Sandeep Kumar man up! Throwing Dalit card won't amuse Arvind Kejriwal

You can play the Dalit card only so much and no more. Ex-AAP minister Sandeep Kumar is either the guy in the compromising picture show or he is not.

A probe into this matter seems unwarranted. A simple yes or not would suffice.

Former Delhi minister and AAP MLA Sandeep Kumar. PTI

Former Delhi minister and AAP MLA Sandeep Kumar. PTI

Sir, are you the person in the footage, regardless of your caste, tick the right box.

No. Fine.

Then why did your Chief Minister so hastily dismiss you from his cabinet and send off a tweet soaked in deep piety. He spoke of propriety and he hasn’t called for an inquiry and your answer that you have quit on moral grounds does not hold water. What moral grounds. Your party obviously seems to think you are the man in the CD.

Frankly, if you are in this so called compromising video shot that being the current ugly form of anonymous poison pen letters there should be a law against those who blackmail others in this fashion.

Although the honey trap option is as old as the hills and the indignation even older any sensible person would not hold a brief for the guy who took the video. Sick scum.

But that does not absolve you from being penalised by your boss and your colleagues nor does it sanction you the right to hide behind the skirts of the community you come from and make it into a caste affair and go all plural on us.

This ‘we are always being pulled down' and the fact that you are the Dalit face and well loved is all fluff. Total absolute fluff.

The Dalit community is not in the video.

Either you are or you are not. As an individual, only you.

Why, Sandeep kumar are you finding it so difficult to grasp this simple point of fact?

In the great, glorious scheme of things in India and all the goings on your mild peccadillo is a dinky toy of an issue, Sir, and it ill behoves you on grounds of sheer decency to fling the caste card in everyone’s face and make it into a cloak of armour.

That is unfair and uncharitable and still does not answer the question.

Are you the guy in the video?

If not just go along to Arvind Kejriwal and tell him to rescind the dismissal and resurrect you.

If you are the fellow then do a Tiger Woods and make peace at home, eat humble pie and crow for dinner, ask for forgiveness from the old lady and become just another one of several hundred thousand men who have had extra marital affairs without casting blame on their creed and colour and their tribe.

And don’t sweat it. You will be surprised how quickly it shall be forgotten. People don’t really care that much and if you had just shut up the issue may have passed. But by going Dalit on it you have only made it worse for yourself.

You didn’t kill anyone, you had a fling, get over it and man up.

Updated Date: Sep 01, 2016 21:46 PM

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