Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi should stop the irrelevant war of words, India deserves better

Rahul Gandhi is the great grandson, grandson and son of Indian prime ministers. That is a unique legacy and so be it. But it is also in the past and now consigned to history. Like Macbeth, he may be hailed as a 'thane' of the Congress minority party but he is not the democratic king. In fact, his party hasn't even got 10 percent of the Lok Sabha seats, so the tradition is moot.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a roll and owns the House at present with seven times that strength. For this reason alone, it is baffling that he so frequently takes the bait and engages in a dismal thrust and riposte of insults with someone who is nowhere near his stature.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi. File photo. PTI

Prime Minister Narendra Modi. File photo. PTI

Modi has a reputation, on the one side, where he has turned silence into a virtue and a mystique all his own. It has given him a cloak of deep Rodin like thought as if behind the sounds of silence there are restless streets he walks alone, planning the architecture of India's future.

Then suddenly, and far too often, the Congress thorn under his saddle pricks him into descending from Olympus to the down and dirty.

It is not edifying. The comment on Manmohan Singh wearing a raincoat when having a shower might have been provoked by Singh's own rudeness but why give it credence. Especially, when the analogies are so tacky.

Then we have Rahul saying Modi peeps into bathrooms which is such a tasteless remark.

The prime minister then indicates that Rahul is the most joked about politician in the country and go to Google and confirm it.

Is this governance and if so, where is the depth and the dimension in such pointless and irrelevant badmouthing, that you begin to wonder if the BJP in some absurd fashion is actually keeping the Congress party alive on artificial respiration.

Modi also made a connection to the Uttarakhand earthquake, linking its occurrence to the gods being angry with the way the Congress state was being run. That really either just simply underscores the lack of respect for rural intellect or indicts Modi for making light of a natural act with a potential for catastrophe.

It was also a swipe at Rahul for his remark in the Winter Session of Parliament about "a quake coming if he opened his mouth about the prime minister and graft."

What the heck does a seismic tremor have to do with political campaigning? Are we saying that if the Congress is toppled, earthquakes will never occur again or are we dredging into the past simply to make some tenuous connection with the undergrad commentary of Rahul, thereby lending him a certain credence purely by acknowledging him?

Obviously, Modi's flippant remark is picked up like a rugby ball and the Congress runs with it with the chief minister of the state promptly tweeting at the insensitivity of the remark.

For sheer bad timing, since the earthquake hit hours before the comment, it hit the bell. No way Rahul would leave the opportunity so off he went charging Modi with insulting the feelings of the people of Uttarakhand.

Two days prior to this nonsense, Rahul gets his media coverage by announcing Donald Modi Trump as the doppelganger for the new US president.

Enough already, India deserves better, it truly does and the ball lies deep in Modi's court. He is the bigger man in more ways than one and he has to pull this dialogue to a higher level. Stuff about dogs and raincoats and bathrooms becoming daily cheap shots, truly this does no one any good and it is getting us all dragged down into the gutter.

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Updated Date: Feb 12, 2017 23:52:26 IST

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