Live election results: SP, Akali Dal celebrate, national parties introspect

Votes being counted across all five states: PTI

6.27pm: With the results clear in all five states that went to polls, we now conclude our live blog of the results. A quick recap before we wind up: The Samajawadi Party is leading in 226 seats, with the second placed BSP only managing 77. In Punjab the Akali Dal are ahead in 68 seats while the Congress is leading in 46. The BJP are ahead in Uttarakhand by 2 seats, while they have won convincingly in Goa. The only solace for the Congress party is in Manipur where they show leads in 42 seats. The second placed TMC only shows leads in 7 seats.

6.10pm: The celebrations of the Samajawadi party have been tinged with tragedy after a child died in celebratory firing.

5.50pm: The Congress has crossed the halfway mark in Manipur. The party is now leading in 44 seats, compared to the TMC's 7.

5:29pm Uttarakhand Chief Minister BC Khanduri loses in Kotdwar. Khanduri thanked Uttarakhand electorate for voting the BJP to power. "I could not win myself but I thank everyone," he said. He added, " I thank my party for giving me the responsibility to govern this state. I want to express my gratitude to my party and people of Uttarakhand."

5:26pm SP headed for biggest win in UP since 1985.

5.17pm: The final Punjab results are in. The Akali Dal win with 56 seats, Congress 46, BJP 12 and Others 3.

5.08pm:Baba Ramdev addressed the media praising everyone but the Congress for their victories. He said that although he is not an astrologer, he has seen the world, and he knew Congress was going to lose. Ramdev said, "Congress is a sinking ship now." He praised Akhilesh Yadav saying that he is a 'nice boy' and deserved to win.

4.59pm: Latest media reports state that Digvijaya Singh has offered to resign as the General Secretary of the Congress party. Watch this space for more details.

4.58pm: Parkash Singh Badal will again be Punjab Chief Minister: Sukhbir Singh Badal.

4.29pm: The Samajawadi Party's Akilesh Yadav held a press conference and thanked the people of Uttar Pradesh for giving them a resounding majority in the state. The younger Yadav said that the party would immediately move towards implementing all the promises made in its manifesto, adding that the state would now move towards development. He added that curbing corruption would also be high on the agenda of the new government. Yadav added that the party's parliamentary board will meet on Wednesday to decide their future course of action. Meanwhile in response to a question, he said that his party would not pull down the many statues of Mayawati dotted across the state. "The Samajawadi Party is not associated with any mafia", he said.

4.05pm: Quick results update: Uttar Pradesh shows the Samajawadi Party on top with 224 seats way ahead of second placed BSP who are leading in 81 seats. The BJP seem to have pipped Congress into fourth place, picking up the lead in 47 states as opposed to 39 for the Congress. In Punjab the Akali Dal are strongly positioned, leading in 68 seats while the Congress has only been able to garner the lead in 39 seats. Uttarakhand is still very closely placed, with the BJP leading Congress in just three constituencies. In Goa however the BJP has a massive lead of 25 seats to the Congress' 8. IN Manipur the Congress seems headed for an absolute majority, leading in 42 seats. Second placed TMC is only leading in 7 constituencies.

3.58pm: Speaking to the media Congress General Secretary has said that the party was happy that the Samajawadi Party had been voted into power and the Goonda Raj of the BSP had been broken in Uttar Pradesh. However he laid rest to speculation that the Congress would be a part of a ruling coalition with the SP, by categorically stating that the party would sit in the opposition. He was also quick to absolve Rahul Gandhi from blame for the party's poor showing, saying that State unit of Congress took responsibility.

3:47 I admire Rahul for taking the responsibility of the party's performance in UP elections upon himself, says Salman Khurshid.

3: 41 Rahul Gandhi speaks - "I take responsibility for results in UP. Fundamentals of Congress in UP are weak but we have improved our position overall. We haven't done well in the whole of UP. My job is to work for the betterment of the people. This is a lesson for me and I will think on it."

3:40 Swaraj on Uma Bharti - " Uma Bharti is a mass leader".

3:35 On being asked if the BJP is facing a crisis of local leadership, Swaraj said, "we have very strong local leaders in Raman Singh, Shivraj Singh Chauhan, Sadanand Gowda."

3:24 Sushma Swaraj  - " We have snatched Goa from the Congress. But UP results are heartbreaking. It is not true that we did not encourage local leadership in Uttar Pradesh."

3:11 Gadkari speaks to media: " Punjab has a history of anti-incumbency voting, but this time even there Akali-BJP combine has been voted into power again. In Goa also we have won 26 seats till now. We have stolen Goa from the Congress. I am sure we will win in Uttarakhand also. We did not get the expected numbers in UP. I congratulate Mulayam Singhji. I thank the electorate of Goa and Uttarakhand. I also thank the Election Commission for conducting fair and peaceful elections.

