NDA's 4th anniversary: Opposition terms BJP 'Betrayal' Janata Party, Rahul Gandhi rates Modi 'F' on most counts

New Delhi: The Opposition launched a multi-pronged attack on the Narendra Modi-led government on its fourth anniversary on Saturday, saying it "failed" to fulfil its promises, had no achievement to highlight, and that the prime minister-BJP president duo was "harmful" for the country.

The Congress described the four years of the BJP government as one of "treachery, trickery, revenge and lies", while the Left parties, the SP and the BSP said all sections of the society suffered due its "failures".

While the Congress described BJP as "Betrayal Janata Party" for failing to deliver on its promises, party chief Rahul Gandhi led the attack by mocking the NDA government's performance and calling Narendra Modi a "master communicator" who struggled with complex issues and had a short attention span.

 NDAs 4th anniversary: Opposition terms BJP  Betrayal Janata Party, Rahul Gandhi rates Modi F on most counts

File image of Congress president Rahul Gandhi. PTI

Taking to Twitter, he gave grades to the BJP-led NDA government in a mock report card of the prime minister. While he gave 'F' to the Modi government for agriculture, foreign policy and job creation, he gave 'A+' to the prime minister for 'slogan creation and self-promotion'.

"4 year Report Card. Agriculture: F, Foreign Policy: F, Fuel Prices: F, Job Creation: F, Slogan Creation: A+, Self Promotion: A+, Yoga: B-. Remarks: Master communicator; struggles with complex issues; short attention span," Gandhi said on Twitter.

Separately at a joint press conference, Congress leaders Ghulam Nabi Azad, Ashok Gehlot and Randeep Surjewala released a booklet, titled 'India Betrayed', to mark the occasion, in which it posed 40 questions and alleged that an atmosphere of fear and hatred had been created under the NDA rule.

The Congress observed "Betrayal Day" to mark four years of the Modi government by organising protests in all district headquarters in the country. The party also released a short-film on the prevailing atmosphere in the country.

"People now know that the Modi-(BJP president) Amit Shah duo is harmful for the country. The four years of the Modi government can be defined in four terms -- treachery, trickery, revenge and lies," AICC communications in-charge Surjewala said.

He said while the prime minister is in perpetual campaign mode, he refuses to understand peoples' pain and he has accumulated publicity but India only accumulated pain.

Referring to alleged atrocities on Dalits, tribals, minorities and women, Leader of the Opposition in Rajya Sabha Ghulam Nabi Azad told reporters, "Under Modi's Government, nobody is safe. Everybody is having sleepless nights including all of you. Whatever you think, you cannot express. Whatever you want to write, you cannot write."

Highlighting the importance of national security, he said Modi exploited this "to the hilt" as this was one of the major points which he tried to score during election campaign and got maximum votes on it.

"National security does not mean only territorial integrity of the country. National security means whether we have peace and harmony in the country, but that is least at the moment. National security also means whether downtrodden, minorities, SCs, poor people and have-nots are secure, but they are not," he told reporters.

AICC General Secretary Ashok Gehlot said an "atmosphere of fear, hatred and violence has been created in the last four years of the Modi government".

"There has never been such betrayal with the people. One has never had such a prime minister in the history of the country, who has lowered the dignity of the office he holds. He speaks lies all the time and misleads people," he alleged.

BSP chief Mayawati slammed the Modi government for its “historic failure” on dealing with issues concerning the common man.

"The four years of Narendra Modi government prove that it has historically failed on the issues of inflation, poverty, unemployment, welfare work and other issues which affect the life of the people in the country," Mayawati said, as she accused the government of misusing official machinery to weaken opposition parties.

Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav hit out at the Modi government, alleging that the poor, Dalits and women suffered during the last four years.

Taking to Twitter, the former Uttar Pradesh chief minister raised the issue of bank frauds and alleged that the corrupt were allowed to flee the country. He said farmers, businessmen and unemployed masses were reeling from the decisions of the Modi government.

The Left claimed that the BJP government had nothing to show for its four years at the Centre except "failures and rhetoric" and should be ousted from power.

The CPM alleged that these four years had seen an "unprecedented assault" on India's social fabric and the livelihood of the people.

"These four years have seen an unprecedented assault on India as a country and the livelihood of our people. There has been a four-pronged attack that continued to intensify by the day during these four years," CPI-M leader Sitaram Yechury said

CPI leader D Raja alleged that the BJP-RSS combine had unleashed "fascism, fear and intimidation".

"There is no other achievement. It is full of failures. All we got is rhetoric in these years...All this rhetoric and there is nothing to celebrate and term as achievements," he said, adding that Modi had "not even respected his own promises".

Updated Date: May 26, 2018 21:51:09 IST