Oops: Twitter shows AAP's Meera Sanyal favoured Modi's Gujarat model

AAP, please remember that social media has an elephantine memory

Arvind Kejriwal goes to Gujarat in an attempt to debunk Modi’s claims on development.

The objective for the Gujarat visit, Kejriwal says, is different. "Modiji is telling people that his state is utopian. Education and health facilities are perfect. There 24*7 power supply. I just want to meet people and know if this is the truth. If it's not then the country should know about it," he told ET.

“So on Wednesday, as he stopped briefly at villages and small towns Kejriwal quizzed people about their local government schools and health dispensaries. At a small village called Yeswada, about 100 km away from Ahmedabad, he asked villagers whether they had seen any development in the last 10 years to which his audience said no. "Whatever development has happened is for the companies, not us," said a villager in the audience,” the ET report adds.

Image from Ibnlive

Image from Ibnlive

So are the claims are, indeed, tall stories?

Who will support Modi?

Meera Sanyal will. The same Meera Sanyal who joined the AAP and will contest from South Mumbai.

Meera Sanyal might have forgotten her trip to Gujarat in 2012 and her observations at that time, butTwitter remembers. It remembers precisely and embarrassingly.

“Now in Kutch Gujarat. Weather still pleasant, & roads in better shape than Mumbai ! Locals say enhanced investment post Bhuj quake, helped,” said a tweet.

“Gandhinagar, Amdavad's Gurgaon ! IIT Gandhinagar, Info city global IT hub, beautiful avenues - v well planned,” says another.


“Every village in Gujarat has 24x7 power courtesy Jyoti Gram Yojna. Solar not visible. Some villages have gas, but many still use firewood.”


There’s a lesson for politicians here. If you are a common-or-garden variety of politician, one who can change his or her view on issues depending on the convenience or the exigency, stay off social media.

Learn from Ms. Sanyal. Kejriwal attempts to embarrass Modi and Sanyal ends up supporting Modi and embarrassing her colleague, Kejriwal, instead.

Hat tip to Rahul Roushan for pointing these out on his Twitter feed.

Updated Date: Mar 07, 2014 11:34 AM

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