North East Assembly Election results 2018 updates: BJP drubs Left in Tripura, gets alliance invite in Nagaland; Meghalaya hangs in balance

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North East Assembly Election results 2018 updates: BJP drubs Left in Tripura, gets alliance invite in Nagaland; Meghalaya hangs in balance
  • 22:30 (IST)

    BJP wins Tripura but Congress is the biggest loser not Left

    The TV debates today were centred on how BJP managed to script history in Tripura Assembly Polls through its active North East policy, sheer hard work and strategic booth-level management. Ending 25 years of uninterrupted rule of the CPM-led Left Front in the state was no small feat. 

    But an analysis of the breakup of the vote share shows the sheen of the spectacular win was earned at the cost of Congress rather than the Left. The BJP managed to swallow up the entire Opposition space rather than making any drastic inroads into the traditional Left vote base.

    Congress, which was the principle Opposition party in the outgoing Assembly, failed to open its account and was restricted to a meagre 1.8 percent of vote share. The party had managed to win 36.53percent votes in 2013 Assembly elections.   

  • 21:33 (IST)

    Telangana CM K Chandrashekhar Rao talks of third front amid BJP's commendable show in North East 

  • 21:28 (IST)

    Vote share divide in Tripura dampens BJP's claim of 'ideological shift'

    The BJP is jubilant after drubbing Left in its own bastion. "The party did not have even a single corporator in the state and all but one of our Assembly candidates could not even save their security deposits in last polls. From there to winning a clear majority is a huge achievement," Ravi Shankar Prasad told one of the TV channels. Likewise, Modi also said that Left isn't right for any part of India and the people were disenchanted with them. 

    However, while the party's performance was nothing less than spectacular, it would be wrong to say the state had an ideological turn-around within a span of five years.

    Election Commission data showed that if you don't factor in the alliance partners, BJP and CPM's vote share was very comparable: The BJP bagged 43 percent vote share while CPM had 42.7 percent votes and it was leading in the last remaining seat. The collective vote share of BJP + IPFT was 50.5 percent while CPI + CPM got 43.5 percent votes. 

  • 20:57 (IST)

    BJP confident of forming govt in Nagaland, Meghalaya, says JP Nadda; announces names of observers for three states

    Hours after results projected a clear picture in three northeastern states, Union minister JP Nadda said that his party was confident of forming a government in Tripura, Nagaland, and Meghalaya. 

    While the party has scored majority in Tripura, in Nagaland it is banking on the support of NPF. In Meghalaya the math is going to be tougher as Congress has emerged as the single largest party with 21 seats while BJP on its own could manage only 2 seats. It is looking to form an alliance to keep Congress out of power.                                                                    

  • 20:37 (IST)

    JD(U) Nagaland extends support to BJP

    JD(U) Nagaland said it will support BJP in forming a government, ANI reported. "This decision is taken after a serious consideration of the current verdict of the just declared results of the conducted general election to the 13th Nagaland Legislative Assembly & also to safeguard the interest of the National Democratic Alliance in Delh," the party said.

    According to Election Commission website, the party is leading in one seat. 

  • 20:22 (IST)

    BJP, Congress leadership scrambles in Meghalaya as state heads for hung Assembly

    With election the Congress emerging as the single-largest party in Meghalaya, the party today rushed two senior leaders to the northeastern state to explore possibilities of forming a government. Senior Congress leaders Ahmed Patel and Kamal Nath left for Shillong this morning to work out possible tie-ups with independents in Meghalaya to form a government there even as Nath claimed that the party was in touch with "associates."

    From the BJP side, Himanta Biswa Sarma, one of the most polished hand in the northeast politics, was rushed to feel around for alliance possibilities so as to keep Congress out of power. 

    Numerically, the Congress stands a better chance, simply because BJP has limited seats and thereby will have to strike the crucial balance between the ministerial ambitions of a larger number of allies. On the other hand, Sarma's expertise in the northeastern politics will favour BJP; while. Nath and Patel are veteran politicians, lack roots in the state. 

