Live: 'Leaders should learn secularism from army', says Modi

2. 52 pm Modi wraps up speech with chants of Vande Matram.

Also asks crowd to raise their hands in the air as they chant Vande Matram.

2.50 pm Modi's 'One more request' to the soldiers

"Sardar Patel helped unite nation. But in the last few years, Sardar Patel has been forgotten. He was the one who united nation, our farmers. I wish to make a big memorial of Sardar in Gujarat, bigger than the statue of liberty. I want to build statue of unity, twice as tall as Statue of Liberty," says Narendra Modi.

"But I want to build it by uniting the entire nation. I want iron from every part of the nation. I don't want cannons and swords. I want a piece of iron from every village," says Narendra Modi.

2.45 pm Modi now talks about the right of voting, the biggest gift

"The right to vote, enshrined in our constitution is the biggest gift. If you want a strong nation, strong government in New Delhi, make sure you are registered to vote if you are above the age of 18. Help people who are over 18 becomes registered voters," says Narendra Modi to the soldiers.

2.40 pm: We need to make our army self-reliant

Modi says, "Even small parts are exported from abroad for weapons. We need to become self-reliant when it comes to creating our weapons. We need education, skills, engineers for this. We should dream of exporting our own weapons."

2.35 pm: Modi talks about how he put an end to electricity theft in Gujarat: By using ex-army men.

Modi's 'fascinating' account of how using soldiers to deal with electricity theft in Gujarat had such a "moral impact" on everyone. Net result: Everyone stopped stealing electricity in Gujarat.

2.30 pm: Modi talks about cyber-war and why youth are not going into army anymore 

"The insult meted out to soldiers has meant that youngsters today don't want to join the army. We need to change that," says Modi.

"Cyber-war hone wale hain," says Modi. "We will need soldiers and youth who can participate in this new age war. The Delhi government will have to be prepared for this."

"I demand a white paper on One Rank One Pension for soldiers," says Narendra Modi.

"Why can we offer firemen's jobs to our soldiers. Is desh main phir koi aag nahi laga sakta," says Modi. "Delhi government has no new thinking," says Modi.

2. 25 pm:Modi slams vote-bank politics

"Vote bank politics in India has become so dirty. The society has been divided into so many sections. If these s0-called secular leaders want to learn secularism, they should learn from our soldiers, who work together for our nation," says Modi. The crowd roars in agreement.

"The Delhi government even tried to divide the army on basis of religion. We will not let the army be divided on the grounds of religions," says Modi as he refers to Sachar Committee report.

 2.20 pm: Modi reaches out to Pakistan  

"Atal ji's policies helped ensure peace. Terrorism affects everyone. We can't deal with it selectively. Pakistan now has a democratic government and it was hoped that they would walk on the path of peace. But the way our soldiers were killed, it doesn't look like Pakistan wants peace," says Modi.

"Whether it be Pakistan or Bangladesh or India, the fight needs to be fought against poverty, inequality. I want to tell my friends in Pakistan, that terrorism has not helped anyone in 60 years. Try it for ten years, and trust me that Pakistan will prosper if it chooses not to support Pakistan," says Modi.

"Cross-border terrorism won't help Pakistan, India or Bangladesh," says Narendra Modi. "Pakistan has been on the wrong path for 60 years. If we all fight together against poverty, illiteracy, backwardness, this land of Mahatma Gandhi will prosper."

2.15  pm:"Problem not at our borders but in Delhi"

"Even China has started challenging us on our borders. This is not because our soldiers are weak, but because of problems in Delhi. We need to change the government at Delhi. We need a patriotic government at Delhi to ensure the safety of our soldiers. More soldiers have died to terrorists and Maoists in India."

Modi slams United Nations as well. "The nature of war has changed. World is worried by proxy war and the name of that war is terrorism, Maoism."

2.10 pm:"I ensured that soldiers got clean drinking water at the borders."

Modi says that he chooses to celebrate Diwali by going to border. He found out out that soldiers on Gujarat border didn't have access to clean water.

"I ensured that a pipe line was made and got clean drinking water for the soldiers. This happened because I respect soldiers."

2.05 pm Modi takes on Antony over LoC killing comment

"But as our soldiers were helping the people, Pakistan was also killing our soldiers across the border. However our Defence Minister AK Antony said that they were not Pakistani soldiers but terrorists dressed in Pak uniform," says Modi.

Modi takes on UPA over its handling off the LoC killings. "If you don't want to shed tears for our dead then don't but at least don't mock them," says Modi.

UPA's priority is not the protection of its soldiers or the welfare of the nation, adds Modi.

2.00 pm 'Soldiers are the one who help the nation during crisis' 

"I can never forget the work that Indian army did when there was a massive earthquake in 2001. They helped people who were buried under the rubble," says Modi.

