Vijay Rupani's 'Twitter townhall' flops: Automated response irks users

On Monday, Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani hosted a 'Twitter townhall' where citizens asked him questions related to the state government. However, Twitterati was not very pleased with the initiative, and trolled him on the microblogging site.

"Happy to announce that I am hosting a Twitter townhall on 23 September," Rupani tweeted.

"People of the state can ask me any question related to the development or administrative work or any other issues regarding the state," Rupani said, in a video message posted on Twitter.

Early morning on 23 September, Rupani had tweeted with his official handle that questioning would start at 10 am.

But people soon realised that the time for response from the CM was missing. Soon people on Twitter started trolling Rupani. At 12.46 pm, the CM announced that the townhall was a "phenomenal success". Twitterati wondered 'where' it happened.

Rupani had hoped to address people's issues with the townhall. He had said that this would be an attempt to build a bridge between people and the government.

According to the Chief Minister, due to social media it has become easier to communicate with the people directly. However, we think that the attempt seemed to back-fire a little.

The Gujarat CM was also seen giving the same reply to a lot of questions on Twitter. The automated response went to a Twitter users irrespective of their questions. Moreover the responses were sent on Saturday, a day after the 'Twitter townhall' where the questions were posed.

 Vijay Rupanis Twitter townhall flops: Automated response irks users

Maybe it's time for the CM to hire a new social media team?

Updated Date: Sep 24, 2016 16:01:33 IST