Live: Modi repeats Kargil script in Leh, warns Pakistan, praises military

4.15 pm: Modi in Leh

Addressing military personnel in Leh, Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his gratitude for the personnel posted in the far-flung areas of the country to protect its borders and said that the country always respects their sacrifice.

1.10 pm: The return of the great Gujarat hangover

Had it crossed your mind that Modi might have gotten over his work in Gujarat, please correct yourself. While addressing a civilian gathering at Kargil, Modi falls back, like old days, on Gujarat to explain his vision for the rest of the country.

1.10 pm: The return of the great Gujarat hangover

Had it crossed your mind that Modi might have gotten over his work in Gujarat, please correct yourself. While addressing a civilian gathering at Kargil, Modi falls back, like old days, on Gujarat to explain his vision for the rest of the country.

He points out that, before he became Gujarat CM, the only conversation in Kutch was around infiltration, border issues and Pakistan. However after he became CM, a delegation of people visited him and urged him to move beyond these issues.

"That is when I decided that the only thing I will talk about in Kutch, the only thing I will focus on, will be development. And then, Kutch became a region that grew faster than many other regions of India. This can be applied to Kargil, other border areas and the north east. I know this from experience. My solution to people's problems is development," he said.

1.02 pm: Will make Vajpayee's dream come true

PM Modi repeats his pre-general elections pitch of empowering every state so that its youth don't have to migrate. "If the youth in the mountains are trained properly they can run their families living here. That is why electricity is important."

He reiterates his announcement of allocating Rs 8.000 crores for development purposes in Kashmir. "I will make Atal Behariji's dream come true. I will make sure that all of Kashmir has power and has power transmission lines. Power for Kashmir is not for television and charging mobile phones - it will be used to develop industries."

12.54 pm: Narendra Modi addresses gathering at Kargil

PM Modi has reached Kargil and is now addressing a huge gathering there.

"When I came to Kargil the last time, there were sounds of bombs being lobbed at India from across the border. There were sounds of gun shots and a war was being fought in full swing. I had come and stayed here and though I was not a journalist, just a BJP workers, people at Kargin didn't let me pay for anything. Tea, pakodas, shelter - everything was free. I salute the patriotism of the people of Kargil," he said.

11.05 am: Modi makes strong pitch against 'corruption', doesn't name anyone

Modi now goes on a tirade against the evils of corruption in the state. "We will fight corruption tooth and nail, in Delhi and the states. Corruption is troubling us. People are angry. I assure that we will fight corruption & work with all those against corruption. But there are also honest officers. We will work with them too. If we win the fight against corruption we will win battle against poverty. There is no shortage of funds, but corruption has ruined this country."

He doesn't actually name anyone, but his tirades against the state Chief Minister are quite legendary. Not that he could have named him, given that he was sitting on the stage next to him.

10.57 am: Modi announces slew of proposals for the state

The Prime Minister seems to be in active poll mode now. He is wooing the people of the state with promises of development, from developing tourism to solar energy to organic farming.

"The government is committed to developing tourism here. There will soon be changes in the state", he promises before launching into some proposals. "Organic farming could be key to increasing the Himalayan region's productivity", he said.

He also quite cleverly predicts a saffron revolution but not the kind you would normally associate with the Prime Minister. No, he is promising saffron farmers some special attention from the spices board. He then promises to modernise the design and production of Pashmina shawls which he calls the "gaurav" or pride of Indians.

The premier also announced a waiver of the interest on food grain sent to the FCI and announces four major roads for the state. "Rs 8000 cr is additionally needed for road projects in J&K", he said.

"We want industry, educational institutes in this land. I am attached to this place, its people".

10.50 am: I am fulfilling Vajpayee's dream, says Modi

"It was Atal Behari Vajpayee's dream to bring connectivity to Kashmir. Air, road, telecom, power grid, we must link all corners of India in every way", Modi tells the crowd, who apart from some scattered applause, have not been the same enthusiastic gathering that we have come to expect at the Prime Minister's rallies.

Meanwhile his outfit is gathering some Twitter love:

Modi loves it too by the sounds of it. "You have made me your own, but today you have designed my attire too", he said.

10.40 am: Unlike other PM's your love draws me to Kashmir, says Modi

The Prime Minister says that unlike other Prime Ministers who never visited the state, he has already visited Jammu and Kashmir twice. "Your love draws me to Kashmir", he said to scattered applause. He then unveils a three P formula for the Leh-Ladakh. "Prakash, Paryavaran and Paryatan".

And there is the usual comparison to Gujarat. Old habits die hard it would seem. "Gujarat's Kutch and Kashmir's Ladakh have equal solar energy potential.  You won't live on borrowed energy any more. We have put Leh at the focus of our solar energy initiatives. 

"Development must be such that it positively transforms the lives of the common people." 

10.38 am: Modi inaugurates Leh-Srinagar transmission line, hydro power project

PM Modi inaugurates the Leh-Srinagar transmission line and the hydro power project in Leh.

According to NDTV, "The transmission line - a project announced by former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee in August 2003 -- will connect Ladakh with the country's northern grid and go a long way towards solving the power woes of Leh. The project, estimated to cost Rs. 300 crore, will now cost a whopping Rs. 1,700 crore."

Modi begins his speech, by establishing his connection with the state.

"I am fortunate to have worked for the Party Organisation in Jammu & Kashmir. I used to visit the state often. I know the problems people face and most importantly I know the strength of this land". 

Modi had last month inaugurated the 240-Megawatt Uri-II Hydro Electric Project (HEP) located near the Line of Control (LoC) in Baramulla district of Kashmir. This is the second power project on the Jhelum river in Uri area and is located downstream of 480-MW Uri-I HEP, which is already operational.

10.20 am:Modi to address huge rally in Leh, inaugurate two power projects

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, decked out in a traditional Ladakhi costume and hat, is sitting on the stage next to a sombre looking Chief Minister Omar Abdullah in Leh, where he will address a big crowd soon.

He will inaugurate two power projects in Leh and Kargil besides laying the foundation stone of a power transmission line linking the two Ladakh districts headquarters to the State capital of Srinagar.

 Live: Modi repeats Kargil script in Leh, warns Pakistan, praises military

Screengrab from @ANI_news on Twitter

Before this, Modi spoke to troops in Siachen and had promised that there would be no compromise on the army's stand in Siachen.

The Indian army posts are located in Siachen at altitudes ranging from 17,000 feet to 23,000 feet along the Actual Ground Postioning Line (AGPL) with Pakistan.
Pakistan has been seeking the withdrawal of Indian troops from there as a confidence-building measure but this has been opposed by the Army and the Defence Ministry which say the heights are of strategic importance.

The Prime Minister had also pledged to build a war memorial at the site of the battle field.

It will be interesting to see what Modi says at the rally, given that the BJP has made its ambitions about Jammu and Kashmir very clear. Speaking at the BJP National executive last week, new president Amit Shah had attacked Omar Abdullah and his father saying, "There will be state elections in 4 states soon. It is very important that BJP comes to power in all states. The condition in Jammu & Kashmir is very sad and the current government is running an establishment filled with corruption. It is not only the responsibility of state BJP activists but every state activist to ensure BJP wins there. Both the political families of J&K have misused the money meant for progress of state".

Abdullah for his part, ruled out any tie-up with BJP, saying he would not even shake hands with its leaders from a distance in view of the comments of its president Amit Shah.

"Recently, the BJP president made comments about Jammu and Kashmir, my party (National Conference) and even my family. I perhaps would not even shake hands with BJP from a distance," Omar told reporters on the sidelines of a function.

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