Patio Unplugged: In 'Strangers' Awkward Bong offers up a soft acoustic ballad about love

Awkward Bong is a Mumbai-based musician Ronit Sarkar's singer-songwriter avatar. Starting out as a solo bedroom project in 2014, the act has now grown into a four-piece band with a lush, organic pop sound. The first Awkward Bong song is "Strangers". According to the artist, the song is about people falling out and becoming strangers to each other. The song is a very mainstream acoustic ballad and is supported by a chord progression you've heard many times. The song isn't trying anything new and the smooth vocals are also very pastiche. People who like soft acoustic ballads about love will like the song, but there's nothing in the song for those who ask more of their music. Even the lyrics are about sentiments that have been thrown up by countless bands over the years.