Not allowing Parliament to function is also important work, says BJP

They may be accused of wasting the taxpayer's money by preventing Parliament from functioning, but BJP's Arun Jaitley says that they are merely carrying out an important task that the Opposition is expected to perform.

"Its not that we have decided that no work will done(in the Parliament). What we are doing is very important work itself," Jaitley said to CNN-IBN.

 Not allowing Parliament to function is also important work, says BJP

A scene in the Rajya Sabha during Parliament's monsoon session in New Delhi on Friday. PTI Photo

When it was pointed out that it cost around Rs 1.7 crore per day to run Parliament which was being wasted, Jaitley said, "I think the benefits brought in the 2G case because of Parliamentary obstructionism was far higher than the kind of loss you are referring to."

"Because if the obstructionism that we did in December 2010 you had record collections in 3G auctions. Now with 14,000 crore as base price you will have record collection in the 2G auction," he added.

By obstructing Parliament, Jaitley said, they compelling the government to raise their standards of accountability.

"Because when corruption of this magnitude takes place, were you have a eight year delay in implementation of a policy and windfall gain given to 142 private parties, which results in a 1 lakh 85 thousand crore loss to the exchequer, then compelling the government to(raise) standards of accountability is important work," he said.

Jaitley completely rejected the idea of a Public Accounts Committee scrutinizing the CAG report on coal allocation, which is the standard parliamentary procedure, since the 2G PAC report is still not prepared.

"Our bitter experience says that report(CAG 2G report) goes to the PAC(Public Accounts Committee). And the Congress members stalemates the PAC and have not permitted the PAC report to come even now," Jaitley said.

Updated Date: Aug 24, 2012 16:43:40 IST