Tamil Nadu polls: Traffic, pollution top priorities for voters, says NGO survey

New Delhi: Traffic congestion, water, air and noise pollution have emerged as the top priorities for voters in Tamil Nadu which is set to go to polls this month, says a survey.

A total of 48.08 percent of voters said that traffic congestion was one of the top three priorities for them, followed by 34.84 percent for water and air pollution and 33.73 percent for noise pollution, a survey by Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) said on Wednesday.

"About 83 per cent of voters gave one of these three as their top priority," it added.


Better employment opportunities, lower food prices and facility for cyclists and pedestrians were also among the top priorities for voters.

However, reservation for jobs, education, terrorism, strong military and corruption were not among the top priorities, it said.

A survey of over 16,000 respondents was done in every constituency of Tamil Nadu ending in February 2016, ADR said.

The state government's performance on traffic congestion and pollution was rated among the worst.

Updated Date: May 18, 2016 17:37 PM

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