Uttar Pradesh: Time to press ‘control, alt, delete’ on the Samajwadi Party soap opera

If you press ‘Control, Alt, Delete’ on your keyboard, the screen goes blank. And you can start all over again. Perhaps, that is what is needed in Uttar Pradesh right now. Clear the chessboard of all the pieces, throw them in the box and start all over again.

With new pieces, not the same old, same old shabby stuff on display now.

With elections not even three months away, it is a right royal mess. The Yadavs are at war from within, and now Akhilesh has dumped his uncle Shivpal and also widened the schism with Mulayam — 'Daddy dearest clearly isn’t that beloved'.

 Uttar Pradesh: Time to press ‘control, alt, delete’ on the Samajwadi Party soap opera

Mulayam Singh Yadav. PTI

Meanwhile, Mayawati is whipping up her own storm and the Congress continues to delude itself that it still has hopes, and between the split SP, the BSP and the BJP, none of the much loved people are the losers.

In this power war it is always the people who get the short end of the stick. Governance, even in a pitiful and malnourished condition, is put on a ventilator and political machinations are all that count.

For the next 90 days, Uttar Pradesh will be turned into a reality show-cum-soap opera with episode after ugly episode showing us the depressing defections, infights, grumblings, rumblings, slurs and insults that already mark the process even today. It is so bizarre that nobody wants to see the next coarse episode.

By the time February comes along we will witness India’s biggest state almost reduced to a basket case in political terms with nothing at the electoral booth promising a cohesive and strong government for the future.

Akhilesh and Co have shot themselves in the foot with their high-handed behaviour and there is a strong anti-incumbency feeling at the moment with no indication that the affection levels will spike. The present sackings smack of nervousness when court intrigues take over.

Mulayam is an old warrior, but the wounds of age and the frailty of body make him a tired old soldier whose possible buddying up with Mayawati would tax the credibility of the most naïve UP voter where the most generous interpretation, given such a boding, is that a mongoose and a cobra having dinner at the same table goes against nature. The BSP does have some hold on the Yadavs, the Dalits and the Muslim vote banks, but none of these can be a certainty with all three segments drenched in suspicion and distrust.

The Congress, you have to give marks to for constantly fighting above their weight and believing they can win a fight to which they have not even be invited. No one would be surprised if the bouncers evicted them from the Uttar Pradesh premises.

The BJP may have had a smoother ride if they had not 'cow'ed down before the Dalits and pushed a cruel and crude agenda which leave this party largely vulnerable to a desertion and bankruptcy in the vote vault.

Even if Keshav Prasad Maurya, President of the state BJP, set up links up with the freshly sacked ex-SP General Secretary Ram Gopal Yadav it will not set either the Ganges or the Gomti on fire.

In all this, there is sense of deep dismay among the public, beaten by caste, hostility, violence, communalism, gau sevaks, poverty, corruption, gangsterism, unemployment and the spectre of poverty.

Every UP-ite knows in his heart that when the votes are counted, no one, not the BJP, the BSP or the SP will have a clear lead. Once again, you have to shake down the covers for a clumsy alliance of strange bedfellows.

On this canvas to witness a bunch of tried and true political mafias doing all they can to grasp and hang on to the rod of power can be soul destroying.

There is not even the pretence of caring for people. The state of 205 million people has been reduced to a stage farce of 1,000 squabbling, shrieking, openly shameless opportunists and there seems to be nothing one can do about it.

Except to press Control, Alt and Delete.

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Updated Date: Oct 24, 2016 12:49:37 IST