  • 20:01 (IST)

    Here's what the tally of all three states look like at 8.00 pm

  • 19:52 (IST)

    BJP Parliamentary meeting underway at BJP HQ as jubilant party workers celebrate Tripura win

  • 19:49 (IST)

    BJP used all powers to manipulate politics, people's mandate: CPI on North East polls

    The results in the northeast, including Tripura, show that the BJP has used all powers, including money, to manipulate politics and the people's mandate, CPI national secretary D Raja said today.

    He said the way the BJP has entered into an alliance with certain forces like the Indigenous People's Front of Tripura (IPFT) is highly questionable and exposes the BJP's hypocrisy.
    In its 25 years of rule in Tripura, the Left front has ensured harmony among all sections of people and given them good governance, and there are no allegations against it, Raja said.

  • 19:41 (IST)

    Tripura has joined the national centre stage: Ram Madhav

    BJP leader Ram Madhav, speaking to India Today, said that by voting for BJP Tripura has joined the national centre stage. The BJP leader was reacting to a question on the so-called ideological swing in the Left bastion.

    "We're extremely happy. We contested on 20 seats and have won 11 seats. CPM used goondaism & got rejected by people, we have only used democratic methods to contest this election. Congress is not relevant in Tripura and Nagaland," Madhav told. 

  • 19:19 (IST)

    CPM alleges electoral malpractices in Tripura; BJP too meets poll panel: India Today

  • 19:15 (IST)

    Shocked at Left's statements after poll loss; victory, defeat part of strategy: Narendra Modi

    "Leftist statement on today's verdict is shocking. Defeat should be taken in sportsman spirit," Modi said. The prime minister was apparently referring to the Left party's comments alleging election malpractices. 

  • 19:00 (IST)

    Some people rose in hierarchy but their stature diminished: Narendra Modi's swipe at Congress

    "There are some parties in India where steadily people rose in the ranks of hierarchy but their stature was diminished. Congress was never so diminished in size and state as it is today," Modi said. 

  • 18:54 (IST)

    Our North East win is 'Mandata' not 'Vendetta', says Narendra Modi

    "Be it Kerala, Bengal or Karnataka, the way two dozen workers were murdered there, when they can't fight to the face they stooped down to this. Still we maintained silence. When we take action they cry 'vendetta'. This isn't vendetta but a step for the betterment of nation. This is Mandata." Modi said.

  • 18:51 (IST)

    This victory has been achieved with limited resources: Modi

    This victory has been achieved with limited resources. We have charted the path of success "from (being) no-one to won" without using any celebrities, the prime minister said. 

  • 18:43 (IST)

    North East the focus of even Vastu shastra: Modi

    "I have heard that the northeastern corner is the most auspicious side of a home according to vastu. If we fix the north east the entire building will be improved. And now I am happy that north east is part of the vikas yatra," Modi said. 

  • 18:38 (IST)

    Left can't except defeat in sportsman spirit: Narendra Modi

    "Wins and defeat are the beauty of democracy. Change is the nature of democracy. But today I was shocked to see the statement of Left leaders. Defeat should be taken in sportsman spirit but even the Congress could not take defeat sportingly," Modi said. 

  • 18:33 (IST)

    Fear, confusion weapon of Left parties,says Modi, pays homage to BJP workers killed in North East

    "Fear and confusion are the weapons used by the Left parties. I would take this occasion to remember our BJP workers who were killed due to political violence," Modi said as he urgedworkers to observe two minutes of silence. 

  • 18:28 (IST)

    Narendra Modi pauses for azaan at the start of speech as mark of respect

    "The prime minister began his speech by thanking BJP chief Amit Shah and party workers, but stopped for a good three minutes when he heard the first strains of the evening call to prayer from a mosque nearby. During the ensuing period, barring a few exultant slogans, the assembled BJP cadre waited in silence for the muezzin to finish. The optics of the gesture are in keeping with Modi's recent measures of outreach; his visits to Oman, UAE and Palestine, his meeting with King Abdullah of Jordan, and most significantly, the noticeable lack of communally divisive rhetoric."

