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2015 ISL Auction as it happened: Ten players sold for Rs 7.22 crore in auction

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2015 ISL Auction as it happened: Ten players sold for Rs 7.22 crore in auction
  • 16:15 (IST)

    And with that, we officially come to the end of the ISL Draft and Auction. It has been an eventful day for Indian football. A lot of players will return home happy tonight having secured bumper contracts in the league. There will be disappointments too as only 40 players from 110+ in the draft were picked. 

  • 16:12 (IST)

    6th and 7th round picks:

    North East United FC select centre back Zohmingliana Ralte as their sixth pick.
    Mumbai City FC add 26 year old Pratesh Shirodkar to their squad for Rs 9 lakhs.
    Delhi Dynamos make their final picks too as they select midfielder Gunashekar Vignesh for Rs 12 lakhs and defender Zodingliana Ralte for Rs 2 lakhs. 

    Mumbai City FC have added goalkeeper Albino Gomes to their squad for Rs 10 lakhs. (This is 7th round, officially)

  • 16:02 (IST)

    5th round picks are in now and we had the first instant trade of the draft:

    Pune City sign defender Govin Singh for Rs 8 lakhs.
    Chennaiyin FC have drafted goalkeeper Nidhin Lal to their squad for Rs 16 lakhs. They had already bought Edel from Kolkata in the off-season.
    Delhi Dynamos pick 18-year old Fanai Lalrempuia and Pune city indicate they want to trade. And they get him too! Fanai to Pune For Rs 11 lakhs. First instant trade completed.
    Mumbai City FC confirm the selection of left back Keegan Pereira for Rs 32 lakhs. That is the highest valued draft pick of the day!
    North East United FC sign midfielder Marlangki Suting Rs 9 lakhs.

  • 15:41 (IST)

    1st instant trade done and its in the 5th round. 18-yr-old Fanai Lalrempuia picked by Delhi, bought by Pune for 9.2 lakhs+salary.

  • 15:38 (IST)

    4th round picks are now complete. No instant trades there. Mumbai City get the most expensive player in that round. Here's how it went down.

    Chennaiyin FC sign defender Justin Stephen for Rs 15 lakhs.
    Atletico de Kolkata sign Indian goalkeeper Kunzang Bhutia for Rs 4 lakhs.
    Delhi Dynamos have picked 21 year old right back Prabir Das for Rs 12.5 lakhs.
    Mumbai City select winger Ashutosh Mehta to their squad for Rs 20 lakhs.
    North East United FC sign left back signed Raju Yumnam for Rs 10 lakhs.
    Kerala Blasters draft veteran midfielder Peter Carvalho to their side for Rs 12 lakhs.
    FC Pune City have signed goalkeeper Lalit Thapa for Rs 10 lakhs.

  • 15:14 (IST)

  • 15:06 (IST)

    The third round is the books. Here' s how it went:
    FC Pune City sign Sushanth Mathew, who played for Kerala Blasters in season one, for Rs 8 lakh.
    Kerala Blasters sign recently-married India international winger CK Vineeth for Rs 15 lakh. 
    Reagan Singh is picked by North East United FC for Rs 13 lakh. They turn away every Delhi Dynamos bid.
    Mumbai City FC pick goalkeeper Debjit Majumder for Rs 15 lakh.
    Delhi Dynamos sign talented goalkeeper Ravi Kumar for Rs 10 lakh.
    Atletico de Kolkata sign versatile defender Lalchhawnkima for Rs 9 lakh.
    Chennaiyin FC sign defender Lalhmangaihsanga Ralte for Rs 9 lakh.

  • 14:42 (IST)

    Here's the list for the second round:
    FC Goa ignore North East bids and Thongkhosiem Haokip is picked by Zico for Rs 1.80 Lakh.
    Delhi Dynamos take their time and complete the signing of energetic midfielder Sehnaj Singh for Rs 18 lakh.
    Mumbai City resist instant trade offers and sign defender Lalchhhuanmawia Fanai for Rs 15 lakh.
    North East United sign 22 year old central midfielder Siam Hangal for Rs 8.34 lakh.
    Kerala Blasters pick holding midfielder Shankar Sampingiraj for Rs 10 lakh.
    FC Pune City sign midfielder Gurjinder Kumar for Rs 27 lakh. Kolkata tried their best to convince Pune to trade but failed.
    Chennaiyin FC pick midfielder Zakeer Mundampara for Rs 23 lakh. 
    Atletico de Kolkata sign defender Augustin Fernandes for Rs 26 lakh.

