Snoopgate and Modi: Woman was spied on even outside Gujarat

In a new twist to the snooping allegations against the Gujarat government and Narendra Modi, it appears that the woman was stalked even outside the state.

Two investigative portals, Cobrapost and Gulail, had claimed on 15 November that Amit Shah, the former home minister of Gujarat and Modi's close aide, had ordered illegal surveillance of a woman at the behest of one "saheb".

 Snoopgate and Modi: Woman was spied on even outside Gujarat

Narendra Modi. AP

Today Gulail released 40 new tapes claiming that the scope of the snooping was not confined to just Gujarat.

This could mean more trouble in store for BJP's PM candidate Modi.

The tapes show alleged conversations between whistle blower GL Singhal and AK Singh the Joint Commissioner of Crime in Ahmedabad, reported CNN-IBN.

The snooping on the woman architect was apparently in violation of phone tapping rules as it was reportedly carried out without the mandatory permission from the Centre when the woman went out of the state.

Gulail reported that senior telecom officials were also allegedly involved in the operations.It also claimed that contrary to the BJP's claims, the girl being snooped upon did not know she was under surveillance.

However, Gulail has said that they will not appear before the Gujarat govt commission calling it malicious.

The website has also reported that after the woman moved to Bangalore, Gujarat government had made requests to the Karnataka government to snoop on her, but it was turned down.

Meanwhile, the top brass of the BJP has vehemently denied any such snooping and blamed the Congress for conspiracy.

Updated Date: Dec 24, 2013 15:31:13 IST