Why AAP will not face a Meera Sanyal vs Medha Patkar war

One is a corporate big shot. The other grassroots activist. Together, they might make a slightly confusing statement on Aam Aadmi Party's economic agenda, but Meera Sanyal and Medha Patkar made it very clear that the two AAP members don't have too many differences when it comes to their economic view.

Times of India reports Meera Sanyal as saying: "Medha Patkar has been a strong critic of the Enron project in Dabhol. Earlier, in my stint with ABN-AMRO, I opposed the bank's plans to fund the project and refused to sign the paperwork as I didn't think it met either our ethical, social or financial norms. Eventually the bank lost a lost of money on the project because Enron was not an ethical company. What unites Medha and me are our principles and belief in social justice."

 Why AAP will not face a Meera Sanyal vs Medha Patkar war

Meera Sanyal. Agencies.

Patkar added that their coming from different backgrounds makes working together a rewarding experience.

AAP which claims that it's main agenda as a party is to decentralise power, have gotten Sanyal and Patkar to talk about their own economic visions to flesh out one for the party.

Firstpost's Soumik Mukherjee had quoted an AAP member saying in a report: "We have brought Sanyal and Patkar across the table to talk to each other. The way our economy or politics is shaped in this country, there is now a way of initiating a dialogue to reach a consensus. The policymaking power is concentrated in the hands of a few."

It now needs to be seen what will work best for AAP: Patkar's economics for the aam aadmi or Sanyal's corporate discipline.

Updated Date: Mar 09, 2014 13:31:20 IST