Lok Sabha elections in March 2014? Govt says no

Unable to push through any legislation, a situation that is only likely to get worse given the party's loss in four states, the UPA government could take a final step to allow elections to be held in March or April 2014.

A Times of India report quoted unnamed government sources as saying that the UPA government is planning to hold the vote on account in January 2014 with the likely date between 13 and 17 January.

The vote on account would set the stage for the next national general elections that could be held around late March or early April, the report stated.

 Lok Sabha elections in March 2014? Govt says no


The UPA government has managed to push through crucial legislation such as the Food Security Bill and Land Acquisition Bill despite stormy sessions of Parliament but after its loss in four state elections, the UPA could find it harder to pass other flagship legislation.

While it is hoping to push through legislation including the bill for the creation of Telangana and the Lokpal Bill, both of which it is hoping will yield dividends in the next elections, it has to negotiate a largely unsupportive opposition and its own waning strength.

"The fractious 15th Lok Sabha, marked by UPA-opposition clashes over cases of corruption in high places like 2G, Commonwealth Games and Coalgate, will meet for the last time in mid or end-January to pass a vote on account, clearing the way for Lok Sabha elections by late March or early April," the TOI report said. 

The Congress's own MPs from the Seemandhra region in Andhra Pradesh have moved a no-confidence motion against the government. While the disgruntled MPs are unlikely to be able to collect enough strength -- the Trinamool Congress and the BJP have both expressed their disinclination for a vote of confidence in Parliament rigyht now -- for their no-confidence motion, it is high on symbolism. Adjournments and chaos have marked the first few days of the winter session of Parliament, which is unlikely to be extended. Not much legislative work will be carried out over the next few days of Parliament, it is expected. 

The 2009 Lok Sabha elections were held from April 16 to May 13 and the results were declared on May 16. In 2004, the results were declared on May 13. 

Union Minister Kamal Nath sought to quell rumours about an early election by saying the polls would be held on schedule in May.

Updated Date: Dec 11, 2013 12:04:09 IST