The floating votes in Uttar Pradesh went to the SP. "

3:10 Final tally in Uttar Pradesh - SP - 217, BSP- 85  BJP- 47 Congress+RLD - 38

3:00 Akalis beat incumbency, set to form the government in Punjab. "Won Punjab on development plank," said Parkash Singh Badal. Akali-BJP combine sweeps elections.

2:45 Amarinder Singh takes responsibility for the Congress' loss in Punjab. Agreeing that Punjab needs good governance, he said that despite his struggle and fight, they lost the battle. Meanwhile, Prakash Singh Badal credits SAB's win to developments in the state its strong relationship with the BJP.

2.41pm: Salman Khurshid who played a prominent role in the Congress' poll campaign in Uttar Pradesh has said that the party could have performed a lot better in the state. In an interview with NDTV, Khurshid said that while no one was expecting the Congress to get 202 seats from 22, they certainly could have done a lot better. He added that the party would now go into introspection mode and analyze and restrategize accordingly. As far as Rahul Gandhi was concerned he said, "Rahul Gandhi always said we were in here for the long haul, and now the long haul continues."

2.32pm: Early trends show that the Samajwadi Party has reached the halfway mark in Uttar Pradesh. The latest figures show the SP leading in 215 seats, the BSP in 88, the BJP in 47 and the Congress in 39. Meanwhile in Punjab the Akali Dal is breaking clear of the Congress, with leads of 68 seats to Congress' 46.

1:50pm: Manohar Parikkar, the BJP candidate who won in Goa said that the people have realised that they were being looted, therefore they chose BJP. On illegal mining, Parikkar said, "Shah Commission report on the Illegal mining in Goa will come soon. Lokayukta will take action. All the corrupt will be punished."

Speaking to media, Salman Khurshid said that Congress has made some interesting gains and there is no threat to the government. He said, 'Rahul has made a big difference in Uttar Pradesh.'

1.46pm: Congress spokesman Abhishek Manu Singhvi has insisted that although the Congress did not do as well as they hoped in Uttar Pradesh, it was not a poor showing by the party. "We are now a significant political force in Uttar Pradesh", he said. However Singhvi said that he was "anguished and baffled" by the Congress' performance in Punjab, where the party was expecting to gain a clear majority.

1.30pm: The Congress is set to form the next government in Manipur with an unassailable lead over the Trinamool Congress. The Congress is showing leads in 31 seats to the TMC's five. Leads have been released for 46 of Manipur's 60 constituencies. Current Manipur Chief Minister O Ibobi Singh defeats his nearest rival O Indira of BJP in Thoubal by over 10,000 votes. Meanwhile the Congress has also inched ahead of the BJP in Uttarakhand, with 32 seats to the BJP's 28. The BJP however continue to do well in Goa, showing leads in 21 seats to the Congress' nine.

1.17pm: Speaking to the media in Uttar Pradesh, BJP leader Sushma Swaraj has said that her party accepted the result, where early leads show the BJP in third place with leads in just 50 seats. Comparing elections to Bollywood she said, "Isey kehte hain kabhi khushi kabuki gam".

1.04pm: Renuka Chowdary speaking to NDTV says that the Congress will introspect its performance in the polls, but that nothing would stand in the way of implementing its policies in the future.

12.55pm: Samajawadi Party leading in 189 seats in Uttar Pradesh. BSP in second place at 98. BJP (52) moves one seat ahead of Congress (51) in early leads. Prabhu Chawla on CNN-IBN says the election results prove importance of local leaders over national leaders who don't have as much clout.

12.40pm: Quick recap of leads are as follows: Samajawadi Party ahead in Uttar Pradesh, leading in 192 seats to the BSP's 97. In Punjab the Akali Dal lead in 59 seats, with the Congress leading in 55. The BJP have nosed ahead in Uttarakhand, leading in 32 seats to the Congress' 29, and also currently lead in 16 seats to the Congress' 7 in the state of Goa. The Congress meanwhile has a decisive lead in Manipur, leading in 26 seats to the TMC's 5.

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12.30pm: Speaking to the media, the face of the Samajawadi Party Akhilesh Yadav ruled himself out as a Chief Ministerial candidate for the state of Uttar Pradesh. Hailing the performance of the Samajawadi Party thus far, Yadav said, "I am grateful that people put their faith in SP." He said, "We are waiting for the complete results. We are sure to win by a clear majority." Akhilesh said that the result was an indication that the voters have risen above caste.

