Modi unveils Gujarat manifesto, says 'this govt knows to get work done'

Narendra Modi focused on agriculture, health and 'youth led development' while unveiling his manifesto for the Gujarat elections, scheduled to take place on 13 and 17 December.

"Gujarat has seen development because of the various plans we've executed.  Every party uses the term 'youth development', but in Gujarat,our plan is 'youth led development,'" he said.

However, his plans seem to concentrate most on agricultural development. His manifesto promised that power generation would be doubled, while increasing land under irrigation by 16 lakh hectares.

"We have laid out all the technologies that our farmers need to increase agricultural production. The govt. will share the interest burden of farmer loans. In the next five years, our plan is to make Gujarat the leading textile producer in the country", he said.

 Modi unveils Gujarat manifesto, says this govt knows to get work done

Modi harped on development, agriculture and health: AFP

He also spoke about plans to make medical facilities more accessible in the state: "Super specialty hospitals are planned in Vadodara, Rajkot and Surat while we also look at how we can provide free medical treatment to the people of the state."

Harping on Gujarat government's ability to get work done, he provided examples of previously fulfilled promises: "We promised 22 lakh pucca houses last time and we did it. This time, I promise the building of at least 50 lakh pucca houses. This government has mastered how to get work done."

However, Modi appeared to be pretty snappy when he was asked questions over national issues. He also refused to give any budget estimates for his vision: "This is not my budget speech. The party is currently looking at a vision. I cannot provide any estimates. This vision is for the six crore people living in Gujarat. My manifesto is only for Gujarat, so I'm speaking only for Gujarat. I can promise that it will raise a belief in the people of the state."

He also refused to share any views on FDI retail. "Indian govt. has not called me for views on FDI in retail. When they do, I will let them know what I think about it", he said.

Modi also spoke about how his 'Vibrant Gujarat' summits have made the state world famous. But he said that if they wanted to continuously develop, then focus should be given on scale, skill and speed.

The 'khel mahakumbhs' in Gujarat have been met with positive reaction and Modi also said: "We have also promoted sport all over the state. Gujarat also won a volleyball c'ship-- something that never happened before!"

Ending his speech, Modi said that he was confident that people will give the BJP another chance to lead Gujarat to 'newer heights'.

Updated Date: Dec 03, 2012 15:08:45 IST