No fresh conditions, PDP has to take call on govt in J&K: BJP

Jammu: Claiming no fresh conditions have been placed by either of the alliance partners for government formation in Jammu and Kashmir, BJP on Tuesday expressed hope that PDP will take a call to break the political stalemate.

PDP chief Mehbooba Mufti. AFP

PDP chief Mehbooba Mufti. AFP

"Our stand is clear on it (government formation). It's they (PDP) who have to take a call. I hope they will take a call," Leader of BJP Legislature Party Nirmal Singh said.

Singh, who was deputy Chief Minister in the 10-month PDP-BJP government led by Mufti Mohmmad Sayeed, said, "They (PDP) have to choose the leader of the party and then we will move ahead (towards government formation)".

"There is no fresh condition from BJP or PDP. Whatever is there it is in the Agenda of Alliance (AoA). PDP said it (AoA) is sacred."

He was replying to questions about the delay in the government formation and on the PDP demands regarding CMBs.

"We have also heard about CBMs through the media. Nothing was told to us directly (by PDP). I don't think such a thing (demands of CBMs by PDP) is there."

"The government can be formed. The possibility is increasing. The AoA is the roadmap for governance," he said.

Singh said other issues, including Rs 80,000 crore package the Prime Minister announced, are to be implemented and efforts are to be made.

"We have to see how we can we speedily move forward on AoA. The issues out of AoA should also be talked about," he added.

He said the BJP-PDP alliance is "neither a political nor an ideological" alliance. "We took two months to formulate the AoA. Each word was discussed. It was a well thought out plan. We discussed what is the requirement of the people of J&K. We made good achievements in 10 months on the basis of AoA," he said.

Asked if the two parties were failing in their duty towrds the people of J&K as the delay in government formation has bred uncertainty, he said, "Mehbooba Ji has the realisation. When time comes things will move further."

On the issue of assurance sought by PDP, he said he does not know about it. "BJP has not heard about it in a formal way. We hope for a positive development soon".

"There is always a mutual assurance over it. But maximum things in AoA ARE to be done by the state government. AoA is itself an assurance. Rs 80000 crore is a step towards that assurance. Everything is in writing. BJP has vetted it at the highest level. It was done after giving proper thought. It was not an easy thing for BJP. We formed alliance keeping in view of aspiration of the people of J&K," he said.

Asked whether a formal dialogue between PDP and BJP over government formation has began, he said, "We have worked together in the past and have been talking with each other. It is held at the Delhi-level. Last month Ram Madav Ji had come and held discussion".

"We would have reviewed performance of the government (by the year-end), had Mufti sahib been alive, and timelined the projects," he said.

Singh further said "We have a clear stand. We said that alliance is there and it is intact. No one (coalition partners) has denied it. AoA, they (PDP) said, is a sacred and it is our commitment. The AoA is our trust and faith in each other. And the restoration of trust is Rs 80000 cr (package)".

He said there is full support and blessings of the Central government.

"The PM had said Rs 80000 crore is a beginning. You (J&K) spend it, provide us Utilisation Certificates and take more money. The door of exchequer is open for the people of J&K, PM had said," Singh said.

"It is a matter of trust. We have trust. Mufti sahib had trust in Centre and people of J&K have trust and we will continue to move forward with that trust," he added.

On the issues of AFSPA, he said both the parties have explained their stand on it in AoA.

Asked if the Kashmiri youths allegedly involved in the JNU incident are not being touched because of the stalemate on government formation, he said, "(There is) nothing like that.

Law takes its course. Anti-national activity whether it is in J&K or anywhere else would be dealt with firmly."


Updated Date: Mar 08, 2016 19:17 PM