  • 18:23 (IST)

    Amit Shah tweets that BJP workers will celebrate "Vijay Utsav" across the nation on Sunday to celebrate the party's "outstanding performance" in the North East

  • 18:20 (IST)

    Watch Narendra Modi addressing BJP workers at the party headquarters New Delhi here:

  • 18:17 (IST)

    Narendra Modi to address BJP headquarters in New Delhi soon 

  • 18:12 (IST)

    How the two parties stack up in Tripura, Meghalaya, Nagaland

  • 18:02 (IST)

    Rijiju says BJP will form govt in Nagaland, Tripura; party silent on Meghalaya

    The BJP will form the next government in Nagaland with the help of other parties, Union minister and BJP in-charge for the state Kiren Rijiju said today, indicating that the party's erstwhile ally NPF may align with it. The BJP was part of the NPF-led government in Nagaland till the Assembly elections but parted ways to join hands with the newly-formed NDPP.​

    Asked whether the BJP and NDPP will be in a position to form the next government without the help of party's erstwhile ally Naga Peoples Front (NPF), which won in 17 seats and was likely to win eight others, Rijiju said."

    The NPF has already passed a resolution on alliance with the BJP". The BJP has won eight seats in Nagaland and was set to grab three others, while the NDPP won six and was set to win 11 more.

    The party could manage a clear majority in Tripura along with ally IPFT.

    Meanwhile, ​Meghalaya appeared set to have a hung Assembly. 

    While Amit Shah ruled out the possibility of the BJP, whose NDA partner National People's Party has won 19 seats, engaging in horse-trading in Meghalaya, he did not say anything specific on the issue. "We will have to wait for the full results to come out before coming to a decision," Shah said indicating that the party has not yet given up attempts to forge alliances to keep Congress out of power. 

    BJP and NPP had contested the elections separately. BJP has won two seats in the state where the Congress has won 19 seats so far and was ahead in two.

    Inputs from agencies

  • 17:41 (IST)

    BJP's rising graph in the North East

    The prime minister termed his party's show in the northeastern states a victory from "shoonya to shikar (zilch to summit)" and not wrongly so. 

    "This journey from ‘Shunya’ to ‘Shikhar’ (zero to top) has been made possible due to a solid development agenda and the strength of our organisation. I bow to every BJP karyakarta for working assiduously on the ground for years," Modi said in a series of tweets. Here is a graph mapping the performance of the saffron party over the past few elections. 

  • 17:24 (IST)

    Tripura, Nagaland victories endorsement of Modi's leadership

    BJP chief Amit Shah said today his party's victories in the Left's citadel Tripura and Nagaland were an endorsement of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's leadership by the people of the Northeast.  A jubilant Shah said the BJP's golden era would be when its wrests West Bengal, Odisha and Karnataka from rival parties.

    "It is a day of joy for me and crores of BJP workers. The victory of the BJP is important in many ways....It is an endorsement of the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi by the people of the Northeast," he told a press conference.

  • 16:51 (IST)

    Tally in all three North States as of 4.52 pm

  • 16:46 (IST)

    Amit Shah positive of wins in West bengal, Karnataka

    "Victory after victory is a positive sign. This has boosted our confidence even more for 2019. We will march towards Karnataka, with this massive victory with us," Shah said. 

  • 16:35 (IST)

    BJP workers sacrificed to establish BJP in Tripura: Amit Shah

    Amit Shah said that he would also like to remember the candidates who were killed in the political violence in North East. He said that the cadres' sacrifice has finally paid off.

  • 16:33 (IST)

    Mandate after mandate has been in the favor of Narendra Modi: Amit Shah

    "Even if we don't count Meghalaya, BJP and NDA has governance in 21 states across the nation today. Mandate after mandate has been in the favor of Narendra Modi Ji and his government North East needs development and peace," Amit Shah said.  

  • 16:28 (IST)

    Left not right for any part of India: Amit Shah

  • 16:26 (IST)

    Congress wiped out of North East India: Amit Shah

    "Congress could not even score a single seat in Nagaland and Tripura and their security will be confiscated in a lot of seats. In Meghalaya too, where they already had a government, we have a hung Assembly now," Shah said. He said that the Congress party has ignored tribals and the people of North East far years and this is the reason for their loss. 

  • 16:20 (IST)

    People stamped approval on Modi's North East development policy: Amit Shah

    He also said that the people have stamped their approval on the policies of Narendra Modi. He said that the results of all three states is a precursor to the Assembly elections in other states and the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. 

