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Mani Shankar Aiyar has lost it, why else will he be so casually colloquial about Modi in Pak?

Somewhere Mani Shankar Aiyar has maybe lost his marbles. Like the muse they just flew away. Zip!

Aiyar went to Pakistan and embarrassed the nation like no one else, almost as if he was engaged in the 'Stupidity Stakes' and had to beat Salman Khurshid for the silly statements he had made a few days earlier. Since nothing happened to Khurshid by way of chastisement, Aiyar thought he would go 'one better.'

If you watch the tape of this panel discussion there is no ambivalence. Aiyar clearly said that Modi had to be removed for the Indo-Pakistan talks and peace to move forward. By inference, he indicted the Indian Prime Minister as a warmonger.

It is unbelievable, in the extreme, that he would be so thoughtless especially when on Pakistan soil... that anchor on TV was creaming himself with glee after Aiyar blundered on like a train that has gone off its tracks at full speed. The panel was ecstatic. Here was a high profile Indian sitting in Pakistan, badmouthing the Prime Minister of India, what could be more fun for them.

It is utterly pointless trying to recoup lost ground and trying to explain what you meant after things went out of control. You did this to yourself Mr Aiyar... you have given comfort to the enemy and any way you hack this onion you are open to charges of conspiracy with the foe. How dare you speak for the country or denigrate Modi in this fashion and, through him, the people of India.

 Mani Shankar Aiyar has lost it, why else will he be so casually colloquial about Modi in Pak?

Congress leaders Mani Shankar Aiyar and Salman Khurshid. AFP

Your blather on the one side and on the other the courage of Col Santosh Kumar who died of bullet wounds on that border two days ago. Who do we salute, Mr Aiyar...you have any more words of wisdom for us?

Only in India, with our short memory and the suddenness with which even the most indiscreet of actions are forgotten or shelved in a couple of days or overtaken by fresher events, would you even get away with it. To let down the duly elected government and encourage its departure and link it to better relations is the basis of sedition and treachery. In many countries you would have been branded a Benedict Arnold...that is the elected government of India and that is the Prime Minister...what were you thinking. Even your voice is laced with contempt and the way you address him shows a lack of civility.

What happens to people who have walked the corridors of power that they begin to con themselves into believing they have a different set of rules? So much for a diplomatic career.

Did he think he was improving the chances of the Congress by giving us his intellectual assessment sitting in Pakistan? This is so outside any acceptable contours for a faux pas that it is difficult to even comment upon it.

There is also a fair confidence in such people that nothing will happen, there will be no consequences and such a massive rudeness will drift into the past like a morning mist.

They are TV and media junkies and they are not only becoming dangerous but they need to be increasingly out of line to get attention. Mere rudeness or rabble rousing no longer attracts the public.

How can you go to Pakistan and talk such tripe? And be so casually colloquial in your speech? Has Mr Aiyar forgotten that during the Congress rule we had two major wars and no great initiatives at peace, starting from the Shimla summit. It always went downhill and now you sit there as if you were the great fount of wisdom and you let the country and the Prime Minister down without any great context.

Either Mr Aiyar is engaged in some devious plot or he has gone senile. I think the latter.

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Updated Date: Nov 19, 2015 11:36:31 IST

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