MCD Election 2017 Results: Big win for BJP proves party is reaching stature enjoyed by Congress in 1950s

Early trends suggest (Bharatiya Janata Party) BJP is romping home and is set to record a third successive victory in the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) elections. As per latest figures from ABP News, the party is sweeping the polls and is set to clinch 180 out of 272 seats, bettering its best ever tally of 164, achieved in 2007.

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and Congress are jostling for second place, and are currently leading in 42 and 36 seats respectively. While AAP may be spared the ignominy of finishing third, Congress seems to have recovered some of its lost votebank.

But there are clear indications that BJP is entering a phase similar to the Congress from 1950 to 1990, where it dominated national politics. Moreover, it would also be more evidence that Narendra Modi's magic has gripped the nation.

Chart 2

BJP is seen retaining all three municipalities — East, North and South Delhi. In the north, it's seen bettering its 2012 performance by 10 seats, leading in 69 seats as against the 59 it won five years ago. Its best performance is being witnessed in the south, where it could gain as much as 26 seats. In the east, however, where Bhojpuri star Manoj Tiwary's presence was believed would help the party score among Purvanchali voters, the party is getting seats similar to what it managed in 2012.

North Delhi Municipal Corporation
Party 2012 2017
BJP 59 69
INC 29 12
AAP 0 18
Others 16 4
Total 104 103
South Delhi Municipal Corporation
Party 2012 2017
BJP 44 70
INC 29 13
AAP 0 16
Others 31 5
Total 104 104
East Delhi Municipal Corporation
Party 2012 2017
BJP 39 41
INC 19 11
AAP 0 8
Others 6 3
Total 64 63

Compared to 2012, Congress is losing closer to 40 seats, and these are being picked up by AAP. The two parties have similar voting segments: Poor, downtrodden, Dalits and Muslims. Others — comprising BSP, Independents and other smaller parties — are also faring poorly, losing close to 45 seats. This is resulting in 40 seats more for BJP. Swaraj Party also failed to connect with the voters.

Rebellion in AAP has started, with Bhagwant Mann alleging the party lost in Punjab earlier this year because it didn't project a chief ministerial candidate. He also criticised party chief Arvind Kejriwal's charge of EVM tampering charge.

BJP has claimed the results are a referendum on Kejriwal's arrogance and poor governance; AAP has indicated the party has lost because of EVM tampering, without realising that any drama over EVM tampering will not go down well with the public.

Narendra Modi and AmitShah will be over the moon with this performance. The party is riding high on Modi's image and governance of the last three years, his non-corruptible regime and the TINA (There Is No Alternative) factor. The BJP bandwagon is hard to beat at this moment.

Updated Date: Apr 26, 2017 10:53 AM

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