Mehbooba Mufti following Ajit Doval's doctrine, not Agenda of Alliance: Omar Abdullah

Jammu: Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah on Saturday alleged that the Mehbooba Mufti government was following the "doctrine of National Security Advisor (NSA) Ajit Doval" not the Agenda of Alliance.

"I want to tell you that you (Mehbooba) are not running the government as per the Agenda of Alliance (AOA) but you are running it as per Ajit Doval's doctrine. It is the truth. Please accept this," he said in the Legislative Assembly in Jammu.

The National Conference chief said, "Please go to the YouTube and see the lecture of Doval which has 5 or 6 parts and it is 2010's lecture not a new one—2010 October 10. His lecture is based on the analysis of 2010 unrest and how to deal about it and the relation between India and Pakistan."

"What Doval sahib has said in 2010 and the way you are dealing Jammu and Kashmir, there is no difference. There is no iota of difference."

 Mehbooba Mufti following Ajit Dovals doctrine, not Agenda of Alliance: Omar Abdullah

File image of Mehbooba Mufti. AFP

The NC MLA went on to "It deals with how to ignore the political, ideological and philosophical side of Jammu and Kashmir. Nowhere should it be mentioned that Jammu and Kashmir is a political issue and it should be dealt politically and how we should deal with the Pakistan and how we should marginalise Hurriyat Conference - all such things are recordedin these lecture."

"I want to tell you either run the state as per the Agenda of the Alliance in which you have talked about the high degree of vision—dialogue, peace process, unity and lot more or follow the footprints on which you are moving forward as both of them are contradictory," Omar told Mehbooba in the House.

"Either you can run the Agenda of Alliance or Ajit Doval's doctrine because there is no common linkage between the two. It is you and your colleagues who have to decide which way to follow and which roadmap you want to bring in to the state of Jammu and Kashmir," he said.

"Please take this House into the confidence and tell us that there is only one doctrine that is Agenda of Alliance. Everybody wants peace and normalcy in the state," he added.

On the government's performance, he said, "Nearly two years have been completed by your government but what you have been given to the people of the state, what have we achieved."

Questioning the formation of SITs to probe deaths during the unrest, Omar said, "This House discussed the 2016 Kashmir unrest. When you say there is no need of judicial probe as the government has set up Special Investigation Teams (SITs) to probe the deaths in Kashmir unrest. These SITs suit you only. Where have the previous probe report of SITs gone."

"During my time you had no faith in such probe panels. When more than 100 people have lost their lives and police is a party in it how can you hand over the probe to SITs. If you are convinced that there is no need of judicial probe panel you convince us we will live it."

"For the death of one person during his tenure, you demanded judicial probe and now when such a large number of people have lost their lives you are giving the charge of the probe to police only. Please tell me how justified is this," Omar said.

On the issue of Agenda of Alliance, he said, "There is no difference between your speech in last year with this year. You have been always justifying why we have done this on the plea that it accommodates every aspects of Jammu and Kashmir."

"There is no objection to your Agenda of Alliance. Nobody in this house has raised any objection on this. We have never raised any objection on its contents but we have raised question on its delivery."

Omar said, "We have said that you have shown the people your Agenda of Alliance but failed to deliver it on the ground. We don't want to go into details where from you have brought which point of its agenda."

"When you entered into the alliance with BJP and you said that we have entered into the alliance to get Rs 40,000 crores relief for flood affected people, where is that relief I want to question you? You have yourself accepted in Assembly and Council that you have failed to provide relief to flood affected people," he added.

"Naturally questions would be raised on Agenda of Alliance. Tell me which point of these agendas would you implemented on the ground during last two years," he said.

"As per my information, there is nothing such aspect seen on the ground. You are not running the government as per the Agenda of Alliance. If you would have been running the state as per the Agenda of Alliance there would have not a situation erupted like six months long unrest," the NC chief said.

Taking a dig on the Deputy Chief Minister's remarks about Burhan's killing, he said, "You are creating a confusion in the security forces particularly police force."

On the issue of Mehbooba called soft to separatists, Omar said, "Before you took over the Chief Minister you have been doubted as soft to separatists by some quarters and soft to militants as well. But you proved them wrong by hundred per cent".

"The number of militants killed by security forces in 2016 has been hardly eliminated in such a large number in previous years since 2008," he added.

Omar said "It is impossible that you are inclined to be soft to separatists. If you would have been soft to separatists and militants, it was impossible that such a large number of militants would have been killed in 2016".

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Updated Date: Jan 29, 2017 10:11:33 IST