Watch: Narendra Modi greeting Arvind Kejriwal could not have been more awkward

Being a politician isn't easy, especially when one has to greet or be civil with his or her bitter rival. Ask Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.

The Modi-Kejriwal political rivalry is arguably the most bitter and talked-about rivalry in current times in India.

Well, that was awkward. Screenshot from ANI video.

Well, that was awkward. Screenshot from ANI video.

And one of the important (and hilarious) things which the 11th Inter-State Council meeting revealed was that no matter how calm, civil and composed you pretend to be in front of your political rival, the secret bitterness might just result in some very awkward moments.

It all began when Prime Minister Modi was greeting all the chief ministers who had come for the Inter-State Council meeting in New Delhi.

Everything seemed normal and business-as-usual for Modi until he came to greet Kejriwal.

Awkward moment 1: Remember that time when you extended your fist to a friend for a fist-bump only to realise that your friend extended a palm expecting a high five? Well, PM Modi extended his hand to Kejriwal for a hand-shake only to realise that Kejriwal was greeting with a Namaste. Even if he did unintentionally, Kejriwal pretty much trolled Modi with this move.

Kejriwal: 1. Modi: 0.

Awkward moment 2: It seems Kejriwal realised that he had unintentionally trolled the PM because soon after the Namaste, he quickly extended both his hands for a hand-shake. But the Prime Minister held the hand-shake for a time shorter than the time it takes to say 'Awkward!' and walked away coolly to greet the other CMs, leaving behind Kejriwal, who looked a bit taken aback at the brief greeting after he extended both his hands to the PM.

Kejriwal: 1. Modi: 1.

You can watch the ANI video of the Kejriwal-Modi handshake here:

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Updated Date: Jul 17, 2016 09:44:31 IST

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