Read: full text of DG Vanzara's letter slamming Amit Shah, Modi

Facing trial in multiple cases of fake encounters, suspended Gujarat Police official DG Vanzara tendered his resignation in which he said that he had considered Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi as his ”God”, but had been let down by him.

 Read: full text of DG Vanzaras letter slamming Amit Shah, Modi

Vanzara: AFP

In a ten page long letter, the former official claimed that Shah was running the government by proxy. He also appealed to Modi that in “the hurry of marching towards Delhi” he should not forget to the police officials who had allowed him to earn the impression of being tough on crime.

The police official claimed that the Guajrat government had adopted a zero tolerance policy towards terror activities that were fanned by the communal riots of 2002 and had prevented Gujarat from “becoming another Kashmir”. He also said that while he earlier got calls from ‘bigwigs’ in Gandhinagar, they had ignored him after his arrest and hadn’t offered any help to any of the arrested police officials.

Read the full letter below:

Gujarat Top Cop DG Vanzara's Resignation Letter

Updated Date: Sep 04, 2013 07:48:19 IST