  • 16:14 (IST)

    Amit Shah thanks BJP's North East workers for their struggle to establish BJP

    It’s a proud moment for all of us. I want to thank the people of Meghalaya, Tripura & Nagaland for reposing their faith in PM Narendra Modi , Shah said. 

  • 16:04 (IST)

    Narendra Modi congrats BJP cadre for 'shunya to shikhar' Tripura win; claims 'Act East policy' paid off

    "Time and again, election after election, the people of India are reposing their faith in the positive and development oriented agenda of the NDA. People do not have the time or respect for negative, disruptive and disconnected politics of any kind," the prime minister tweeted. 

  • 15:25 (IST)

    Narendra Modi, Amit Shah expected to address party workers at 5 

  • 15:17 (IST)

    Congress veteran Tarun Gogoi says 'trends not surprising', accepts party lacked cadre on ground to win polls

    We knew we would perform poorly in Tripura and Nagaland. In Tripura, the BJP took away most of our strong candidates and in Nagaland, we weren't as active in our campaigning as we should have been. We will score a zero in both states. We lacked in organisational skills, and one can't achieve much at the last moment. The trends are not surprising.

    However, we were hopeful about Meghalaya, and the trends so far indicate we have a chance at forming the government, although I can't be a 100 percent sure.

    About the BJP emerging strong in these states, it is not a new phenomenon that Northeastern states have voted for the party in power at the Centre. Small states often do that, so it isn't a big deal. But after their recent losses in bypolls in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, BJP winning a few seats in the North East would not be of significance.

  • 15:08 (IST)

    Will Nagaland get its first woman MLA?

    Awan Konyak is leading in Aboi assembly constituency with 1320 votes against standing MLA Eshak Konyak (NPF). Awan’s father, Nyeiwang Konyak, four-time MLA and former education minister, had lost the 2013 polls by 693 votes. He passed away on 31 January this year. The state has historically had a poor show in terms of being gender representative in politics. 

    Since Nagaland was formed in 1963, only 19 women, including this year’s candidates, have stood for assembly elections. None has ever won.

    Five women were in fray this election despite the resistance of from hohos, or tribal bodies against woman representation in local body elections. 

  • 15:02 (IST)

    Amit Shah reaches BJP headquarters in Delhi amid rousing welcome

  • 14:54 (IST)

    Congress already in talks with associates in Meghalaya, positive to form govt: Kamal Nath

    Senior Congress leader and party's North East incharge Kamal Nath said that the Congress party expect to win around 25 seats and is the single largest party. "We are already in talks with our associates who have reassured us of their support in the last one hour. The BJP has just 2-3 seats and they are just trying to create mischief with those few seats, that's all," he said. 

  • 14:38 (IST)

    BJP workers break into celebrations outside party's Kerala unit office 

  • 14:32 (IST)

    BJP win in Tripura may have far reaching effects within Left-wing CPM

    Brinda Karat, expected to succeed Sitaram Yechury as the general secretary of the Communist party of India Marxist, was responsible for driving the campaigning and eletion strategy in Tripura. The BJP's lead in the state will not spell good news for the leader.  

    More importantly, if the BJP wins then the much contended question of adjustment with the Congress to stop the BJP will again come up. Yechury along with a large section of leaders from Bengal have been vocal about the adjustment with the Congress to stop the BJP.

    But his political line has been vehemently opposed by the party's Kerala unit along with politburo member Prakash Karat, known as a hardliner in the CPM. The CPM central committee had on 21 January voted against the draft political resolution pitched by Yechury proposing alliance with the Congress.

  • 14:18 (IST)

    BJP-IPFT combine set to end 25-year Left rule in Tripura

    The BJP-Indigenous People's Front of Tripura (IPFT) combine was leading in 40 seats and was set to end the 25-year uninterrupted rule of the CPI(M)-led Left Front in Tripura. Election in 59 seats for the 60-member Assembly was held on February 18. Polling was countermanded in one seat due to the death of a CPI(M) candidate.

