'I didn't sign affidavit': Chidambaram tweets clarification on Ishrat Jahan case

Ishrat Jahan's ghost is back to haunt P Chidambaram, screamed the headlines.

It was alleged that Chidambaram, during his tenure as Union Home Minister, had doctored the report about Ishrat Jahan to remove all references to the Lashkar-e-Taiba. Firstpost's Ajay Singh had contended that "the revelations of sarkari hanky-panky in the Ishrat Jahan affidavits filed before the Supreme Court" is an "inconvenient moment for Chidambaram that will not go away in a hurry".

On Monday, the first day of the second part of the Budget Session, Chidambaram took to social media to issue a point-by-point clarification:

As is to be expected from an eminent lawyer, his opening remarks were a thunderclap of sorts:


After which, he sought to quote another eminent personality (another play straight out of the lawyer's handbook):


And finally, support to the 'embattled' Raghuram Rajan (as these tweets would attempt to portray the RBI governor):


Now, on from the diversion to the issue at hand:


Which brings us to the second affidavit:

Ipso facto ergo sum?

Hopefully, we'll find out as this second part of the Budget Session stumbles on.

Updated Date: Apr 25, 2016 12:49 PM

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