Jaitley claims Rahul Gandhi sympathises with Maoists, militants in Jammu & Kashmir, Chidambaram calls it absurd, laughable

Former finance minister P Chidambaram, on Saturday, dubbed as "absurd and laughable" BJP leader Arun Jaitley's statement accusing Rahul Gandhi of sympathising with Maoists and militant groups in Jammu and Kashmir.

In a blog post titled 'Who Is Threatening Human Rights?' shared on Friday, Jaitley wrote about "jehadists" and Maoists and how they were being trained by "our western neighbour" to spread disaffection towards India. "For the past three years, terrorists up their activities in the months of April, May and June so that the economic lifeline of the Valley suffers in the tourism season," he wrote. "They terrorise courts; they kill editors; they kill innocent citizens."

Jaitley's piece also talked about how militant groups infiltrated human rights organisations. "Maoists started forming human rights organisations even at the state level and made non-weaponised ideological Maoists the face of these organisations," his blog read. "These activists were always in touch with the underground Maoist leaders."

Elaborating on his, he claimed that terror groups had managed to spread their "evil idea" by being able to coordinate with opinion makers in the West and by gaining the sympathy of Rahul Gandhi.

"Even though the Congress Party historically and ideologically would have been opposed to these groups, they have earned a sympathy in Rahul Gandhi’s heart," Jaitley claimed. "He had no qualms about joining those who raised subversive slogans at JNU and Hyderabad." He went on to claim that "political adventurists" such as the Aam Aadmi Party and Trinamool Congress only look for political opportunities in Maoists. "Our policy has to be to save the human rights of every Indian — be it tribal or Kashmiri — from terrorists," Jaitley said.       In response to Jaitley's statement, Chidambaram said: "The allegation that jehadists and Maoists have earned the sympathy of Rahul Gandhi is laughable and absurd. The Congress is stoutly opposed to the two groups."

Chidambaram said that the UPA government had fought the terror groups in Jammu and Kashmir and brought down the violence in the Valley substantially. He also pointed out that the Congress had lost its stronghold in Chhattisgarh because of Maoist violence, referring to the 2013 attack during which 27 people died after terror groups targetted a few members of the party in Sukma district's Darbha Valley.

Updated Date: Jun 24, 2018 11:39:19 IST