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As it happened: RSS chief says entire Kashmir, including Gilgit-Baltistan, belongs to India

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As it happened: RSS chief says entire Kashmir, including Gilgit-Baltistan, belongs to India
  • 19:12 (IST)

    PM Modi's strong message

  • 19:10 (IST)

    Cannot spare those who aid terrorism: PM Modi

  • 19:09 (IST)

    Our land is of Budh: PM Modi

    "Sometimes war is inevitable in society, but this land is of Budh and not yudh," says PM Modi.

  • 19:07 (IST)

    We want to move from Yudh to Budh

  • 19:05 (IST)

    Women need to be respected: PM Modi

    Women need to be respected and treated right, no matter what religion or background one comes from. We have to kill the scattered faces of Ravana within us, says PM Modi

  • 19:01 (IST)

    Everyone has to speak in one voice against terrorism

  • 19:00 (IST)

    International Day of Girl Child today

    "It's also the international day of girl child today. When the entire world is celebrating it, we are discriminating between boys and girls. When will we kill this Ravana within us?"

  • 18:59 (IST)

    US did not understand the issue of terrorism in 1992-93: PM Modi

    In 1992-93, I was in US talking to state department, they said that terrorism is your law and order issue. They didn’t understand it then, says PM Modi

  • 18:55 (IST)

    If Indians become more vigilant, terrorists won't succeed: PM Modi

    "There's no limit to terrorism. It can destroy anyone anywhere. It's imperative for the world powers to unite on the issue of terrorism. We cannot spare anyone who helps terrorism," says PM Modi

  • 18:52 (IST)

    Terrorism is an enemy of humanity: PM Modi

    Lord Ram epitomises humanity. Ramayan is witness of the fact that Jattayu was the first one to fight against terrorism, says PM Modi

  • 18:50 (IST)

    Celebration of Dussehra within us

  • 18:49 (IST)

    We must end the Ravana inside us: PM Modi

    "We have to overcome our own shortcomings and end the Ravana inside us"

  • 18:48 (IST)

  • 18:47 (IST)

    Dussehra is victory of good over evil

    We burn Ravana every year. What do we learn from this ritual? Our aim should be to burn all evil inside us as well: PM Modi

  • 18:45 (IST)

    PM Modi addresses gathering

    "The entire country is celebrating Dussehra today. This part of India has given us Lord Ram and Lord Krishna," says PM Modi. 

  • 18:37 (IST)

    Rajnath Singh welcomes PM Modi

  • 18:37 (IST)

    PM Modi sent a message that India is now a strong country: Singh

    I want to welcome PM Modi because he sent a message to the world that India is no longer weak. It is a strong country, says Singh.

  • 18:34 (IST)

    I want to express gratitude to PM Modi: Rajnath Singh

    "Lucknow is known as the city of Lord Ram's brother Lakshman. This Lucknow is my home. So, on the behalf of everyone, I welcome PM Modi, says Rajnath Singh

  • 18:23 (IST)

    PM Modi felicitated at the venue

  • 18:22 (IST)

    BJP responds to Opposition's allegations

    BJP said Prime Minsiter Narendra Modi does not need their permission to visit any part of the country as he is the Prime Minister of 125 crore people of India and a Lok Sabha member from Uttar Pradesh.

    It said the country is proud of Modi who believes in action and salutes him and the armed forces for the surgical strikes which targeted terror launch pads across the LoC. - PTI

  • 18:17 (IST)

    Modi takes part in the aarti ahead of his speech

  • 18:15 (IST)

    PM Modi at Aishbagh Maidan

  • 18:15 (IST)

    PM Modi arrives at the rally venue

    PM Modi arrives at Aishbagh Maidan, where he will address the gathering and take part in the celebrations.

  • 18:10 (IST)

    Decorations at Aishbagh Maidan

  • 18:02 (IST)

    Theme of the event: Destruction of terrorism

    Harishchandra Agarwal, president of Ram Leela Samiti, said that the theme this year is atankvaad ka samool naash (destruction of terrorism from its roots), reported IndiaTV.

