Rahul is naamdar and I'm kaamdar, decide who you want: Modi tells voters

Solapur: BJP's Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi today attacked Congress and accused it of treating "poverty like tourism".

Addressing a public rally here, Modi claimed that Congress treated "poverty like tourism" and "visited the homes of the poor with TV cameras in tow and show it off to the world."

He also tried to woo the farmers saying that his party in its manifesto has promised to change the parameters on which Minimum Support Price (MSP) is decided.

 Rahul is naamdar and Im kaamdar, decide who you want: Modi tells voters


Invoking his humble tea seller origin, Modi attacked Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi saying he who is "born with the golden spoon" hardly knew what poverty was. He said that having been from a family where he had to sell tea in train compartments, he understands the dimensions of poverty.

"If cold tea was served to a customer, he would break the glass and slap," he said. Modi promised that he would "live and work for the welfare of the poor and if need arose even die for it."

Contrasting his background with that of Rahul, Modi said that the election this time was between two sides — one whose ancestors were Prime Ministers and the other whose family members do not know what a Panchayat meant, while referring to himself.

"They are naamdaar (big names), I am kaamdar (worker). You have to decide who you want," he said. Modi, who was addressing the rally at the Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde's constituency, said leaders of the Congress-NCP combine had not fulfilled their promises.

Accusing the two parties of arrogance, Modi also claimed that those who were "devoted to a family" were not bothered about the needs of the people.

Seeking votes for his party Modi said that a "deaf, dumb and lame government was not needed at the Centre and people should bring in a strong government."

Speaking about the MSP, Modi said that the party in its manifesto has promised that the parameters for MSP to farmers would be changed.

"MSP would be decided after adding 50 percent profit to input costs," he said, adding the farmers would not be forced to die now.

Taking a dig at Maharashtra government, he said the LBT tax imposed by the state was a "looto, baato tax" (loot and distribute tax).


Updated Date: Apr 09, 2014 19:56:34 IST