Modi govt taking anti-working class steps to serve corporate interests: CPI

Chennai: CPI National Secretary D Raja on Sunday charged the NDA government with taking "anti-working class" measures in the name of reforms, one example of which was to try and "privatise PSUs like the banking sector".

"BJP government is trying to change the labour laws in the name of reforms and they are taking all anti-working class measures. The Modi government wants to privatise Public Sector Undertakings, including banking sector to serve the interest of corporate houses," Raja told PTI.

"Now the working class has to fight all anti-working class policies of the Modi government," he said.

Referring to RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan's "one-eyed king" remarks, Raja said though BJP ministers have criticised him over it, "his (Rajan's) comments explain everything. The economy is in a bad shape now".

Communist Party of India Leader D Raja (L) listens to CPI(M) General Secretary Prakash Karat speak during a conference on "Indo-US Nuclear Deal- Implications for Democracy and Sovereignty" in New Delhi, 13 September 2007.  In a clear message that it will pull the rug if the government went ahead with the Indo-US nuclear accord, the CPI (M)  bluntly told the Congress-led coalition that it would not be there to help it seal the deal.  Karat made this clear after strongly opposing the 123 agreement and India's burgeoning strategic and military partnership with the US.   AFP PHOTO/ Prakash SINGH / AFP PHOTO / PRAKASH SINGH

CPI leader D Raja. AFP

Taking a dig at DMK and AIADMK, he said both the parties have "failed" the people of Tamil Nadu and new voters were looking forward for an alternative in the form of People's Welfare Front, of which his party is a constituent.

"DMK criticises AIADMK for failing people and AIADMK criticises DMK for failing people. But both parties have failed the people. It is time to move forward for another level of development and this People's Welfare Front-DMDK-TMC combination is a viable alternative," he said.

"I think people of Tamil Nadu, particularly new voters look forward to this front for a change and alternative," he said.

On increase in the fuel prices yesterday he said, "We condemn the increase in fuel prices. The Modi government has increased the prices of diesel and petrol. Whenever there is a fall in prices in the international market, it's not shared with the people in the country. This we condemn," he said.

Updated Date: May 01, 2016 16:57 PM

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