  • 17:57 (IST)

    Akhilesh Yadav greets PM Modi but unlikely to attend the event

    Although CM Akhilesh Yadav greeted  and welcomed PM Modi at the Lucknow airport, Uttar Pradesh's Principal Secretary (Information) Navneet Sahgal told The Indian Express that Yadav is "unlikely to attend the programme".

  • 17:51 (IST)

    Sonia Gandhi at Atnav Dharmik Ramleela

  • 17:50 (IST)

    President Pranab Mukherjee at Dussehra celebrations

  • 17:41 (IST)

    Sonia Gandhi at Ramlila Maidan

    Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh are attending the Dussehra celebrations at the Ramlila Maidan in Delhi. President Pranab Mukherjee is also in attendance. 

  • 17:34 (IST)

    PM Modi at the Lucknow airport

  • 17:28 (IST)

    PM Modi lands in Lucknow

    Governor Ram Naik, Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav and Home Minister Rajnath Singh greet PM Modi at the Lucknow airport.

  • 17:20 (IST)

    Nitish Kumar attends function at Gandhi Maidan

  • 17:16 (IST)

    Lucknow event planned before surgical strikes: Sources

    According to sources, PM Modi's Lucknow event was planned months before the surgical strikes, reports CNN-News18.

  • 16:50 (IST)

    Meanwhile, Bihar CM Nitish Kumar too attends festivities

  • 16:45 (IST)

    PM Modi leaves for Lucknow

  • 10:10 (IST)

    'Gau mata hai'

  • 10:05 (IST)

    "The Sangh does not want to be a separate body in India," he said. "The Sangh wants the Sangh to exist in the entire society," Bhagwat added.

  • 09:48 (IST)

    Few elements using caste-based discrimination to create divides: Bhagwat

    "As and when such incidents take place, there are a few elements that use it to create rift between people," ANI further quoted Bhagwat as saying.

  • 09:46 (IST)

    On education

    "Education is needed so that a person imbibes good values," Bhagwat said, adding that the cost of education should be low.

    He also said that the teacher was very important and people who genuinely wanted to educate children should be selected as teachers, not just someone who wants to get salary from a job.

  • 09:42 (IST)

  • 09:41 (IST)

    Bhagwat talks about unity of India

    "The Constitution talks about the Union of states. But people should not forget that we have been one nation for many years. And the objective of the Constitution is to keep the country united," Mohan Bhagwat said.

    "We need to make sure that the emotional integration of people does not die," he said. "The greed for welfare of India should be the top priority," he added.

    Bhagwat also said that the state governments should not act just for the welfare of the state, but for the nation.

  • 09:37 (IST)

  • 09:35 (IST)

    Bhagwat praises Modi govt, army for surgical strikes

    "Pakistan-occupied Kashmir is a part of India," said Bhagwat. "We all know that the outrage in Kashmir is because of forces across the border," he said, praising the central government again.

    "But we gave a proper response to them. The Indian Army gave a proper message. And the people behind the commotion in Kashmir got the message that there is a limit to tolerance," he said, clearly referring to Pakistan.

    "There should be nothing lacking when it comes to securing our borders," he said.

  • 09:31 (IST)

    Need to promote nationalism in Kashmir: Bhagwat

    "The heated protests in Kashmir have cooled down. There is a need to promote nationalism in Kashmir," Bhagwat said. "Strict action should be taken against the people who try to cause commotion in the Valley," he said.

  • 09:27 (IST)

    Gau rakshaks are good people: Mohan Bhagwat

    "Move towards prevention of cow slaughter," Bhagwat told his people. "There have been many groups which have been protecting cows all over the country," he added, as he praised groups trying to "protect" cows in India.

    "Gau rakshaks are good people," he said. "Throughout India, there is a law to protect animals from animal cruelty. That is why these gau rakshaks have to do andolan to protect animals within the laws of the society," he added.

