PM Narendra Modi exclusive interview: 'There is nothing like real or fake Modi'

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PM Narendra Modi exclusive interview: 'There is nothing like real or fake Modi'
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    Interview ends.

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  • 22:09 (IST)

    One who loves to live in the present should not worry about the future: Modi

    "Governments, political parties and leaders have tried to form a reputation and an image. It would have been better if they had tried to form India's image."

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  • 22:06 (IST)

  • 22:06 (IST)

    I relax through working: Modi

    "Work gives us satisfaction. Tiredness is more psychological."

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    I have been painted as a person who does not listen: Modi

    "I hear and observe a lot. I am a workaholic. I live living in the present. That's the reason that the person who meets me thinks that I have given them a quality time."

    "One must have the courage to leave redundant ideas. One must have the courage to change oneself."

  • 22:02 (IST)

  • 22:02 (IST)

    Pradhan mantri, pradhan sewak or Narendra Modi is a human afterall: Modi

    "I have to fulfil my duties and responsibilities. If I have to work hard, I will. There is nothing like real or fake Modi. A human is a human. If you take off your political glasses, you will see Modi as he is." 

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  • 21:59 (IST)

    Our government goes by rules, law and constitution: Modi

    "It is our endeavor to have a warm relationship with the judiciary within the bounds of the Constitution."

  • 21:57 (IST)

    Media has played an important role in making me what I am: Modi

    "I am usually busy and my habit is, my work will speak for itself. There is not even one media personality with whom I ahve not talked or sipped chai with."

    "I believe that media must strongly criticise the government's work otherwise a democracy cannot function. However, media has little time to research. Everyone goes towards allegations because of a lack of criticism."

  • 21:54 (IST)

  • 21:54 (IST)

    There is no question of liking of disliking Lutyens wbecause of my position: Modi

    "The power structure of Delhi considered Sardar Vallabhai Patel as a simple villager with low intellect. They never let anyone know about the Morarji Desai's good works."

    "These thekedars  can never accept the people committed to the roots of our country." 

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    I believe that youth of Kashmir will not go astray: Modi

    "We will move together , maintaining peace and unity. Kashmir, which is a heaven for us, will remain a heaven. Kashmir needs development and the people of Kashmir need trust."

  • 21:44 (IST)

    BJP will fight on UP polls on development: Modi

    "Our focus will be the welfare of farmers and to maintain peace in our country."

    "Casteism and communalism has affected our country. It is possible that UP will keep development in mind while voting for the Assembly."

  • 21:42 (IST)

    Every thought gets linked to elections in our country: Modi

    "It is unfortunate that elections keep happening in our country. It's high time that we delink issues and decisions with elections. Every political party wants to get out of the continuous election cycle."

    "Government cannot do this alone. It can only happen if all political parties come together and think the same under the ambit of the Election Commission."

  • 21:39 (IST)

  • 21:39 (IST)

    Indians,wherever they are, want India to progress: Modi

    "Indians living outside get upset if they hear anything about about their country. They are very closely connected to India. However, they don't get the channel to express it."

    "They will become a true Indian ambassador some day."

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    Poverty has been a political slogan in India: Modi

    "A number of programmes for poverty alleviation starts running in the country during elections. We need to empower the poor for poverty alleviation. The first tool in this regard is education and employment."

    "Mudra scheme has helped many people to get money from the banks for the first time. This empowerment helps people to educate their children."

    "I have told every bank that they have to help a dalit, a woman and a tribal economically."

  • 21:32 (IST)

    We need unity at all costs: Modi

    "Peace, unity and harmony are useful in family and country."

  • 21:31 (IST)

    We need to unite for the benefit of our country: Modi

    "I want to tell politicians, including those in my own party: All those in public life, politicians, social workers, we need to unite for benefit of country and society; we must be extra vigilant for the sake of bonhomie. Whenever we are wounded, even the slightest touch of paper causes pain. Hundred years of injustice have kept wounds open. It doesn't matter if incident big or small, it shouldn't happen"

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  • 21:29 (IST)

    Some people had a problem with the thought that I is a devotee of Ambedkar: Modi

    "When I identified the five sacred places related to Baba Saheb Ambedkar, people who called themselves 'thekedars' of certain issues could not digest this. I'm devoted to the development of all Dalits, the oppressed, under-privileged and the deprived."

