Normally vitriolic Giriraj Singh surprises with condemnation of attack on Delhi church

Normally known for courting controversy, Union minister and BJP leader Giriraj Singh has surprised his detractors by holding a rally in the area where the St Sebastian Church was gutted in Delhi and condemning the incident. The minister said that the attack on the church on Monday was an attack.

An article in The Indian Express, Giriraj Singh was quoted as saying:

"What happened at the church was an attack. I criticise this. There is no space for any sort of mischief at places of worship."

The leader also tweeted photos from the rally:

The St Sebastian Church in Delhi's Dilshad Garden area caught fire and was gutted on Monday. Reiterating that he was a secular leader, Giriraj Singh told the rally that he did not agree with "politics of appeasement" which the Congress practiced.

 Normally vitriolic Giriraj Singh surprises with condemnation of attack on Delhi church

Union minister Giriraj Singh. PTI

The Union minister made the headlines earlier this year after his controversial remark about those who opposed Narendra Modi's prime ministerial candidature. At a rally, Singh had said those who do not want Modi as the country's Prime Minister should go to Pakistan.

Giriraj did not stop there. In May 2014, the BJP leader had said that terrorists belong to one community. And in another

Recently, in another scathing remark, Giriraj targeted Aam Aadmi Party chief Arvind Kejriwal and called him a shape-shifting demon.

A die-hard Modi loyalist, the Bihar leader even slammed former Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar for his antipathy towards the Prime Minister.

It is believed that despite his proclivity to make unwarranted statements, he enjoys the Prime Minister’s affection due to his unqualified support for Modi when the party was still divided over whether to elevate him as its prime ministerial candidate.

Updated Date: Dec 03, 2014 17:04:28 IST