Raj Thackeray does not think I have done wrong: MNS Corporator

MNS corporator Nitin Nikam was unapologetic about his act of slapping a senior citizen and defended it as an act of delivering public justice. He endorsed his act as a valid way top get things done in Mumbai.

He told CNN-IBN, "Our faith is on Raj Thackeray. He is never wrong. If he says to hit someone I will do that. And he does not think I have done something wrong."

 Raj Thackeray does not think I have done wrong: MNS Corporator

MNS corporator seen slapping the contractor, a senior ctitizen, is this screengrab from a TV footage. IBNLive Screengrab.

He also defended his act as a act befitting a public servant. He said, "As a contractor I have no regrets in beating him up.The administration was saying that these contractor guys do not listen to them. The mob would have done the same thing to me and the contractor, " implying that he only dealt out the violence that the mob would have started if things did not work.

When asked if he regretted inflicting violence on a senior citizen, he said, "If an old man does something wrong will you let them go? And he also misbehaved with the officials who were there."

He said, "We also have limitations. 500 women had come with a morcha to our office when they did not get water for 4 days. Then there was a mob at the work site."

But he seemed happy that his 'action' had finally delivered the result. He said, "Within hours the pipelines were fixed and Kalyan (East) area has uninterrupted water supply today. When request falls on deaf ears this (meaning street violence) is the way to deal with people.

Updated Date: Dec 04, 2012 14:18:51 IST