    "The people doing gau raksha cannot be compared with those people trying to divide people in our country," said Bhagwat.

  • 09:24 (IST)

    Some people want us to feel weak: Bhagwat

    "Opposition leaders make their point only by speaking against the govdernment. And there is also nothing wrong with this. This is democracy...But there are some faults in our society too," Bhagwat further said.

    "There are greedy forces trying to take advantage of the situation," he added. "Some people spread rumours about events which did not take place in the first place because they do not want India to become a great force in the world," he said.

    Bhagwat also said that these people spoke against the government, irrespective of which party was in power. "Those people want us to feel weak in the same way we felt weak during British rule," he said.

  • 09:20 (IST)

    There are some people who do not want to see progress in India: Mohan Bhagwat

    "We can see that the current government is one which does substantial work. The society now believes that the government is working for their welfare and the society is moving forward," Bhagwat said.

    "But we know that there are forces which do not want India to become a great force in the world. Those who only work on the basis of create divide also try to influence people in India," he further said.

    "Such people cannot come to terms with progress in India and good governance," he also said.

  • 09:17 (IST)

    "During the days of British rule, we had become obsessed with the ideas imposed on us by the British," said Bhagwat.

    He also said that there was lot of knowledge we could get from ancient India. He asked the youth to use that knowledge.

  • 09:12 (IST)

    RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat addresses rally

    Mohan Bhagwat talked about Kashmir in his speech on the occasion of Dussehra in Nagpur.

  • 08:23 (IST)

    History of the RSS celebrations on Dussehra

    RSS was founded in Nagpur in 1925 on Vijayadashmi, this News18 report stated. This move to celebrate its foundation day on a day which signifies the victory of good over evil "is part of what social scientists tend to call aesthetics of mobilisation." Another part of these 'celebrations' is the Shastra Puja or weapon worship.

On Tuesday, the RSS volunteers will cast away the khaki shorts, their trademark attire for 90 years, and don trousers, heralding a generational change in the organisation which is ruling BJP's ideological mentor.

RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat. AFP

RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat. AFP

The transformation in the RSS uniform comes into effect from Dussehra day, which is also the Sangh's foundation day. The RSS has also approved change in the colour of socks to be worn by its volunteers, replacing the old khaki with dark brown, to go with the brown trousers they would now wear, with white shirt and black cap. The traditional bamboo stick will, however, remain part of the uniform.

Volunteers in the northern and eastern states, which witness harsh winter, will also wear dark brown sweaters. Orders for the first lot of one lakh such sweaters have already been placed.

"Even though the readiness of society to work with Sangh on different issues has increased, the change in uniform has been made to take care of the comfort level and convenience while working. The transition heralds the change in Sangh in tune with the changing times," RSS' head of communications department Manmohan Vaidya told PTI.

He said over 8 lakh trousers have been distributed, including 6 lakh stitched trousers, and cloth for another 2 lakh handed over to RSS offices in different parts of the country. Vaidya said the change in uniform was mooted in 2009 but there was no forward movement. The proposal was revived in 2015. After discussions, RSS leaders and volunteers arrived at a consensus that the unform needs to change. The All-India Pratinidhi Sabha ratified the decision. The sartorial transition marks an end to an era in the Sangh whose members have for decades been identified with the khaki shorts, inspired by the uniform worn by the British constabulary.

The shift is rooted in the Sangh's desire to change by adopting a more convenient dress that is in tune with the changing times. "The issue of replacing the Sangh's age-old attire has long been under debate and its top decision-making body, the All-India Pratinidhi Sabha, approved the apparel a few months ago," said a senior Sangh leader. Another RSS leader Rajiv Tuli said the Sangh has been a flexible organisation which changes with the changing times. "Thus the change in attire," he said. The change in uniform is also being seen as driven by the Sangh's desire of attracting the younger generation to its fold.

With inputs from PTI

Updated Date: Oct 11, 2016 19:12 PM

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