PM Narendra Modi slams Opposition for stalling Parliament over demonetisation

Bahraich: Expressing concern over virtual washout of the Winter Session of Parliament amid continued Opposition protest on demonetisation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said parties "discarded" by the people have stalled proceedings in both the Houses.

"Parliament has not been allowed to function for 20 days. We are ready for a debate on demonetisation but we are not being allowed to present our view point by those very parties that have been discarded by the electorate," he said.

 PM Narendra Modi slams Opposition for stalling Parliament over demonetisation

Prime Minister Narendra Modi. File photo. AFP

Modi was addressing BJP's Parivartan Yatra through mobile phone from Lucknow after the IAF chopper carrying him failed to land in Bahraich due to poor visibility. "They (Opposition) come to the Well of the House...throw paper at the Speaker. We want to put forth the government's view point...but they are not allowing us to do so," he said.

Modi said these parties never wanted to tread the path of honesty "but we will definitely win this fight against corruption".

On demonetisation, he said, "You must have seen that the government is after people who have stashed black money. The government is committed to empowering the poor. The people are also taking pain to ensure the country moves on the path of development."

The prime minister said senior bank officials have been nabbed during the crackdown against black money and added his government is "of the poor and for the poor and whosoever troubles the poor will not be spared."

Attacking Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samaj Party, Modi said both the parties are talking in the "same tone". He said both the parties are facing "hardship" due to note ban.

Referring to people standing in queues outside banks and ATMs, Modi sarcastically said their problem was different from the "hardships" faced by the corrupt and the dishonest. "I am confident that we will emerge victorious in our fight to help the honest," he said.

Modi said only BJP could fulfill aspirations of the people of Uttar Pradesh and appealed to the electorate in Awadh region to vote for the party in the coming Assembly polls in the state.

"For Uttar Pradesh to progress, poverty and goonda raj need to be removed," he said.

"Police are also helping those who are indulging in hooliganism. We have to crush those patronising goondagardi (hooliganism). The BJP will fulfill aspirations of the people of the state," he said.

Asking people to learn to use mobile banking, Modi said, "I am addressing you through mobile. You can turn your mobile into your bank. You have to learn it slowly."

Asserting that he had very fond memories of his visit to Bahraich and would love to travel to the place again, Modi said, "I could not come to you physically, but I have made it through mobile phone."

His chopper hovered over the helipad for nearly 30 minutes. As the Air Traffic Control did not permit it to land, it was decided that he would fly back to Lucknow enroute to Delhi.

Later, Modi tweeted regretting his inability "to be with the people" at the rally. "Due to poor weather conditions, I couldn't reach the venue of the Bahraich rally but I did share a few words via phone. I thank all those who joined the Bahraich rally in this weather & regret my inability to be with the people," he said in two separate tweets.

Modi was national general secretary of BJP when he visited Bahraich in 2001 for the first time, and later in November 2013 for the second time. This was BJP's 5th Parivartan Yatra to be addressed by the prime minister in the state.

Modi has earlier addressed four parivartan rallies at Ghazipur, Agra, Kushinagar and Moradabad. His next rally is scheduled to be held in Kanpur on 19 December.

State BJP President Keshav Prasad Maurya said, "The prime minister will try to come again to Bahraich when his schedule and weather allow."

Updated Date: Dec 11, 2016 18:50:23 IST