  • 14:18 (IST)

    Here's a list of the draft pics taken by each team in the first round:

    Kolkata: Amrinder Singh - GK - Rs 4.5 lakh
    Chennaiyin: Dhanpal Ganesh - Rs 9 lakh
    Pune City: Bikash Jainu - Rs 15 lakh
    Kerala Blasters: Calvin Lobo - Rs 20 lakh
    NorthEast: Lalthuammawia Ralte - Rs 13.9 lakh
    Mumbai City: Brandon Fernandes - Rs 12 lakh (instant trading from Goa, Mumbai refuse to sell)
    Delhi Dynamos: Naoba Singh - Rs 18 lakh
    FC Goa: Victorino Fernandes - 16 lakhs

  • 13:36 (IST)

    There are seven rounds in the draft. Kolkata will go first. Followed by Chennai, Pune, Kerala, Mumbai, NorthEast, Delhi, Goa in that order.

  • 13:24 (IST)

    Now we wait for the draft.

  • 13:16 (IST)

    My guess is all the teams that bought players will feel pretty good about the auction.

  • 13:13 (IST)

    Mumbai also got their man in Sunil Chhetri and will have a potent forward line with him and Anelka.

  • 13:12 (IST)

    John Abraham said he was prepared to pay any price for Seityasen. They were determined to get him.

  • 13:09 (IST)

    Kolkata, Pune, Delhi and Chennai all both two players each. Mumbai and NorthEast settled for one apiece. Kerala and Goa have to go home unsuccessfully

  • 13:06 (IST)

    The player auction is now done. The teams spent a combined Rs 7.33 crore. It isn't IPL money but it is nothing to sneeze at either. Eugeneson was the big surprise - going for over Rs 1 crore - while the final prices for Chhetri and Robin Singh were a touch underwhelming.

  • 13:02 (IST)

    John Abraham: We believes Seityasen can play on both sides - left wing and right wing. If we had left from here without him, we would have been very depressed. Very happy we got him

  • 13:00 (IST)

    NorthEast United get on the board by buying Seityasen Singh for Rs 56 lakh.

  • 12:58 (IST)

    Charlie doesn't have time to draw a breath as NorthEast pushes the price to Rs 56 lakh.

  • 12:58 (IST)

    Swiftly, the bidding goes to Rs 31 lakh and then Rs 34 lakh. Seityasen nods to himself while all this is going on. Then breaks into a big smile as his price zooms past Rs 40 lakh and then to Rs 50 lakh.

  • 12:57 (IST)

    That quickly goes up to Rs 28.5 lakh as NorthEast jumps in.

  • 12:56 (IST)

    That goes up to Rs 23 lakh. Charlie doing his best to fire up the troops.

  • 12:55 (IST)

    With that the bid inches up to Rs 21 lakh, still with Kerala

  • 12:55 (IST)

    Don't keep me waiting, pleads Charlie, as the room goes quiet.

  • 12:54 (IST)

    Kerala puts in the first bid.

  • 12:53 (IST)

    The opening price is Rs 20 lakh.

  • 12:52 (IST)

    We have one more player to go - the last player in today's auction - winger Seityashen Singh.

  • 12:51 (IST)

    Anto giggles and says he didn't know what to do as the bidding was going crazy.

  • 12:49 (IST)

    Atletico de Kolkata grab Rino Anto for Rs 90 lakh. Anto is visibly shocked at the demand for his services

  • 12:48 (IST)

    Atletico de Kolkata swoops in with a bid of Rs 90 lakh.

  • 12:48 (IST)

    Charlie goes: 84, 86, 88, 90. Is it 90 now? Current bid is with Mumbai at Rs 88 lakh.

  • 12:47 (IST)

    Mumbai City currently have the top bid at Rs 76 lakh. That's over 4 times Anto's base price.