"Our soldiers also helped the people during the floods in Uttarakhand. They even sacrificed their own lives to help the people," says Modi.

1.55 pm: "Glad that my first rally after being announced as PM candidate is to soldiers" 

"My rally in Rewari was decided a month back. I didn't know that the PM announcement would be made on 13 September. I consider it a sign of God that my first rally after being announced as PM candidate is to soldiers," says Modi.

In other news #FaujiwithModi is now top trend on Twitter.

1.50 pm: Modi talks about his childhood experience when he wanted to join Sainik School in Jamnagar

Modi talks about how he wanted to join Sainak school. "Pitaji se main 2 rupaiyee maange the," (I asked my father for 2 two rupees) . Unfortunately my father did not have the money. He told me to study in the village only," says Modi.

"It broke my heart that I could not go join the army," says Narendra Modi.

"When war broke out in 1962, I went to give soldiers tea, food. I would touch their feet too," says Modi.

1. 45 pm Modi announces 'Ek Acchi Khabaar,' (Good News) referring to the launch of Agni-V

Modi congratulates the India scientific community on the launch of Agni-V. Agni-V was successfully test-fired for a second time from Wheeler Island of the Odisha coast.

Modi tells the crowd to calm down. He thanks them for his cooperation.

1.4o pm: Narendra Modi addresses crowd

Opens with 'Bharat mata ki jai.' The crowd responds  to his call with equal fervour.

"Never in my life have I seen, so many serviceman. I consider this a great opportunity in my life. Indian army has had a century of martyrdom in every century. This is a land of the brave. " says Narendra Modi.

"I offer salute to the soldiers of the nations," says Modi.

1.35 pm: Narendra Modi given a baton

Narendra Modi handed a ceremonial baton. He's evidently very pleased with the baton. Modi seems to be in a good mood as he sit on the dias. Long, long introduction being given to Narendra Modi at the rally. Demand for Modi as senapati since he is a 'sher.'

The crowd seems to be in good spirits.

Meanwhile in Twitter universe BJP is trying hard to get the hashtag FaujiwithModi to trend but sadly Jhalak Dikhla Jaa results are too overwhelming for Twitter users.

1.25 pm: Retired General VK Singh says defence policy of our nation is weak, needs to be changed  

VK Singh says that our nation's defence policy is weak. 'Our nation's defence strategy is weak,' he says. "Neighbouring countries are violating our borders. We need to tackle this. Defence doesn't seem to be taken seriously in this nation," he adds.

"If the nation has to be strengthened, the soldier must be respected," he says.

1. 20 pm: Retired General VK Singh addresses rally in Rewari 

He says it is historic that so many former soldiers have come out in this rally. Others should be afraid, he said. Not sure who others refers to. He then asks soldiers to be silent for 30 seconds in remembrance of all the soldiers who have fought for their country.

'Even as we sit here, somewhere in our country, a soldier is standing and protecting the nation. Our soldiers believe that the nation is first always and every time. People of the nation sleep in peace because of our country's soldiers. I salute our soldiers.' 

Retired General VK Singh says, "Not other country has soldiers who are better, braver than India. Our officers too are ready to lay down their lives."

"As our nation goes through tough times, we need our former service. For change, we need the help of former soldiers," says General VK Singh.

1. 15 pm:  Organisers welcome Modi. Modi presented with a golden sword and a bouquet. Lots of chanting of 'Bharat mata ki jai' and cries in support of BJP and Narendra Modi.

General VK Singh is also welcomed by the crowd. He gets ready to address the crowd.

1.01 pm: Narendra Modi arrives in Rewari. All set to address the rally of ex-servicemen. Former Army chief VK Singh is also sharing the dias with Narendra Modi.

He tweeted this out on his arrival at Rewari.

Narendra Modi, the Bharatiya Janata Party's PM candidate, is all set to address his first rally after the big announcement, in Rewari in Haryana. The rally for ex-servicemen begins at noon and Modi is expected to address the crowds at 2.00 pm.

Evidently, Modi's campaign team has gone all out to ensure that his first speech after being appointed as PM candidate won't go unheard on the Internet.

The speech is being telecast live on YouTube, clearly a new strategy for Indian politicians. The live link is available here. Those who want to hear his speech can also give a missed call on the number 022-45014501. The call to the number automatically subscribes users to Modi's tweets via SMS.

Narendra Modi after his appointment. AP

Narendra Modi after his appointment. AP

"All preparations are complete for holding the rally. There is even more enthusiasm (for it) among party workers after Modiji's naming as the prime ministerial candidate," said state BJP president Ram Bilas Sharma.

He said that apart from Modi, former Army chief Gen VK Singh too would attend the rally along with a number of senior, retired Army officers. Haryana Janhit Congress President Kuldeep Bishnoi, an ally of the BJP, is also expected to turn up for the rally.

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Updated Date: Sep 15, 2013 14:47 PM

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