    The BJP was leading in 32 seats with its ally IPFT ahead in 8 seats. The majority mark in the Assembly is 31. BJP state president Biplab Kumar Deb was leading from Banamlipur seat. The ruling CPI(M), which has been in power for the last 25 years, was ahead in 19 seats.

  • 14:03 (IST)

    Biplab Deb says expected such massive victory

    Speaking to the media, Biplab Kumar Deb says, "I expected a win of this margin." A confident Deb, who is also being touted as the probable new chief minister, thanked the party cadre. 

    BJP is leading in 26 seats and won 15 seats in Tripura, clearly overthrowing the Manik Sarkar-led CPM government. Even though the final results are not out yet, the mandate is seen as a huge blow to Manik Sarkar's 25 years of uninterrupted rule. 

  • 13:34 (IST)

    Manjul on Left's predicament in Tripura

    Cartoon by Manjul

  • Former Assam CM and Congress veteran Tarun Gogoi comments on trends so far:

    "We knew we would perform poorly in Tripura and Nagaland. In Tripura, the BJP took away most of our strong candidates and in Nagaland, we weren't as active in our campaigning as we should have been. We will score a zero in both states. We lacked in organisational skills, and one can't achieve much at the last moment. The trends are not surprising.However, we were hopeful about Meghalaya, and the trends so far indicate we have a chance at forming the government, although I can't be 100 percent sure," says Gogoi

    He adds, "About the BJP emerging strong in these states, it is not a new phenomenon that North Eastern states have voted for the party in power at the Centre. Small states often do that, so it isn't a big deal. But after their recent losses in bypolls in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, BJP winning a few seats in the North East would not be of significance."

  • 13:09 (IST)

    Ravi Shankar Prasad weighs in

  • 12:11 (IST)

    Tally till 12 pm

    In TripuraBJP surged ahead of the Left Front government and is leading in 41 seats. CPM is ahead in 16 seats. The sudden twist in the numbers for Tripura has come as a major boost for the saffron party. 

    In Meghalaya, Congress leads in 18 seats, NPP is ahead in 9 seats and BJP in 7. 

    In Nagaland, BJP+ is leading with 28 seats while NPF is ahead in 25 seats. 

  • BJP's performance in Tripura a tectonic shift in national politics

    It is now clear that the BJP will form a government, ending the Manik Sarkar era in Tripura. At 11.30am, the saffron unit is leading in 2/3rd of seats in the state which translates to a figure above 40. It right now looks too insurmountable a lead for CPM to catch as it leads in just 17 in the the 59-seat Assembly. 

    This result will be analysed threadbare but the impact of Tripura result, where the BJP contested 50 seats in 2013 and lost its deposit in 49, cannot be overstated. It points to a tectonic shift in national politics where BJP has emerged as the true national party. 

    It is easy to overlook, at this hour, the pivotal role played by Amit Shah who had spent the better part of three years in plotting Sarkar's downfall and RSS foot soldiers who have ensured booth-level mobility. In absence of these strategies, defeating a formidable opponent in terms of grassroots connect and ideological rival wouldn't have been possible. Rest assured, Tripura result will have repercussions far beyond the geographical boundaries of the state.

  • 11:48 (IST)

    Yogi Adityanath hails 'important day in Indian politics'

LIVE Counting updates: The BJP and its ally IPFT were set to end the Left Front's 25-year-rule in Tripura with a strong showing in the Assembly polls, while Meghalaya seemed to be headed for a hung House. In Nagaland, a close finish was on the cards, according to available trends.

The Manik Sarkar government seems to be on its way out in Tripura with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) taking a giant lead over the CPI (M). In Meghalaya, the Congress is leading, but the BJP is confident of forming the government along with UDP and NPP. Congress has already rushed senior leaders Kamal Nath and Ahmed Patel to Shillong to check horse-trading and hold alliance talks.

Himanta Biswa Sarma, the man behind the BJP’s performance in Tripura, said the alliance with IPFT (Indigenous Peoples Front of Tripura) was the game changer. Mukul Sangma (INC) wins in Songsak, Cherak Momin (INC) wins Kharkutta.

In Nagaland, the NPF+ seems set to retain power, marching past the BJP-NDPP alliance, whose CM face Neiphiu Rio has already won unopposed from Northern Angami-II.