  • 12:46 (IST)

    As the price climbs to Rs 68 lakh, Anto visibly exhales. I don't think he expected this.

  • 12:46 (IST)

    FC Goa goes up to Rs 55 lakh.

  • 12:45 (IST)

    In the time it took me to type that, FC Goa ups the bidding to Rs 48 lakh. From there, it jumps to Rs 52 lakh with Mumbai

  • 12:45 (IST)

    It zooms to Rs 40 lakh. Big simle on Anto's face as he watches this

  • 12:44 (IST)

    Mumbai raise the stakes to Rs 32 lakh.

  • 12:43 (IST)

    And just like that to Rs 26.5 lakh. Charlie Ross sounds like he is counting numbers. Now at Rs 30 lakh.

  • 12:43 (IST)

    That rises to Rs 20.75 fairly quickly. Then to Rs 21 lakh.

  • 12:42 (IST)

    Opening bid is Rs 17.5 lakh. Mumbai currently have the high bid at Rs 18 lakh.

  • 12:40 (IST)

    Defender Rino Anto is under the hammer next.

  • 12:35 (IST)

    The opening bid is also the closing bid. Chennaiyin gets Karanjit Singh for Rs 60 lakh.

  • 12:34 (IST)

    Nobody else interested at the moment. Karanjit sits stone-faced.

  • 12:33 (IST)

    Chennaiyin gets us off and running.

  • 12:33 (IST)

    The opening bid is set at Rs 60 lakh.

  • 12:31 (IST)

    Goalkeeper Karanjit Singh is next up.

  • 12:30 (IST)

    Roberto Carlos, the new manager of Delhi Dynamos says he is very happy to have got Robin Singh

  • 12:30 (IST)

  • 12:27 (IST)

    Robin Singh goes to Delhi Dynamos for Rs 51 lakh

  • 12:27 (IST)

    The bidding has now hit Rs 50 lakh.

Defending champions Atletico de Kolkata have won the rights to be the first club to pick their choice of player in the domestic draft of the first ever Hero Indian Super League Player Auction and Draft in Mumbai.

The Domestic Player Draft features 112 players. Clubs will be making the most of the best available players in the Domestic Player Draft to complete their respective 13 player signing in this category.

A team like FC Goa, which already have 11 domestic players signed through retention or in free market, will participate only in the first two rounds of the draft to pick up two players.

 2015 ISL Auction as it happened: Ten players sold for Rs 7.22 crore in auction

Founder and chairperson of Football Sports Development Limited (FSDL) Nita Ambani with Sunil Chhetri and other football players. PTI

Mumbai City FC will be the only club which can participate in all seven rounds of the domestic player draft to complete their requirement of 13 domestic player signings as they have signed just six players till now.

Each club has a purse of Rs 21 crore. A club can spend maximum of Rs 5.50 crore on domestic players' signing so as to complete its requirement of 13 domestic players, while for international and marquee player signing they can spend upto a maximum of Rs 15.50 crore.

Any unsold player from the auction list will go into the Player Draft and will be available to be picked by the ISL Clubs at the base price.

The minimum squad size for a club is 22 players. Each club is allowed to increase their squad size to 26 players, by adding four more players. A club can sign the additional four players under the 'Additional Player' allocation through open market with maximum two international players.

A club buying players at auction will also be considered in the 'Additional Quota'. The bid price at which a player is bought by a club at auction, will be considered from the International Player Salary Cap i.e. Rs 15.50 crore.

The auction will be an open auction with each domestic player being individually presented in person. The auctioneer shall ask for bids, starting from the base payer fee of each player, with each subsequent bid request being at least of the increment stated.

Each club will have to ensure that it has three goalkeepers in its squad of 26 players. It is recommended that each club have two Domestic and one international goalkeeper.

As of date, 64 players have been signed by the eight clubs through retention or in free market. A total of 40 domestic players will be selected through the draft so that the clubs will have 13 domestic players by the end of the draft process.

Each club is mandated to have two domestic player under the age of 23 years old (called 'Developmental Player') among with 13 domestic players.

It is optional for clubs to bid on a domestic player in the Auction. A club may buy up to four domestic players at the auction.