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  • 21:26 (IST)

    Development will remain my conviction: Modi

    Development is not just an agenda. It's my conviction. Law and order is a state subject. We cannot pick up selective things and blame Modi. I don't know aht purpose this serves. It harms the interests of the nation."

    "Be it communal violence or atrocities of Dalit brothers or atrocities on tribals, the number of such incidents have come down in the present government."

    "It is a social problem."

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  • 21:23 (IST)

  • 21:23 (IST)

    I have never opened any file for political gains: Modi

    "The first decision of my cabinet after coming to power was to form a SIT regarding black money. We have made a law against black money. No Indian would dare send black money out of India."

    " 30 September is the last date. People can come clean till then. I can take harsh steps after that. No one has the right to rob the government."

  • 21:20 (IST)

    I should have released a white paper on the country's economy: Modi

    "Politics told me that I should have released the information on country's economy before presenting the first budget but in the interest of the nation, I thought that it's better to stay quiet."

    "Shortcut will cut you short is my motto. In May,2016 I chose the difficult way." 

  • 21:15 (IST)

  • 21:15 (IST)

    In our country, whatever is talked about is seen as reform: Modi

    "Reform to Transform is my mantra. Reform, perform transform and inform is what I would like to say. Take education for an example. We have said that 10 private and 10 government universities will be out of the UGC bounds and sponsored separately. This is a major reform."

    "Gas subsity, student scholarship and MGNREGA benefits are all going through direct transfer."

    "How to make the life os a common man easier, is our focus"

  • 21:11 (IST)

    There was a negative atmosphere in the country: Modi

    "When we came in, we had to face droughts twice. There was also a slowdown in the global economy. We had to face a number of challenges which came our way. Our aim was clear, politics were clear and there was no vested interest and therefore, a positive atmosphere started seeping in. Everyone is saying that India is growing at a fast pace."

    "Monsoon has been good this time. Rains is the driving force for India's economy. Production and demand of electricity has increased."

  • 21:07 (IST)

    Very few people in the country pay taxes: Modi

    "Most of the people don't pay taxes because the process is very complicated. GST will make it very basic. Every Indian will come forward to pay taxes. The revenue will help country's development. Transparency will come in too because of GST."

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    India is a democratic country and even the media evaluates a government: Modi 

    "Newspapers were filled with stories of corruption and disappointment. Every Indian had lost hope. However good the doctor maybe or the medicines maybe, if a patient is despondent, nothing can cure him. I wanted to evoke hope in the country. After 2.15 years, a sort of trust has developed among the people. India has become a bright spot."

In an exclusive 75-minute interview with CNN-News18, Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke to Rahul Joshi, group editor of Network 18, on a number of issues including the upcoming Uttar Pradesh elections, black money, repeated attacks on the Dalit community and on the economy. The interview was conducted on Thursday.

File image of PM Narendra Modi. PTI

File image of PM Narendra Modi. PTI

Modi also spoke about social imbalances saying that "self-appointed guardians are trying to create tension", and that they didn't like that "Modi is with Dalits and devotes himself to tribals".

"As far as some incidents are concerned they need to be condemned. There is no place for those in a civilised society — law and order is a state subject. Some are selectively picking issues and blaming Modi. I don't know what purpose this serves, but it hurts the interest of the country," he said.

He insisted that during his 14-year tenure as the Chief Minister of Gujarat he has never targeted any dynasties and opened any files for political reasons. Talking about black money, he said that let the law take its course.

When asked about the economic growth in the country and slow private investments, Modi said that after he took charge as the Prime Minister, he should have presented a white paper on India's economic situation in 2014, before the first budget of his government was presented. But he decided against it and said though the move would have helped them in making political gains, the report would have hit the market badly and the world view of India would have been affected.

Modi also spoke about how many people had a problem with the thought that "Modi is a devotee of Ambedkar". He added that "self-appointed guardians are trying to create tension, they didn't like that Modi is with Dalits and devotes himself to tribals. I'm devoted to the development of all Dalits, the oppressed, under-privileged and the deprived."

The Prime Minister said there should never be any violence against dalits and added that the country has full faith that "our agenda is development only". "There is no confusion among people of the country. But those who never wanted that such a government is formed, those who never wanted that previous government should go, their problems are going on.

With inputs from PTI.

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