Securing the North East is more important for BJP than it would appear at present in light of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. If by-election results in various states are anything to go by, BJP's seats in the core Hindi heartland are set to take a downward revision. Gujarat is a battle, Rajasthan is looking precarious, Madhya Pradesh isn't too promising either. In most of these states where BJP was the dominant force in 2014 and swept everything that came its way, it appears to have saturated.

Counting of votes cast in the Assembly elections in three states in the North East — Tripura, Meghalaya and Nagaland — began. Heavy security was deployed in Tripura and Meghalaya.

The counting will begin at 8 am and results are expected by the afternoon. Tripura went to the polls on 18 February while elections in Meghalaya and Nagaland were held on 27 February.

In Tripura, two exit polls have suggested that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) may dethrone the Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPM)-led government that has had an uninterrupted run since 1993.

Ahead of Saturday's counting, both the CPM and the BJP claimed that they will form the next government in the state.

CPM Tripura State Secretary Bijan Dhar said the Left parties were "more than confident" of forming the next government. BJP state President Biplab Kumar Deb said that people of Tripura wanted change and "strongly wished for a BJP government" in the state.

 North East Assembly Election results 2018 updates: BJP drubs Left in Tripura, gets alliance invite in Nagaland; Meghalaya hangs in balance

File image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP chief Amit Shah. PTI

The party had contested 50 seats in the last assembly polls in 2013 and its candidates forfeited their deposits on 49 seats. With 1.87 percent of votes, it failed to win any seat. The CPM had won 49 of the 55 seats it contested while the Congress managed to win 10 out of 48 seats it contested.

Despite large-scale snags in EVMs and VVPATs (Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail), over 92 percent (excluding 50,770 postal ballots) of Tripura's 2,536,589 voters cast their votes in a peaceful election.

Balloting in Charilam has been deferred to 12 March after the death of a CPM candidate.

JanKiBaat-NewsX Exit poll had predicted that the BJP-IPFT alliance in Tripura would win 35-45 seats with a vote share of 51 percent while that by AxisMyIndia had predicted that the alliance will get 44 to 50 seats with a vote share of 49 percent.

A total of 292 candidates, including 23 women and many independents, are in the fray in the state.

The ruling CPM has fielded 56 candidates, leaving one seat each to its Left Front partners — the Communist Party of India, Forward Bloc and Revolutionary Socialist Party.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is contesting in 50 seats and left nine seats for its ally, the Indigenous People's Front of Tripura (IPFT).

The Congress fielded candidates for all 59 constituencies but one of its candidates withdrew his nomination and joined the BJP. The Trinamool Congress has fielded 24 candidates.

In Meghalaya, which saw around 84 percent voting, the contest involves the ruling Congress, BJP, National People's Party (NPP) and the newly floated People's Democratic Front.

Polling in Williamnagar constituency of the state was countermanded following the death of Nationalist Congress Party candidate in an IED blast.

The CVoter exit poll has predicted the ruling Congress suffering some setback with its tally coming down to 13-19 from 29 while the BJP is set to win 4-8 seats and around 16.5 per cent of vote share. It said the local National People's Party (NPP) may get 17-23 seats.

In 2013, the BJP had badly lost all 13 seats it contested with a vote share of 6.2 percent. The NPP had won only two seats out of 32 it contested.

In Nagaland, the BJP is contesting the polls in alliance with the newly-floated Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP) and the two are contesting 20 and 40 seats respectively.

The CVoter survey has predicted a victory for the BJP-NDPP with the combine likely to get 25-31 seats with 38.4 percent vote share.

It predicted that the ruling Naga People's Front (NPF) will bag 19-25 seats with a vote share of 27.1 percent. NPF had won 38 seats and 47.65 vote share in 2013 elections.

This time around, the Congress tally may come down to 0-4 seats, according to Cvoter survey.

The voting in the state was held in 59 of the total 60 constituencies as three-time Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio of the Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDDP) has been declared elected unopposed from Northern Angami-II constituency.

Follow all the LIVE updates from Nagaland here

Follow all the LIVE updates from Tripura here

Follow all the LIVE updates from Meghalaya here

With inputs from IANS

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