TMC MLA 'maces' Speaker in Tripura Assembly: It's not what you think; it's actually even better

After a punishingly long Winter Session of Parliament came to an end last week, we were left wondering if this is really what Indian politics is about now.

Before pondering this any further, it's worth pointing out that the session was 'punishing' for us, not for our elected parliamentarians, who probably enjoyed one of the most chilled-out months in recent history. To look at it another way, it's like a month of school where nothing is being taught because the teachers union is in a dispute with the school administration. You should be having fun and enjoying that relaxed atmosphere and all the hi-jinks it brings with it, instead, you get worked up wondering if this is really what school should be like.

So, imagine our glee when we spotted on a television screen one of the most breathtaking things to ever come out of an Indian House of elected representatives. And it wasn't the Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha from whence this gem emerged.

Take a bow, Sudip Roy Burman of the Trinamool Congress!

Burman achieved what few Oppositions in the history of Indian democracy ever have: He gave vent to his anger and gave all of us a good laugh (instead of the irritation we normally feel when Oppositions voice their wrath) in the bargain. And according to him, he did it because his microphone was switched off.

We're not sure if he's been in talks with US president-elect Donald Trump, but his message of 'Make Assembly Fun Again' certainly suggests so.

In fact, we were so impressed that we decided to provide his stunning actions a soundtrack six distinct soundtracks, all of which are here for you to enjoy.

Let's start with something classic:

No? Not classic enough for you? Let's try again:

'Feels' nahi aa raha? Try this little gem from an era long gone:

Burman's actions deserve something with a bit more oomph, one feels:

More oomph!!

Tiny bit more?

That's more like it.

And once again, thank you, Sudip Roy Burman, for showing us how to make Assembly fun again.

Updated Date: Dec 20, 2016 15:37:50 IST