Parliament disrupted: Should Modi govt take Rahul Gandhi's 'earthquake' warning seriously?

So far most Indians either laughed, mocked, ridiculed or ignored Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi's words while a relatively smaller number of people thought his anger was genuine and believed in his future day potential heard him patiently.

However, even hardcore Congress loyalists didn't foresee a situation where his spoken words inside Parliament would shake the earth, that too in the next few days, when the Winter Session of Parliament ends on 16 December.

 Parliament disrupted: Should Modi govt take Rahul Gandhis earthquake warning seriously?

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi. PTI

The cynics, non-believers, and rationalists who don't believe that an ordinary mortal has the potential to shake the earth either by words or by physical action should take it firsthand from Rahul Gandhi. There is a message for the believers in Hindu mythology also, none of the Dashavtars had the power to shake the earth at will, that too by uttering a few words. If Rahul comes true to his words, then he would become a person who would be forever revered by a huge mass of people.

"If they allow me to speak in Parliament you will see what an earthquake will come," Rahul told media persons outside Parliament.

The magnitude of the threat that his words implied didn't dawn on those who heard it there and all over the country via television and digital means. The Parliament House or Sansad Bhawan built in 1927 is an old structure and there have been real apprehensions that this grand building is unsafe and it was about time for the Parliament of India to move to shift to a new and modern mega structure. Imagine a situation when an earthquake strikes India with Lok Sabha in Parliament House as the epicentre.

Pakistan should take note of Rahul's words. It could well be time for the neighbour to rejoice. It need not pamper and train terrorists, give undue importance to army and ISI, wage a proxy war against India, send terrorists to bomb innocent civilians, army, security establishments and in turn be a hate figure for India and most of the world. It should somehow manage to create a situation when Rahul could speak in Parliament before the first league of the current session ends. With Parliament House as an epicentre of a high-intensity earthquake, then one need not say, the implications would be unimaginable.

The brass in Pakistan should note that they clearly have four days before them. Parliament will now open on Wednesday and Rahul will have an opportunity to speak. But if Rahul fails to speak on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for whatever reasons then Pakistan will have to ensure that his anger is sustained for another month-and-half, end of January when Parliament opens for the second round of Winter session.

But Rahul also has to play a role to make sure he causes an earthquake — order his party men and convince Trinamool Congress and CPM to let the debate on demonetisation start.

As for the Congress, it would ideally like him to shake the earth after the adoption of CWC recommendation of requesting his mother Sonia Gandhi to vacate her post of party president, which she currently occupies and anoint him to the Grand Old Party's throne. Even then the Congress would like that an earthquake of the nature Rahul wants never happens, for it would uproot all existing structures. The existing leadership can't claim immunity from the shaking tremors and devastation.

Or perhaps Rahul has the power and command to cause a kind of guided and controlled earthquake that has a devastating impact only for the ruling BJP and its leader Narendra Modi.

One could argue that Rahul's statement of causing an earthquake through a speech should not be taken in literal terms as in shaking of mother earth but go by its rationale — shake the ruling Modi regime in such a way that it is uprooted from power. Let's examine that potential.

The dedicated coterie to the Gandhi-Nehru family took Rahul's threat far too seriously and deserted Parliament House, perhaps rushing to their homes, in Delhi or in whatever far-flung states they belong to get their finest of dresses ready. They would surely like to save their lung power, regain their voices, be seen to be fresh, smartly dressed for the possible swearing-in when the change of regime happens after Rahul caused an earthquake and uprooted Modi's regime. Same was true for other opposition parties. Some ruling party MPs in Rajya Sabha perhaps thought it prudent to get away and discuss the possible future scenarios.

What else can explain only three Congress MPs were present in Rajya Sabha in the afternoon when it re-assembled on Friday, after Rahul's sound bite to the media. Thanks to the power of electronic and digital media that big breaking news on Rahul's claim had spread faster than wildfire. Lok Sabha was in any case adjourned till 11 am Wednesday. Without a quorum, at least 10 percent members total strength of the House (Article 100 of Indian Constitution) are to be present for the continuance of proceedings, the Chair after ringing the bell for three minutes quietly adjourned the House till 11 am Wednesday.

Rahul thinks that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is fearful of facing and his party MPs on the floor of the House because Congress vice-president's powerful oratory and substance of revealing that demonetisation was India's biggest ever scam.

All political parties in Parliament should make it possible for Rahul to speak. It is going to be an event, which every Indian would like to see — how an earthquake can happen and with what intensity. Modi government and the ruling BJP beware. The rest of the world would also be keenly watching the event to understand how the Congress party vice-president who till other day was considered listless suddenly acquired superhuman capacities, literal or otherwise.

Updated Date: Dec 09, 2016 22:44:50 IST