12.18pm: Congress are catching up to the Akali Dal in Punjab with just four seats separating the two parties. The Akali Dal has 59 seats to the Congress' 55 seats. Meanwhile in Uttarakhand, Congress and BJP are tied with leads in 30 seats apiece.

12.04pm: As leads from Uttar Pradesh continue to show a strong showing for the Samajawadi Party, current Chief Minister Mayawati is expected to meet the governor at 3.30pm to submit her resignation. The latest tally showed the SP leading in 196 seats, with the BSP in second place. The Congress is in third place with 50 leads in 50 seats, fending off the BJP who are leading in 49 seats.

11.52am: The BJP has overtaken the Congress in Uttarakhand by one seat. Early leads show 30 seats for the BJP as opposed to the Congress' 29.

11.33am: The Samajawadi party has said that it may reach out to the RLD to form the next government in Uttar Pradesh, and that they would form the next government no matter what. However trends indicate that it may also have to seek Congress support in order to do that. The Samajawadi Party is leading but does not have nearly enough votes to form a government on its own. The BJP which showed strong early leads has now been pushed to fourth place in the state with leads in 46 seats, while Congress is in third place with leads in 50 seats.

11.24am: In Goa the BJP wins 3 seats, leads in another 6. BJP’s Mahadev Narayan Naik wins from Siroda by over 2200 votes. It is closing the gap with the Congress in Uttarakhand with only a two seat difference in leads.

11.15am: In a leads breakdown in UP, it has been found that both the BJP and Congress are doing better in Muslim seats than in non Muslim seats. This is in direct contrast to the SP which is doing better in Non Muslim seats in the state. The BSP is expectedly making gains in Dalit areas.

10.55am: Smaller states: The Congress has strengthened its lead in Uttarakhand to 33 seats over the BJP's 25. Meanwhile results for 3 seats are out in Manipur - Congress wins all 3. The BJP is leading in Goa. Prakash Javdekar, of the BJP speaking to CNN IBN says, "We are very happy with the results; there is a swing towards BJP in Goa."

10.44am: SP lead in 170 seats in Uttar Pradesh, while BSP leads in 102. The difference between BJP and Congress now just four seats. BSP now leading in more seats than BJP and Congress combined.

10.40am: Congress (31) leading BJP (25) by six seats in Uttarakhand, while in Goa BJP is leading in 9 seats while the Congress is leading in 3. Congress candidate says he is going home to sleep, and will only come out of his house if "a miracle happens". In Manipur the Congress is leading in 21 seats.

10.27am: The Samajawadi Party is now leading in 165 seats in Uttar Pradesh, while the BSP seems to have cemented second place as it is now showing a lead of 90 seats to the BJP's 57. The BJP's Sudhir Kulkarni said that the BJP ought to have done even better, given the early trends in favour of his party. Meanwhile Rajiv Pratap Rudy, of the BJP has said, "We have decided to sit in the opposition in Uttar Pradesh. Will not support anyone."

10.22am: The Congress has officially won seats in Manipur and Goa. However the early trends still show a lead for BJP in Goa.

10.09am: SP extends lead in UP to 148 seats. The BSP (85) has overtaken the BJP (61) to take second place, while the Congress has to be content with a fourth place position of 47 seats. Meanwhile the Congress has said the Punjab results were surprising where it is only leading in 44 seats to the Akali's 66.

10.00am: The Congress has lost early leads in Goa, Uttarakhand and Punjab and only looks to set to win in Manipur. The BJP is leading in Goa and Uttarakhand while the SP has cemented its lead in Uttar Pradesh. The fight for second spot in UP is between BSP(73) and BJP(67).

9.47am: Experts analyzing the UP results, say that Congress is being punished for playing the Communal card. The Congress has meanwhile, admitted that it was disappointed with the early trends. Results so far show that the party is leading in 42 seats, which puts it in fourth place behind the BJP and BSP.

9.40am: The BJP has overtaken the Congress in Uttarakhand. The BJP is leading in 27 seats, while the Congress is leading in 22 seats. The BSP is leading in 6 seats. In Punjab the Akali's have stretched their lead over the Congress, leading in 60 seats while the Congress is leading in 36. This is the first time an incumbent is coming back in Punjab.

9.37am: In UP, the SP are leading in 124 seats which is a lead of 54. The BJP is leading in 59 seats which is a gain of 18, while the BSP is at 54 seats which is a loss of 81 seats. The Congress is leading in 32 seats which is a gain of 5. The general feeling is that the Congress will be very disappointed with the result.

