Not allowed to speak, BJP MLA Vijender Gupta stands on Delhi Assembly bench

BJP MLA Vijender Gupta is perhaps prone to 'high drama'. On Friday, Gupta, the Leader of the Opposition in Delhi Assembly, quickly stood up on the bench, amidst stirring scenes inside the assembly.

 Not allowed to speak, BJP MLA Vijender Gupta stands on Delhi Assembly bench

Vijender Gupta. Image courtesy Twitter/@ANI

Gupta, who was not allowed to voice his opinion by the Speaker Ram Niwas Goel during a special session on MPD (Master Plan of Delhi) lost his cool, climbed up the bench, even as other MLAs clamoured for him to sit down. Others, sensing a YouTube clip in the making, began filming the furore. Disinterested others just looked plain amused.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal was having none of Vijender Gupta's tantrums, who raised the issue of corruption in the Assembly. Kejriwal said, "I will give the fact finding report of the Jal Board, you give me the pension scam report that your wife is involved in."

Reacting on the issue on Times Now, BJP's Nupur Sharma said that Gupta's actions were unbecoming of an MLA, while Congress' Haroon Yusuf said that even as Kejriwal was making a mockery of democracy, there were other ways for Gupta to protest, "he can go sit in the well".

BJP's RP Singh who also appeared on the show backed Gupta saying, "if the speaker turned down your proposal, what else can you do?  We stand behind Gupta. the issue of corruption is being raised and he is not allowed to speak."

In 2015. the same Vijender Gupta was thrown out of Delhi Assembly after he entered into an argument with with AAP's women legislators, reported NDTVSpeaker Ram Niwas Goel had initially asked Gupta to leave the House till 4 pm, but when refused to comply, marshals were called in who carried Gupta out forcibly.

Updated Date: Jun 10, 2016 16:05:40 IST