Watch: Rahul Gandhi claims he sees the Congress symbol in photos of gods, saints

It seems Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi has not learnt from his past mistakes like the infamous "poverty is just a state of mind" statement.

During his speech at the Jan Vedna Sammelan in New Delhi on Wednesday, Rahul Gandhi told people that he saw the Congress symbol — an open palm — in the photos of gods and saints belonging to various religions.

 Watch: Rahul Gandhi claims he sees the Congress symbol in photos of gods, saints

Rahul Gandhi really does see the Congress symbol everywhere. PTI

"I was told that the Congress party was around 100 years old. But one day, when I was going through some photos, I saw the Congress symbol in a photo of Shivji," said the Congress vice-president.

"I thought that was very strange. So I looked at some other photos. And I saw a photo of Guru Nanak ji and the Congress symbol was there too," Rahul said, adding that he also saw the Congress symbol in the photos of Buddha and Mahavir.

"I then asked Karan Singh ji (Congress leader): Why is the Congress symbol visible in every religion like Islam, Hinduism, Judaism?" Rahul said.

As if the speech could not get more absurd, Rahul then said, "Karan Singh ji told me: This means, daro matt (don't be afraid). Don't be afraid of the present conditions. Face the truth. Now, this is a strange thing that since 3000 or 4000 years before today, in every religion, you are being told this. The symbol is also there. And you are being told not to be afraid of your present and reality."

It is perhaps the biggest irony that Rahul Gandhi, of all people, was talking about facing reality. Because he himself cannot see that no one is really buying his magical theory that the Congress symbol was present in the photos of every religion.

Maybe Rahul was trying to tell us that all those gods and saints were actually Congress supporters.

By Rahul's logic, Goddess Lakshmi — who is depicted sitting on a lotus — must be a BJP supporter. And because almost all houses in India have a broom, the AAP symbol is present in every house.

We really can't say much about what the Congress vice-president was thinking while making this statement. But he probably does think that the people are fools who will be won over by nonsensical fairy tales rather than hard facts and sound reasoning.

You can watch Rahul Gandhi's speech here:

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Updated Date: Jan 13, 2017 12:43:38 IST