Any domestic player bought at the auction will be counted in the 'Additional Player' allocation over and above the 13 domestic players that each club must accumulate by the end of the draft.

Other than the celebrity club owners, that includes former India cricket captain Saurav Ganguly who is to be present, each club would be represented by their head coach/assistant coach and technical staff during the Auction and Draft.

A lot many players in the Draft list command base prices which are in excess of Rs 20 lakh.

The highest among them are free agents are: T Saran Singh (Rs 33 lakh) and Keegan Pereira (Rs 32 lakh).

Some others are: Gurjinder Kumar (Rs 27 lakh), Augustin Fernandes (Rs 26 lakh), Nicolas Colaco and Gilbert Oliveira (both Rs 23 lakh), all of them on loan from Salgaocar, and free agents Beevan D'Mello (Rs 24 lakh) and Zakeer Mundampara (Rs 23 lakh).

Mohun Bagan goalkeeper Shilton Paul has been pegged at a base price of Rs 22.50 lakh.

A majority of players have been fixed with base prices below Rs 10 lakh. Each franchise club has been given a salary cap of Rs 20 crore for the season to be spent on the players. The Player Draft list has 15 goalkeeers, 35 defenders, 52 mid fielders and 11 strikers to choose from.

Goalkeepers: L Ralte, Soram Polrel, Nidhin Lal, Amrinder Singh, Lalit Thapa, Nikhil Bernard, Albino Gomes, Luis Baretto, Abhra Mondal, Ravi Kumar, L Premkumar Singh, L Bishojit Singh, Kunzang Bhutia, Debjit Majumder and Shilton Paul.

Defenders: Keegan Periera, Chinta Chandrashekhar Rao, Justin Stephen, Prabir Das, Rahul Bheke, Avinabo Bag, Matthew Gonsalves, Raju Yumnam, Salam Ranjan Singh, Munmun Lugun, Zohimnglinna Ralte, C Lallawmzuala, Lalchhawnkima, Lalhmangaihsanga Ralte, Reagan Singh, Augustin Fernandes, Brian Mascheranas, Gilbert Oliviera, Nicolau Colaco, Keenan Almeida, Ngouba Singh, Samuel Shadap, Nim Dorjee Tamang, Jessel Carneiro, Shouvik Ghosh, Sukhen Dey, Sadsh Singh, Zodingliana Ralte, Samir Naik, Deepak Devrani, Govin Singh, Biswajit Saha, Naoba Singh, Anupam Sarkar and Rakesh Masih.

Midfielders: Shankar Sampingiraj, Shilton D'Silva, Slam Hanghal, Malemnganba Meitel, Gunashekar Vignesh, Fulganco Cardozo, Alwyn George, Germanpreet Singh, Abhinash Ruidas, Lalkamal Bhowmick, Sehnaj Singh, Collin Abranches, Reisangmei Vashum, Ashutosh Mehta, Sampath Kutty Mani, Dhanpal Ganesh, Fanai Lalrempuia, Lalramluaha Hmar, Nikhil Kadam, Vellington Rocha, Marlangki Suting, Calvin Lobo, Prohlad Roy, Mohammad Rafique, Bikash Jairu, Karma Tsewang, Thangjam Saran Singh, Zakeer Mundampara, Joseph Lalfakzuala, Beevan D'Mello, Cajetan Fernandes, Peter Carvalho, Pratesh Shirodkar, Rowllin Borges, Velito Cruz, C Laldinmawia, Malsawmtluanga, A Sushil Meitei, Loken Meitei, Pradeep Mohanraj, Aayushman Chaturvedi, Brandon Fernandes, Bineesh Balan, Tirthankar Sarkar, Manish Bhargav, Jalson Vales, Tapan Maitry, Steven Dias, Prateek Shinde, Gurjinder Kumar, Sushant Matthew and Asif Kottayil.

Strikers: Beikhokhei Beingaichho, CK Vineeth, Uttam Rai, Thongkhosiem Haokip, Aslon Oliveira, Sumeet Passi, Victorino Fernandes, Pankaj Moula, Manandeep Singh, Durga Boro and Milagres Gonsalves.


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