Why is Team Kejriwal scared of taking Vadra to court?

When perception pretends to be the reality, insinuation masquerades as incontrovertible evidence and emotions overtake practical common sense, it’s time to sit back and reflect. In a state of existence where insinuations, perceptions and emotions dominate, truth ends up as the victim. Add ignorance and malice to the mix, you have a terribly messy situation.

Allegations are a tactical device designed to create doubt, suspicion and tarnish images. In politics these are rarely aimed at the people who look the obvious target. These are aimed at the consumer at large who would buy the allegations as truth and build a certain perception around a person. In the case of Arvind Kejriwal, the real target is not Robert Vadra, it is the wider audience which at some point could morph into a voters for his yet to be announced party.

 Why is Team Kejriwal scared of taking Vadra to court?

Up against Robert Vadra. PTI

That is one reason why Kejriwal won’t insist moving the court despite claiming to have enough evidence to nail the Robert Vadra-Haryana government-DLF nexus. In simple words, he would prefer to make political capital out of the activities of the nexus rather than prove the players involved guilty in a court of law. By extension, he would allow the truth to be a political football.

Frankly, that makes him no different from other politicians. All political parties have been throwing muck at each other since ages and over the years it has become good public entertainment. Kejriwal has merely spiced the game up with some believable numbers and pointed attack. A few allegations more and the novelty factor will wear off. If he changes the script a bit and takes at least one of his allegations to the logical conclusion—read court and conviction—he could go much higher in public estimation.

Now, let’s come to the issue at hand: Kejriwal vs Vadra-DLF-Haryana government. We have allegations from Kejriwal and rebuttals from DLF and Haryana government. Unless one has presumed the latter two guilty, it’s one party’s version of the reality vs another’s. The furious number-crunching in the media has not really made us any wiser, simply because the media neither seem to have the expertise to grasp the intricacies of the matter nor the intention to ferret the truth out.

The activist-turned-politician has raised a question through the allegations. Does not the country have the right know answer the entire truth? As things remain now both the parties stand vindicated - Kejriwal through his numbers and the others through their own. There’s reason to believe that both sides manipulated the public sentiment for their selfish gains. The sporting equivalent to it would be match-fixing. This is unpardonable. Thus it’s only apt that the matter went to court. Since it is the former who raised the issue, the onus on him to take the matter forward. They have the evidence and the necessary legal competence at command. So what is stopping them?

If Robert Vadra is guilty of wrongdoing why shouldn’t he face the law? By letting him off the hook, Kejriwal and his colleagues are playing the same cynical game we associate other political parties with. Now, the other question. How long can they go on making allegations? In the close to two years the anti-corruption crusaders burst into the scene, there have been making allegations. All of them have died a natural death. They would be doing a service to the nation if they sent at least one big person to the jail.

There’s a problem with crying wolf one time too more. People, come to be suspicious of your intention. The very people you target may abandon you at some point. Team Kejriwal is good at manipulating the media - it’s a smart thing. The problem starts when the media get tired of the repeated allegations which go nowhere. That was the case when they got fed up with the repeated fasts of Team Anna last year.

Kejriwal must remember he is an activist first and a politician second. His credibility in the second role draws moral strength from the first one. Thus he cannot afford to conduct himself as any other politician or political party. He has created expectations, he has a responsibility to live up to that.

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Updated Date: Oct 10, 2012 15:59:16 IST