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Yogi Adityanath has no wiggle room, being Uttar Pradesh CM destroys his soapbox oratory effectively

The Amnesty International calling upon Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to recant his past is a bit much and more a flailing by the organisation to get itself some righteous mileage. It is an unrealistic demand and detracts from the need to ensure that under this person, security, safety and religious harmony are maintained in this fractious and massive state.

He is not going to come out and wear sackcloth and ashes and say sorry, so going that route is simply wasteful and Amnesty would be better advised to be watchful now of excesses by him or in his name by others than begin to root in the past.

If one starts to list the verbal and physical indiscretions of Yogi Adityanath then he should have not even been allowed to stand for elections or been given any sort of political mandate. Even today there are cases he is defending in court and other FIRs where the charges have not even been framed. Since his political chair does not afford him protection legally against these charges we could find him defending himself in the courts as much as governing the state.

 Yogi Adityanath has no wiggle room, being Uttar Pradesh CM destroys his soapbox oratory effectively

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. PTI

That said, it is utterly pointless to rabbit on and on about what a terrible fellow he is. Instead, it is time for a reality check and that is all that counts. He is the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh who was appointed with the consent and green signal of the winning party and its leaders. You may or may not agree with it, but he is the man and he is in the seat.

The more we harp on about his sordid history or his version of Hindutva, the more we are looking for locks on a stable door despite the horse have done a runner. Look, his past is bad news for those of us who believe that communal hatred is not an answer to any problem.

Sometimes what happens is that you are stymied in your beliefs because of the weight of office on your shoulders and you have to be more circumspect in your conduct. The world is watching and waiting for a blunder. This could be the point of salvation.

In texture when the buck stops with you it is a lot different from being a yogi who spews fire and brimstone and whips up emotions and decries other religions. All that nonsense is reported after the event and doesn’t stick in the mind… just another kind of fruitcake seeking publicity.

But now, that self-indulgent luxury is no longer there. It is not so much a question of giving the guy a chance it is just that he has no alternative but to mature to the power vested in him. From Modi downwards everyone is going to ride herd on him. Those who buy his philosophy will demand more of the ugly same. Pressure. Those who do not agree with his priorities will tirelessly seek to misinterpret even a sincere change of heart as an act. More pressure.

To a great extent like Gulliver after a fashion, Adityanath has been tied down and given little wriggle room. Added on pressure. He will begin to feel the heat and the sins of the past will roost most comfortably on his desk.

It is no easy job being CM when you have a controversial reputation.

Already, the element of tolerance never shown by him before has become imminent. His first real test hit him two days ago following the murder of BSP leader Mohammed Shami in Allahabad. A perfect Archduke Ferdinand moment to spark riots in the state. But Adityanath acted swiftly and with a certain clarity of thought. He empowered the cops in all 75 districts, put them on an audio-visual grid and let nothing untoward happen.

Perhaps for now, let’s just put the man’s past on freeze. If he’s flying the plane no percentages in rocking the wings.

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Updated Date: Mar 21, 2017 13:59:12 IST