9.30am: In Punjab, the Akali is leading in 43 seats which is a gain of one seat, while the Congress is leading in 32 seats which is a gain of 2. The BJP is leading in 12 seats which is a loss of 5 seats over their last showing.

9.21am: The momentum of the Samajawadi Party has lost some of its early momentum, leading in 108 seats which is a gain of 48. However the BSP is covering some of the ground it lost, leading in 43 seats. The BJP is leading in 56 seats while Congress is leading in 28 seats.

9.15am: Goa results come at last. The Congress and BJP are leading in 2 seats apiece. But this is a gain of 2 seats for the BJP and a loss of 2 seats for the Congress.

9.08am: The Samajawadi Party is leading in 60 seats which is a gain of 22 seats over the last time. The BJP has gained in 21 seats, leading in 43 seats. The BSP is down in 44 seats as it is leading in only 24 constituencies, while the Congress is down 1 seat, as it is leading in 20 seats.

9.03am: In Punjab, the Akali's are cementing their lead, leading in 27 seats while the Congress is leading in 20. Congress leading in both Uttarakhand and Manipur. In Manipur the Congress is leading in 9 seats while Independents are leading in 3 seats. Analysts from Manipur say however that while Congress may come in to power, infighting within the party means there is still a lot of uncertainty on who the Chief Minister will be.

8.58am: In Uttar Pradesh the Samajawadi Party is leading in 44 seats which is a gain of 18 seats. Meanwhile the BJP is leading in 30 seats which is a gain of 12 seats, and the Congress is leading in 18 seats which is a gain of 3. The BSP however is down 32 seats from the last time as it is only leading in 16 seats. Experts say that this is more to do with the crumbling of Mayawati's ruling coalition rather than anti incumbency as a factor.

8.47am: Leads from Punjab show gains for Congress is leading in 11 seats, a gain of 4 seats over the last time. The Akali Dal is leading in 12 seats but is down 4 seats from the last time. In Manipur the Congress is leading in 8 seats which is a gain of 3, while independents are leading in 2 seats.

In Goa, the first trend shows a lead for independent candidates, while in Uttarakhand the Congress is leading in 12 seats which is a gain of 5, while the BJP is leading in 8 seats which is a fall of 7 seats from the last time.

8.43am: Early trends in Uttar Pradesh show that the Samajawadi Party is almost doubling the number of seats it had the last time. If these trends continue, it is almost certain that the SP will form the next government in the state. It is leading in 30 seats, which is a gain of 13 seats over the last time. The BJP is leading in 24 seats, while the Congress and BSP are leading in 10 seats apiece.

8.37am: In Punjab Congress is leading 17, which is a lead of 5. The Akali Dal has 4 seats which is a loss of 5 seats from the last election. In UP, the BSP continues with its downward spiral,down 25 seats from the last election as they are leading in only 12 seats so far.

8.31am: BJP doing extraordinarily well in UP, leading in 19 seats which is a gain of 9 seats. The party is also leading in Mayawati's constituency. The BSP is down 18 seats in the state. The Congress has gained one seat over the previous time, while the SP is up 7 seats. Leads have come in for 41 seats in Uttar Pradesh so far. Punjab is leading in 11 seats in Punjab, which is a gain of 6 seats over the last election. In Uttarakhand, the Congress has gained one seat, while the BJP has lost one seat.

8.28am: BJP leading in 10 seats of 29, a lead of 4, The SP leading in 10 seats which is a gain of 5. The BSP is leading in 3 seats which is a loss of 11.

8.25am: Congress leading in Ludhiana.

8.17am: Early leads show gains for BJP in Uttar Pradesh, and Congress in Punjab. In Uttar Pradesh, the BJP gains 2 seats leading in 5, the BSP looks like it is down in 2 seats. The Congress is down 1 seat, but the SP is holding on to its one seat. In Punjab, the Congress are leading in 5 seats, which is a gain of 3.

8.00am:Months of campaigning and voting all come down to this moment, as counting begins across the five states that went to polls. Exit polls thus far have given the Samajawadi Party a majority in UP, and predicted Congress wins in Manipur and Uttarakhand. Punjab is apparently too close to call, while in Goa there is still a lot of uncertainty on what might happen. The exit polls have been met with the usual mixture of cautious celebration and outright derision by political parties.

In Uttar Pradesh, Chief Minister Mayawati called for a emergency cabinet meeting late on Sunday night in which it was decided to recommend to the UP Governor to dissolve the UP assembly. The recommendation usually comes after the results of the elections and where the incumbent Chief Minister resigns and the Governor of the state invites the side with the most votes to form the government.

The decision came a day ahead of the counting and results in the UP elections, and after multiple exit polls predicted a sharp drop in results for the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP).

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