, Kyle Jarvis, Timycen Maruma, Hamilton Masakadza, Natsai M’shangwe, Tinotenda Mutombodzi, Vusimuzi Sibanda, Prosper Utseya, Brian Vitori, Malcolm Waller, Sean Williams.

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