The awesome sexism of Sharad Yadav: JD(U) boss uses debate on insurance to 'appreciate' South Indian women

P Rajeeve who was in the Chairman's chair took a moment to remind the MP 'Sharadji..bill...bill'. But Yadav was not to be stopped.

hidden March 13, 2015 22:50:18 IST

Janata Dal (United) Rajya Sabha MP Sharad Yadav has in the past shown great ability to diverge from the topic being debated in Parliament, but on Thursday it was quite an exceptional performance even by his own standards. The Janata Dal (United) president was participating in a debate on the Insurance Bill but it somehow became about white skin, women from South India and his appreciation of them and their dancing ability.

"South ki mahila jitni khoobsurat hoti hai utna uska body poora dekne mein (hand moving in revolving motions).... Woh nritya jaanti hai (Just as beautiful as South Indian women are, there is something about seeing their entire bodies. They know dancing)," he said.

The awesome sexism of Sharad Yadav JDU boss uses debate on insurance to appreciate South Indian women

The JD(U) president held out on a variety of topics barring the insurance bill. PTI image

P Rajeeve who was in the Chairman's chair took a moment to remind the MP "Sharadji..bill...bill".  But Yadav was not to be stopped.

The only MP who could be heard criticising him violently was DMK's Kanimozhi who kept objecting to his statements. Most of the others were heard laughing and some of them reportedly asked her to take her seat.

"Main khoobsurti ki tareef kar raha hoon uski kya story chala doge? Idhar kya gambhir hi behes hona chahiye? (I am praising beauty, will you publish a story on it? Should there only be serious discussions here?)" Yadav responded defiantly.

Yadav, incidentally, had started his speech by talking about the attraction for all things white and foreign.

"People see people with white skin and are stunned. Every  boy also wants only a fair bride, but he is saavla, he is like Ravi Shankar (Prasad) ," he said.  While Prasad saw the lighter side of things, the expression on Minister of State, Jayant Sinha's face, showed how irrelevant Yadav's point was.

He somehow then went on to the subject of controversial BBC filmmaker Leslee Udwin who directed the now-banned India's Daughter saying that she had been able to get access to a convict in Tihar jail only because of her skin colour.

"She had come to make a film...She has seen how the whole nation has surrendered to this craze for white skin. Look at the matrimonials. Every man here is looking for gori girls," Yadav said.

He also refused to heed Rajeeve saying that he was above the time limit that had been assigned to his party. "We have helped your party in the past also," he said.

He also held out on imports, on IT and on poor IT employees going 'tap-tap' on the computers all night. He, however, joined his party in walking out before the bill was passed by the Upper House of Parliament which might explain why he showed no interest in talking about the subject at hand when given time to speak.

But then can one really hold Yadav as an exception? After he was done, up stood NCP's DP Tripathi who reportedly quoted Kalidas as saying that the ideal woman should be 'slim and slightly wheatish'. Facepalm.

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